Expect the Unexpected

It's about an eighteen year old girl named Sarah who starts a new chapter in her life and possibly gets a chance at finding true love with someone she thought she will meet only in her dreams.


6. Possibly the Start of Something New

"So, I'm guessing your a fan" said Luke with a grin. "How-ow do you know" stuttered Sarah. "Well, there's no one on the streets except me and you, so I'm guessing the loud music is coming from your headphones" replied back Luke. "And I can hear Michael's encore playing" said Luke with an even bigger grin on his face than before. "Well, if music didn't work out for you, you would have been good at being a detective" said Sarah timidly yet also flirtatiously. "Hahaha" laughed Luke, while putting his left hand on Sarah's right shoulder, unconsciously. When Luke realized what he did, he quickly pulled away his hand into his pocket and blushed. Sarah also blushed. "Oh man" said Luke in an annoyed voice, that made Sarah hesitant of what to say. "Wha-wha *clears throat* what's wrong" asked Sarah, while trying to act calm. "The paparazzi are around the corner. I can see them heading this way with their flashing cameras" frowned Luke. "So I guess it's time to say goodbye" said Sarah, trying her best to keep a smile on her face. "But I don't want you to go" blurted out Luke, surprising himself as well as Sarah.

To be continued...

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