Mr. Student Council President

Carson Gold is Valentine Silver's mate. He is also the school's Student Council President and Captain of the Football team. He's got a lot on his plate and he's totally not prepared for Valentine trying to bring him out of the closet.

Valentine couldn't care less about what people thought about him, he'd found his mate and was ready to claim him as his. First he had to find a good way to tell him about being a wolf.

With a group of rebels, an annoying sister, a best friend and Student Council duties, Carson's good life was going to get even more interesting. Did I mention the family secret that has yet to be discovered?

It's your typical cliche, teenage gay werewolf story.

Warning! This story is BoyXBoy.
There will be be R rated content in here and i advise if you don't like this sort of stuff don't read it!

All Rights Reserved


8. Afterword


My brain was taking it's time. It was slowly letting the incident that happened an hour ago sink in. I stared at the black board in front of me, looking but not seeing. Mr. Takuma went on and on about the the digestive system but I couldn't concentrate.

Valentine had sprinted out of the room, leaving me there half naked with Storm and Grayson staring at me with apologizing eyes.

I too had pulled on my t-shirt and dashed out of the room into the boys toilets. I had looked into the mirror, I saw my face and stared.

My lips were kiss swollen and my cheek were pink, my eyes sparkling. I looked like I was just ravished. I closed my eyes, remembering his kisses on my neck. His hands felt like they were everywhere and I took a deep breath.

I opened my eyes again and noticed the bite mark. T-t-t-t-the hickey?!

Don't looks at him! Valentine had shouted. He's mine.

Valentine had made a strange sound then and it sounded strangely like a growl. It was fucking hot, I ain't gonna lie.

He didn't scare me; he fascinated me.

I had liked when he touched me. It was electric and my heart had pumped so loudly I thought I would die. I knew for a fact, the next time I saw him I could not deny that I had kissed him back. I had kissed him back with such possessiveness and passion, it startled me. It was like I had been away from those lips for a millennia.

"Mr. Gold?" Mr. Takuma's voice interrupted me. I came back to reality, only to find everyone staring at me with concern.

"Um yes Sir?" I answered him, still feeling a bit dazed.

"Do you need a moment? Are you tired?" he questioned. I liked him very much, he took his student seriously and asked questions normal teachers would over look.

I took a moment and decided that I could not function with the thoughts going on in my mind. "Actually sir, I am a bit. Is it alright if I go to the nurses office?"

He nodded and I proceeded to pack my books, eventually leaving the class. I knew i would get whatever notes I needed from other kids. It was a perk being SCP.

I ended up on the roof on top of the SCP building, a place where students weren't allowed but I had the keys anyway. It was a bit cloudy and cold and I could look down into the school field and relax. The fence around the edge of the building was high and there were a few benches I'd placed when I first discovered the area. Only member's of the Student Council were allowed here and a chosen few. I was glad I wasn't scared of heights like Connie.

You sly fox

It was like her name bought her into my head. I rolled my eyes before taking a seat on the bench against the fence.

What, hoe?

You made out with Valentine.

And the blush came back again.

Shut up stupid bitch.

This is wonderful. So absolutely wonderful. I could feel her grinning.

Come keep me company? I asked her. This was one of the moments I rather not be alone.

Her response was instant. I was bored anyway. I'll be there in a few.

I gazed at the quad below. As always, the grass was trimmed and well groomed. No students occupied the area, most of us had one more subject before we were allowed Lunch.

"You're mine." His voice invaded my thoughts and I groaned. Why didn't he stay? Is it legal to be kissed like that and then be left hanging?

It should.

Why did Storm look like that? His boyfriend kissed me. Shouldn't he be angry?! I'd be fucking pissed if I were with someone and they kissed someone other than me. Why was he even there in the first place? Did he skip class with Grayson?


I hated over thinking things.

"Yeah but you do it anyway." Connie's voice invaded my thoughts. I looked over to where it came from and saw her gently closing the door behind her. She carried what looked like my black jacket and a cup of something that was must have been piping hot seeing as steam was coming from it. She must have made a quick trip to the cafeteria.

"I thought you can use something." She offered me the drink and I took it gratefully.

Holding it made me realize I was a little bit cold and I handed her back the cup then took my jacket from her. 
"What the heck? It wasn't this cold before," I stated taking the cup back once again.

Connie shrug, she looked cute wearing long sleeved plaid shirt with a white t-shirt underneath. She was probably regretting wearing her black cut up jeans though. Her feet looked very warm in the black and white converse sneakers. She usually just wore her cheerleader uniform so it was kinda surprising she was wearing normal clothes.

"True that!," she agreed hugging her knee lengths blue jacket tight. "Why'd you come up here of all places? You could have gone to the boiler room where its always warm."

I shrugged taking a sip of the drink. It scolded my tongue and I drew back hissing. It was hot chocolate. "I don't know. I just feel free up here."

She stood with her fingers on the fence as she stared down at the school below. My sister gulped, and stepped away from the fence. She was such a scaredy-cat. "Storm asked me about tutoring a few minutes ago."

"Is Valentine coming?" I asked blowing my drink.

"He didn't say." She replied then looked over to me. "What happened in there? I was only getting foggy images in your mind. Valentine kissed you? Did he force you? Did he feel you up? Why the fuck was he growling like some dog?"

