Expect the Unexpected

It's about an eighteen year old girl named Sarah who starts a new chapter in her life and possibly gets a chance at finding true love with someone she thought she will meet only in her dreams.


4. Accident or Faith

While Skating, Sarah notices that the streets were completely empty and quiet. There was one street in particular, that goes up hill then down hill, that caught her eye and gave her an idea. Since no one was there to watch, she decides to skate with her eyes closed, so that she can just feel the wind and 5SOS music playing. She can feel the wind in her face and her heart beating to the 5SOS music. At that moment, Sarah couldn't help but feel excited at the new chapter in life that she got. Then, down hill she goes. She feels herself falling off her skateboard. When she starts to feel someone else's heartbeat beating at the same rate as hers, that's when she finally opens her eyes.

To be Continued...

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