Mr. Student Council President

Carson Gold is Valentine Silver's mate. He is also the school's Student Council President and Captain of the Football team. He's got a lot on his plate and he's totally not prepared for Valentine trying to bring him out of the closet.

Valentine couldn't care less about what people thought about him, he'd found his mate and was ready to claim him as his. First he had to find a good way to tell him about being a wolf.

With a group of rebels, an annoying sister, a best friend and Student Council duties, Carson's good life was going to get even more interesting. Did I mention the family secret that has yet to be discovered?

It's your typical cliche, teenage gay werewolf story.

Warning! This story is BoyXBoy.
There will be be R rated content in here and i advise if you don't like this sort of stuff don't read it!

All Rights Reserved


7. The Kiss


Carson was beginning to feel the effects of the mate bond.

I mean as a human, I didn't expect him to feel anything this soon. That was good news though, it meant that our relationship can grow into something amazing.

Carson was a very intelligent human. He was student council president after all. His job was to be the voice of the school and even take on a couple of the principal's jobs. The note he placed on the notice board was one of them. Mr. Henry was a member of a neighboring pack, Dark Moon. I knew few members of that pack but the ones I have meet were decent.  I'd informed Storm of this note and he had in turn informed the eight pack members which attended the school to keep a close eye on the wolf. Storm had also asked us to watch out for his mate Connie seeing as he didn't take any science subjects, preferring to stay to the business ones.

Earlier this morning I had watched as Carson stressed over the stack of papers on his desk. He'd sorted them out, complaints and important ones like the new club funds. The school was well off,  having money to support anything the students wanted. The parents played a major part in it too. Carson had informed me that there were at least fifteen clubs, all of which requested more funds for supplies and such. And Carson was stressed, because he couldn't just give it to them. He'd have to observe the clubs and decide whether or not they needed it.

To be honest, he reminded me of Storm, when his father played lazy and passed his work down to him. Storm liked to rant out his anger to me and I'd end up doing half the work. Pack affairs were no laughing matter, these were people's lives we had to take care of. A bunch of other things  needed taking cared of. There were at least one hundred members in our pack and soon they would depend on us to keep them safe and secured.

Right now, Carson  was this school's Alpha but it looked like most of the work is done by himself. I was well trained in taking care of Alphas and becoming his assistant sounded like a nice way to help him out. For a young guy, he was stressed and I didn't want my mate stressed.

My alone time with Carson soon ended and soon the bell for the second period ended. Carson didn't need to know that I skipped two classes to be with him. Even if we didn't talk much, being this close to him comforted my wolf. We can keep an eye on him.

"So, um. About Literature class. Connie and I would like you and Storm to meet us at the library after school. Is that alright?" He asked out loud, meeting my eyes with his gorgeous ones.

Storm we busy after school? I asked my alpha through the link.

I wanted to grab some McDonald's after school, Father said we have patrol this even too. He replied a second later.

Connie and Carson wanted to meet us at the library. I told him smugly. 

Then we're going. I need to have a real conversation with Connie. He instantly said.

"Yeah, that's okay." I told Carson with a smile. 

Carson's cheeks became a little red and he nodded. "Alright, great. I have to go to my class now. See ya around."

Don't go. My wolf whined and a longing filled my heart, cause my small smile to falter a bit. The urge to take Carson into my arms was so fucking strong, I couldn't help it.

I grabbed him by the arm, causing him to drop everything his box. I used my other hand to take hold of his waist, pressing him up on the wall.

"What are you doing?!" Carson demanded, but not struggling.

I ignored him, as my hand trailed up his arm. He was the perfect height for me, his lean body was pressed against mine. His breathing became   I noticed the goose bumps on his beautiful skin and smirked. He could deny me all he wanted but his body couldn't. Carson's cheeks were pink and his eyes glazed over as I let my knuckles brush his cheek. 