I gave her all the details and she grimaced.

"He met you two days ago and now you belong to him? Carson that's so creepy!" She exclaimed. 

I shook my head. "Connie, you should have felt what he was making me feel. It was amazing. It felt like I was being electrocuted but in a good way."

"You aren't even out of the closet yet!" She said, "You liked how he roughed you up?"

"In case you've forgotten Constance, I am a man too and I don't want to be treated like some fragile woman." I snapped using her full name to emphasize on how serious I was. Valentine didn't hurt me. He made me feel good.

Connie sighed. "I know that Car, I just don't like it. He at least needs to apologize. Then take you out on a date or something. He can't be kissing you and you're not even official."

"What about Storm?"

Her reply was instant. "Storm can screw himself. I worry about my brother first."

I smiled and got up walking over to her and giving her a bear hug. "Thanks Connie."

She laughed. "Don't over think shit but if I see Valentine again I'm smacking the shit out of him for scaring you."

"Good luck with that," I answered laughing. Once I quieted down, i mindlessly stared at field below again. "The tutoring thing is still on, I like Valentine. I was a bit surprised, that was the first time I've ever made out with a guy."

"Awww," Connie exclaimed, dramatically placing a hand over her chest. "My heart can't take the feels. I'm a fujoshi for life."

I rolled my eyes and chuckled again, I loved how Connie always cheered me up. I reached over and placed my hands on her shoulders. "I love you, Con."

She smiled, "I loved you too knuckle head."

And we stayed like that until the rain picked up again. She left me to attend her class and I went back to the student council room. I busied myself by finishing some paperwork. Not too long after the bell rang signalling the end of another period. Lunch was finally here. I texted my secretary Bree to bring the rest of the council up here for a quick meeting and to get me lunch of she was feeling generous.

She replied a moment later saying that the cafeteria was serving pizza and she'd get me a slice only if I bring her coffee tomorrow morning. I chucked quickly agreeing to her terms.

I wasn't really hungry but I knew that I should eat because I was a really cranky person when I was hungry. I got up and erased the white board quickly writing 'Pajama Day' on the board. It really was a nice idea. We would just need to lay down some rules and shit then pass the suggestion of to the principal so he can introduce it to the school board. It'll probably take a week to get things settled until the suggestion came back to me. Then I would have to talk to the Newspaper club, the club that was in charge of our weekly announcements to inform the school. The radio club would be ones who reminded everyone. The disciplinary club would be in charge of the whole day making sure that students abide by the rules that would be needed to be followed.

Yes it is a long process but to make the school environment and keep school spirit up this was a good idea.

A few moments later the other student council members joined me. They all greeted me with smiles on their faces and I was surprised. They were not angry that I had taken up time during their precious lunch hour. This was the reason I had chosen these particular students to be part of my Council. They were aware of their duties and knew they're responsibilities and did so with smiles.

"The assistants should be here in a few minutes," Porter said sitting down placing her homemade lunch on the table.

Callas however, went over to the notice board and saw my message from this morning. He turned to me with an eye brow raised. "A meeting right now and a meeting later?"

"Oh! You can erase that. I have to tutor two of the new kids after school. It's why I called a brief meeting now." I explained.

Bree sat down and pulled out her Minutes Books, ready to write down all that would be said. Porter was my vice president and Callas was the Treasurer. Of course the whole student council was made up of eight more council members but the five of us were the ones really in charge. The others were more or less captains of various clubs.

I pointed to the black board behind me and watched as they each read it. Porter smirked and Callas grinned. Bree merely nodded and wrote something in her book.

"Oh cool!" Said Porter as she stuffed her face with Mac and cheese. "A Pajama Day. What occasion?"

"School spirit." I replied. "It's the new school term and I don't know about you guys but I'm ready for holidays again."

Callas grimaced, "Oh tell me about it. You could see the amount of homework I've got."

"Exactly," I replied. "I propose we set this day up where everyone, including the teachers dress in sleep wear."

"Oh lord, please no lingerie!" Porter announced, stated on of the rules that will have to be followed.

"No barebacks." Bree added, "As much as I would like to see guys waking about half naked."

She and Porter high fived while I chuckled.

"Oh! No see-through outfits!" Callas interjected. I shivered imagining some students and even teachers in see through wear. It would not be a pleasant sight.

We shot rules back and forth, until we came up with twenty rules that everyone had to follow. Bree then handed me lunch which I gobbled down with ease. The rest of the student council soon drifted in along with some of the assistants. I eyed the door, wondering when would Valentine's show. Bree quickly informed the others of what was to happen and I was glad everyone was on board. I ended the meeting fifteen minutes before the bell rang. More discussion would be done until everything would be ready.

Bree left me last, finishing up her notes.

"Did you notice one of the assistants were missing?" She asked.

I fucking noticed.

"Huh?" Better to play it dumb.

"An assistant was missing today, what was his name?" She looked on the attendance slip, "Valentine Silver, yes that's it."

"Oh the new kid? Oh, well when you see him tell him to find me when he's free. I don't want him slacking." I replied easily, my voice friendly. But inside I was a tornado, turning me up and causing havoc in its wake.

So he was avoiding me.


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