Malia Black

Malia Black is always compared to her mother Bellatrix, they think she's going to turn out evil. Well they are sadly mistaken, but could they turn her into the monster she's trying not to be? What happens when she gets a crush, but not on someone you would expect...
Editing by: @ NightshadeCreepypasa
//Completed May 3rd 2016//


8. Chapter 8

Malia's POV


Ron whipped around, probably expecting to see Harry. When he seen it was me he froze up, in disbelief.

"Malia where did you come from?" He asked in shock

"I followed you, you seemed upset or something" I said 

"Uh yeah Harry and I got into an argument" He said

"Oh uh yeah I can tell" I mumbled 

"You didn't hear any of it did you?" Ron asked embarrassed

"No why?" I lied

"Oh it was just a personal issue" He mumbled

"Alright. Hey I'm here if you ever need to talk, like I know we aren't really friends but you know" I said a little flustered. Ron nodded smiling

"Uh I have to go" I said quietly

"No" Ron said quietly

"Uh?" I asked

"Stay with me........I'm bored" He said, oh nice save.

"I'm bored too" I said sitting next to him. I pulled out my phone and put on Netflix. I passed Ron an ear bud and we both stuck one in our ears. 

"What is this?" He asked in amazement 

"Its Netflix, and if anyone ever asks you to 'Netflix and Chill' don't, It's not what you think" I explained quickly 

"Okay?" He said confused 

"What do you want to watch?" I asked 

"I don't know, you pick something" He mumbled

"Oh okay" I said, a small evil smirk dancing across my lips. I decided to put on 'Mamma Mia!' basically its a chick flick mixed with a musical and blah blah. Once it finished, Ron was asleep with his head lying on the wall.

"Ron wake up" I mumbled 

"Malia" He mumbled back

"Ron" I said slightly stern

"Malia shh I'm tired" He groaned

"Ron shh I'm awake" I chuckled, mocking him

"I'm serious I'm really tired" He said half asleep

"Well what do you want me to do about that" I asked in a challenging playful tone

He thought about his response for a good minute while turning slightly red

"I need a pillow" He mumbled finally 

"Sucks to suck" I laughed

"No like will you please be my pillow, just this once?" He asked desperate and tired 

"Well I guess just this once" I replied acting annoyed but secretly happy. He put his head into my shoulder and wrapped his arm carefully around me, his warmth keeping me warm even though my skin is cold. He fell asleep quickly and soon he was softly snoring. I let out a small tired sigh and he gripped me a bit tighter in my sleep, God this is weird. After awhile I started to fall asleep so I snuggled into his chest and fell fast asleep.


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