Expect the Unexpected

It's about an eighteen year old girl named Sarah who starts a new chapter in her life and possibly gets a chance at finding true love with someone she thought she will meet only in her dreams.


5. Beautiful Blue Eyes

When Sarah opens her eyes, she sees beautiful blue eyes staring right back at her. Sarah, embarrassed that she fell on top of a stranger, tries to quickly get up but falls back down on top of the guy. This time, her lips landed on top of his. Her mind was racing fast... "OMG did I just have my first kiss with a complete stranger on the street ground" "He's going to think I'm weird" "What if he's weird, HELP" "Is that even considered a kiss"... But then Sarah realizes that the reason the guy is quiet is because her cardigan is attached to his lip piercing. Sarah tries to gently take off her cardigan and detach it from the guy's lip piercing. She does so while trembling... Trembling not just because she's scared but because she's also cold. After her cardigan and his lip piercing detach from each other, the guy whispers in Sarah's ear " Don't worry, I'm fine." That's when Sara realizes she's still on top of him. "OMG I'm so sorry!" Sarah says, while tears start running down her eyes. Sarah was so worried about the guy, that she didn't feel the pain in her right ankle until now. When Sarah gets off the guy, he sits up. He puts his right hand on her left cheek and wipes away her tears with his left hand. As Sarah begins to smile, she freezes. She doesn't know whether or not she's dreaming because the beautiful blue eyes that are staring right back at her belong to... 5SOS band member... Luke Hemmings...

To be continued...

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