Mr. Student Council President

Carson Gold is Valentine Silver's mate. He is also the school's Student Council President and Captain of the Football team. He's got a lot on his plate and he's totally not prepared for Valentine trying to bring him out of the closet.

Valentine couldn't care less about what people thought about him, he'd found his mate and was ready to claim him as his. First he had to find a good way to tell him about being a wolf.

With a group of rebels, an annoying sister, a best friend and Student Council duties, Carson's good life was going to get even more interesting. Did I mention the family secret that has yet to be discovered?

It's your typical cliche, teenage gay werewolf story.

Warning! This story is BoyXBoy.
There will be be R rated content in here and i advise if you don't like this sort of stuff don't read it!

All Rights Reserved


4. His Eyes

3. Carson

"Admit it!"


"I'm your my sister!"

"Yeah, that's what our parents say. For all I know you could be adopted."

Connie gasped and the smacked me on the head. "We're twins you fucking idiot."

"Connie said a bad word!" I shouted loudly.

"Watch your mouth, Miss Gold." Mr. Henry advised turning back to his novel.

I smirk and returned to my literature book. It was currently second period, English B aka Literature. We were studying Shakespeare. I enjoyed this class so much. It was the class I had the least expectations in. Plus, I loved Shakespeare, his way of writing was so intense and deep. There was always some second meaning to what he wrote, it was fun figuring it out and modernizing his sonnets. This was also a class Connie enjoyed too and we had it together.

Connie was currently sulking. It was all because she wanted me to admit that the new guy Storm had a nice ass.

Why would I even think that when his friend was right behind him? All I could STILL think about was his intense silver eyes and smooth skin. And his rich voice, his hair the color of a lion's mane and damn, he was tall. He towered me. Please do not forget his smile!

Valentine already had rumors spreading about him and his friends.

I say friends because it was like he bought his entire crew with him. A total of eight kids, five guys and three girls, were now transferred to St. Michael's High. And no, we were not a catholic school, incase you're wondering.

I only knew because I had been informed by the school principal Mr. Sage came to tell me look out for his son. Yeah, you guessed right. Storm Sage was his offspring.

The same Storm that accused me if flirting with his boyfriend this morning!

Your probably thinking: But you didn't know that!

That's true and I wasn't flirting. If anything, Valentine was the one flirting! Hardcore too!

Who the hell goes around saying someone's voice makes you get a boner?

Even thinking about the first words he uttered to me had my face growing red.

What a great first impression...


"You're blushing." Connie stated from beside me, "I haven't seen you do that in a long time."

"Shut up,"

"Is it the new kid Valentine?" she went on, "I saw you on the bleachers with him this morning, looked intense.

I suddenly couldn't hold it in anymore. I looked around and made sure everyone else was not paying attention to us before leaning over and to whisper yell in he ear. "Isn't he hot? Jesus Christ! I think I had a boner just from looking at him."

"Firstly, T.M.I! Secondly, squeal!" She literally said the word squeal, because actually squealing is too main stream. "Thirdly, I knew you and him a perfect for one another. Fourthly, is he gay too?"

I nodded and then sighed.

His boyfriend is Storm. I sent that thought to her through our TTL (twin telepathy link). She frowned and sighed.

Darn, I'm starting to like Storm less and less now, she replied mentally.

Suddenly the doors opened and like our conversation had called them forth, Valentine and Storm strode in the classroom. Everyone immediately stopped what they were doing and stared at the new comers.

And just like that Valentine's eyes found mine. I sensed a happiness from him also a deep curiosity in them. I looked away before my cheeks could get any redder.

I noticed that Storm had his eyes locked on my sister. She was busy erasing something she had written down on her book. I loved the fact that she was the only oblivious one in the room, that was such s Connie thing to do.

"Mr. Sage, Mr. Silver, come in." Said the teacher who finally out his romance novel down.

"Mr Henry, right?" Storm asked him who was now standing welcome his new students.

"Right," the teacher replied then turned to the rest of us, "Class this is Storm and Silver. Please be nice,"

My fellow jocks smirked and I didn't have to see them to know that they were rolling their eyes.

Storm and Valentine made their way to the back of the class... a seat behind my sister and I. Valentine sat behind Connie and Storm behind me.

"Twins, please take this time to partner up with the boys and help them out." said the teacher before he returned to his novel.

