Mr. Student Council President

Carson Gold is Valentine Silver's mate. He is also the school's Student Council President and Captain of the Football team. He's got a lot on his plate and he's totally not prepared for Valentine trying to bring him out of the closet.

Valentine couldn't care less about what people thought about him, he'd found his mate and was ready to claim him as his. First he had to find a good way to tell him about being a wolf.

With a group of rebels, an annoying sister, a best friend and Student Council duties, Carson's good life was going to get even more interesting. Did I mention the family secret that has yet to be discovered?

It's your typical cliche, teenage gay werewolf story.

Warning! This story is BoyXBoy.
There will be be R rated content in here and i advise if you don't like this sort of stuff don't read it!

All Rights Reserved


2. Just Another Day


"Carson Elijah Gold!"

I pulled the pillow over my head and rolled. I didn't want to open my eyes and face another day, this dream was going to good.

'I won't let you go...' No! the voice was fading. This had been happening a lot recently.

I woke spend the most amazing time in my dream with this faceless figure and the he would say those words, I won't let you go. His voice like honey. But of course my dad had to ruin everything with his obnoxious nagging.


The faceless figure disappeared completely and I groaned as my name was once again yelled from downstairs.

"Carson Gold! I know you can hear me! Get your sorry ass up and get to morning practice!" my father's voice came.

"Mom! Dad used a bad word!" my sisters voice soon followed. I smirked and quickly rolled out my bed, opening my door in time for me to hear my mother say to my dad:

"Don't curse my son! Did you spend nine months carrying him?!"

"Hey! I helped with conceiving him!" Dad protested.

I shuddered, not wanting to hear about that particular part in my parents life.

"Ewww! There are teenagers listening!" I yelled from my room.

"Like I care!" Dad yelled back, "Now 
get your ass up, I expect you to leave in ten minutes!"

I slammed my door in response, laughing when I heard Dad yell something about slamming doors in his house.

Quickly I looked around my room. It wasn't big and it wasn't small either, I'd say it was just right. The walls were painted sapphire blue and there were black curtains hung on the wall. The curtains matched my bed sheets, black silk, which I stole from my parents after my mom bought it. There were posters of star athletes and my favorite rock band on the wall.

I winced as I looked at my closet and chester draws. They were spilling with clothes and that was surprising considering there was also clothes scattered on the floor of my room. There was even one if my boxers on the lap on my night stand. I didn't even know what was clean and what was not.

Now that I thought about it, I was sure I had promised my mom I would clean the room soon... but I ended up wincing again because that was a whole month ago.

Determined to find something to wear, I started fishing through my clothes sniffing them ever so often to see what was clean and what wasn't.

I was such a sad person.

Within five minutes I had found a black band t-shirt and black jeans. Both of which smelled clean. I had also made a dirty, a not so dirty and clean piles of clothes.

Smiling to my self I quickly walked into my bathroom which was surprisingly clean. I took a leek then threw off the boxers I was wearing and stepped into my shower.

After I was done washing and drying myself I changed and pulled on my black and white Jordan's. I looked at myself in the mirror and after a small debate with myself, I placed some gel in my brown hair and shook it out, perfectly getting that 'out of bed' look.

"Carson Gold!" This time it was my mother calling and I gulped. "get down here and have breakfast this instant young man!"

Abandoning everything, I raced out the bathroom grabbed my bag and my varsity jacket and made my way down to the kitchen where my family were already seated at the kitchen counter.

"Morning good parents!" I announce, going over and placing a kiss on my mother's cheek.

"Oh I see how it is," Dad exclaimed giving me a glare, "I call you and you take your time. Your mom calls you and you come running. Sometimes I wonder who the man of the house really is,"

Mom chuckled and handed me a plate of eggs and toast. "I'm just more awesome, Carter."

"Yeah yeah, that's why I love you Carlie." He told her and the shared a quick kiss.

Connie and I gaged and both my parents grinned. I dropped my bag pack and hopped into the stool, then kissed my sister's cheek too, "Morning little sister!"

"You are way too cheery sometimes," Dad commented, I rolled my eyes and shoved a piece of toast in my mouth.

This was a typical morning for me. Get shouted at from my dad, hear my sister trying to get dad into trouble, hear my mom defend me, search through my pile of clothes then leave for school. I really liked the routine my family and I had adapted.

Within ten minutes, my sister and I left the house. We walked to school, seeing as our school was a fifteen minute walk away. Yes we both have cars but we like walking, its a great way to keep fit and allow us some sister brother time.

It was a sunny day and I hated it. I don't know why but I always hated sunny weather. I always felt hot and sweaty in this weather.

We walked in comfortable silence. I looked over to my sister and sighed. Her sea blue eyes so much like my own, flashed over to me.

"You okay?" she asked.

I nodded.

"My twin telepathy says other wise," she stated.

And it was no joke. Connie and I shared the same looks, sea blue eyes, dark brown hair tanned skin. Only difference was our heights, while I was 5 '10, she was 5'4. The average boy was taller than me but Connie fit right in the short girl community. I knew she was cute too, she had full pink lips and had a killer body. I had heard countless male students say so and I had also punched countless male students for even talking to her.

Needless to say, I was voted most cutest guy in school by females and Connie also had her fair share of punching too.

Connie and I had many secrets. It was hard because we could basically read each others minds. We've never told anyone, not even our parents. It was creepy enough that we finish each other's sentences.

"I am seriously okay," I assured her.

"Then why are you sad?"

"I'm not-"

"Don't deny it," she cut me off, "Look, you know I'm here for you. Don't hide."

I sighed and gazed at the school gates. We were really close to the main entrance and all I could think about the ditching for the day.

"You're too chicken to do that," Connie said

"I know," I replied and that is what makes me sad. I had to much expectations to live up to to even consider it.


"Gotta go, Con!" I cut her off before she could give me a lecture and ran down to the field. I could feel her glaring daggers into my back but I ignored it.

My school was huge and had a big field so we can play out sports. Looking around the empty field, I went up in to the highest bleachers and say down, pulling out my head phones and iPod. Quickly going through my playlists I found my favorites and played. Hozier's 'Take Me To Church' filled my ears and soon I found myself singing along. I closed my eyes and lay down, letting the sun beat down on me.

I had a good voice, I knew it. It was the only thing I was confident about but I didn't really let people hear me sing, it made me nervous.

'I was born sick
But I love it...'

I always loved that line for some reason and that was always my favorite part to sing. I sang loudly, knowing that student don't really come into the field on a morning. I even lied to my parents about morning practice. We didn't really have those until football season, next two months.

I just needed this time to prepare myself for the world.

The song soon ended and I could suddenly hear clapping.

I bolted upright, ready to strangle whoever heard me sing when I came to a stop.

My eyes meet silver ones and the earth stopped.

I don't know how long I stood there staring at this stranger's beautiful eyes but I knew my heart stopped when I heard his voice.

"Your voice makes my cock hard."

The fuck?

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