Expect the Unexpected

It's about an eighteen year old girl named Sarah who starts a new chapter in her life and possibly gets a chance at finding true love with someone she thought she will meet only in her dreams.


3. Welcome to Arizona

Sarah and her mom, Samantha, were unpacking their bags when Samantha tells her daughter to sit so that they can have a talk. "Is everything okay, Mom," asked Sara. "Yes, sweetie. Actually everything is great or at least will be great. You see, since I now will be starting a job that pays more than enough of money, I want you to go back to living a normal teenage life and stop stressing over our financial issues. I promise you everything will be more than okay. This is your senior year of high school and I want you to enjoy it. Though, I still expect you to do well in school," says Samantha smiling. "Oh mom, I love you!" "Oh sweetie, I love you too! Now, go get your skateboard and skate around the neighborhood, while I finish unpacking." Sarah grabs her skateboard, plugs in her headphones and skates away.

To be continued...

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