"Hey baby, what's your name?" Storm asked my sister, who was still busily erasing something from he book. A moment passed and the three of us watched as the page tore and she let out a curse. it was then she felt our eyes on her did she look up.

"What?" she snarled, I rolled my eyes.

"What were you erasing?" I asked.

"Nothing actually. I was testing out this pen I stole from dad. It has ink that could be erased." she said easily. Then glanced at the boys behind us, "Weren't we just talking about them?"

I flushed and I noticed the smirk on Valentine's face. "You were talking about us?"

"No," I denied instantly

Still the smirk remained and I tried my fucking best not to blush. My sister grinned and held her hand out to Storm, who by the way looked at her like he was struck by her smile.

"The name's Connie. My brother tells me he doesn't think you have a cute butt. But I think otherwise. I give your ass an eleven out of ten."

Oh God. Why couldn't Connie's mouth come with a filter?!

Storm was shocked, so was Valentine and even though I was MAJORLY embarrassed, I could not stop the grin forming on my face.

I looked on to see Valentine grinning. "Thank you for giving my boyfriend a rating."

I didn't miss the glare both Storm and Connie sent him.

"Fuck! You are gay?" she whispered to Storm.

Before he could answer, I pitched in. "Yeah, He and Valentine are a couple."

Both Storm and Valentine groaned and before they could say anything else the bell rang.

I quickly shoved my books in my bag and got up. Connie was beside me in a minute.

"Hey! Um, we have to get the notes!" Storm called.

"Yes, uh to catch up in the class," Valentine added standing with his bag hanging off his shoulder.

Con and I exchanged looks.


I nodded.

"We can help you guys. There's this library walking distance from the school. We could meet there." I offered.

Both guys beamed and quickly nodded.

"Great, how about we meet after school?" Connie asked.

I shook my head, "I have football practice."

"We've also got stuff to do," Storm sighed. "Tomorrow for sure."

Con and I nodded, "Bye guys."

I was pretty sure it was beyond creep how we said that at the same time and turned around like we practiced forever.

When we were out the classroom and in the middle of the swarm of kids in rhe halls, Connie pulled me aside.

"Carson!" she yelled.

I rubbed my ears, "I am right here, no need to shout."

"Did you feel it?" she asked going on like I hadn't spoken.

"Feel what?" I wondered.

"He had that feeling..." she tried, looking confused, "The sparks...I don't know! I just wanted to stare at his eyes the whole day."

"Who?" Please don't be Valentine.

"Storm," she breathed. "Did you see his eyes? His face? His arms? His smile? I just want to rip Valentine apart because he's gay."

I held up my hand, "Firstly, you keep your hands off Valentine and secondly ewww Storm? Thirdly, you cam do way better than that douche."

"That douche is hot and I like him," she clearly stated.

"Well I don't." I replied. "And fourthly, he is GAY! Even if you like him, he already has a boyfriend and is not interested in girls."

She sighed and I places a hand on her shoulder. I haven't seen her act like this in forever. She's never liked someone so soon with such intensity.

"Look, be his friend. Just know where you stand," I advised.

"I seriously was hoping the two of us could devise a plan to break them up. That way I get a chance to turn Storm straight and you get Valentine." She said guilty.

"See how female minds are different from male?" I joked.

She smiled and then the bell rang again.

"Shit! I'm gonna be late." I mumbled and hurriedly kissed her cheek. "We'll talk more about this home, 'kay?"

She nodded and I sprinted down the hall way to get to my building five. Right now, there was supposed to be a student council meeting and I was two minutes late.

The student council consisted of a few students.

Me- the President
Katie Porter- V.P.
Bree Ward- Secretary
Trent Callas- the Treasurer

There were a few more students but these people were the important ones. Our school was pretty big, it had enough space to get our own Student Council Room.

Stepping into that room, I could see how this was a perk of being on the team. The room was at least two classroom put together. It was painted in the school colors red and black. There was this big white board and next to that was our projector. There was a mini fridge in one corner, with a snack machine next to it. One the next side of the room a big couch set sat.

We even had our own stereo system.

But as I looked around I realized all of the normal students were there along with a new edition.


I know I know, that chapter sucks. It was kind of a filler. I wanted you guys to see Connie.

I am not going to tell you about Connie and Storm.

-R E B E K A H

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