I looked into his amazing eyes, so full of confusion and desire. His eyes could tell stories. I could tell that he wanted me to kiss him. He wanted to feel my lips against his, but at the same time he was confused. Why did he like me so much? Wasn't he straight? I could almost smell the uncertainty off of him. But it was washed away with the scent of his arousal. I smirked again, only my touch can set my mate off like this. His skin was so smooth, I placed my hand on his cheek, caressing it, making him shiver. My heart was racing.

I knew I should let him go.

I knew I should allow him some time to think, to get to know me.

But I was too selfish. I wanted him.

I wanted Carson Gold with ever fiber in my body. 

And so, I slowly bought my lips to his.

And I burned.

The intense need and desire for this person consumed me, like a blazing inferno ready to take everything down the walls I built up with it. My world crumbled and I knew I was weak against Carson.  It might have been a simple touch of lips, but this was the first time my mate and I had kissed. The first time I tasted his vanilla lips would be forever in my memory. 

Because this was the person I was destined to spend the rest of my life with.

His mouth opened and allowed me to slip my tongue in. Tentatively, his tongue touched mine and I found the action so cute and endearing, I growled in approval. The hand on his waste slowly trailed down to his ass. I waited to see if Carson cared, but he seemed lost to the world as our tongues tangled together. 

My lips left his and trailed down his neck, tasting the smooth skin there. Vanilla and sun-light. Carson moaned, his breath coming in short pants as I squeezed his ass. 

"Val..." He tried to speak, but I silenced him as my teeth grazed his skin, leaving a mark. He moaned again, bringing his hand to my waist, gripping me tight.

My cock was throbbing now. The need burning in my chest. I had to have him.

Here. Now. Right up on this wall.

Without registering what I was doing, I tore off his jacket and pulled off his t-shirt. With my other hand, I trailed my hands up his chest enjoying the feel of the tight skin there.


I growled, bringing my lips to his once again. My hand founds his nipple and I played with it, pinching the sensitive bud. Carson moaned into the kiss and I swallowed it, enjoying myself as I was bought pleasure to my mate.I pressed myself onto Carson and he was trapped against the wall.

My let my hands explore his body and I knew he was hard. He kept rubbing himself on me, causing me to go wild.

I couldn't stop.

"Carson?!" someone shouted.

I didn't stop. I keep kissing him.

"Valentine! Get of him now!" An authoritative voice filled my ears, and like the Beta I am, the wolf within me obeyed it's superior instantly.

I felt myself being lifted and thrown away from my mate.

 Mate! My wolf growled.

"Valentine!" My alpha shouted, but I growled. Sitting up and staring intently at my mate. He was on his knees panting and shirtless. Another person was in the room with us. His eyes feasting on my mate's skin, trailing over his shoulders. My growls intensified.

"Don't look at him! He is mine!" I screamed at the Delta, ready to tear him apart for laying his eyes upon my beautiful mate.

"Valentine, you need to calm down. You've lost control or your human side." Said the Alpha, placing a firm hand on my shoulder as I stared at the other wolf now. He had stopped looking at Carson, casting me an apologetic look in my direction, looking embarrassed.

"Grayson, I wouldn't be so close to Carson if I were you." Alpha told the weak looking Delta. "Valentine has gone a bit out of control and you standing so close to his mate is not helping."

"Valentine..." Carson's voice came. I immediately looked at him. "Your eyes...they're glowing..."

His lips were kiss swollen and his neck had an obvious hickey on it. But his eyes made me freeze. He was scared.

I had scared my mate.

Slowly, whatever possessed me just now left and was replaced by an intense pang of pain and guilt. What had I just done?


He looked so scared and so confused. Shame consumed me and I did the only thing I could.

I ran like life depended on it, all the while thinking;

What have I done?

Sure it was a simple kiss. But the first intimate touch had already triggered the mating bond. I had practically forced Carson to be my mate now. 

And soon I'd have to complete the bond or I'd die.


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