Malia Black

Malia Black is always compared to her mother Bellatrix, they think she's going to turn out evil. Well they are sadly mistaken, but could they turn her into the monster she's trying not to be? What happens when she gets a crush, but not on someone you would expect...
Editing by: @ NightshadeCreepypasa
//Completed May 3rd 2016//


6. Chapter 6

Malia's POV


I woke up at about 3 in the morning, I don't know why but I had a very bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. I quickly got up and started walking towards the stairs, I grabbed my phone and used it as a light. I started down the stairs and once I got to the bottom I practically was sleep walking. Once got out of the slytherin common room and started to walk aimlessly.

This has happen to me before but I didn't have this kind of feeling, I don't know if I feel un-easy or sick, worried possibly? I have no idea but something definitely is not right. 

I continued walking, half asleep when I seen someone alone in a corridor looking glumly out a window. As I got closer I started to recognize the silhouette outline, it was Ronald. I stood behind him and said:

"What's wrong Ronald Mc'donald?" He jumped and turned around

"Jeez Malia, you didn't need to scare me like that, and its Ron" He said quietly and glumly. Okay something is wrong I can tell by his eyes and the bloody fact that he's alone in the corridor at three in the bloody morning! I sat down next too him.

"So what's wrong?" I asked casually 

"Nothing" He replied sadly

"Bullshit it's nothing. I can tell your upset so tell me" I said stubbornly

"Okay well Harry and I got in an argument and yeah I couldn't sleep so I started walking the corridors, risky I know but I needed to get my mind off things" He mumbled

"Oh, well do you want to talk about it?" I asked quietly 

"Meh I don't know. It's a personal fight about who we trust and stuff" He replied

"Oh I see" I said

We both sat quietly for a good ten minutes as if the silence was doing the talking for us. He sighed and then let out a little laugh.

"What?" I asked

"Nice pyjamas" He noted. I looked down and noticed that I was in fact wearing 'nice' pyjamas. I was wearing an old band T-shirt and grey sweat pants. I chuckled along with him.

"Well I was asleep so what do you expect?" I said laughing 

"Yeah I noticed, how did you even find me? Were you following me or something, or were you just taking a late night stroll" He asked

"I woke up for some reason because I had a really bad feeling, so I started walking aimlessly and now here we are" I said

"Oh" was all he said, it was quiet for awhile after that. until he broke the silence.

"Malia?" He asked

"Ron" I replied

"I, uh how do I say this but uh thanks" He said nervously 

Strange boy, thanking me for doing nothing..

"Thanks? For what?" I asked

"For coming to talk to me" He mumbled

"Oh uh your welcome" I replied sheepishly. I started to get really tired after that and I put my head on Ron's shoulder. He tensed up just a bit when I did but he relaxed a split second later. 

~7 and a half minutes later~

I woke up with my head still on Ron's shoulder. He was asleep too with his arm around me, which I found strange but comforting. I knew we couldn't stay here like this because we'd be sore as fuck in the morning and if people seen they'd get the wrong idea, so I guess I should wake him up.

"Ron" I mumbled

"Mhm Malia?" He mumbled back half asleep

"Uh we fell asleep, I think we should both go back to our houses" I said quietly. He groaned quietly but got up, I got up as well. He turned and started walking his way and I kind of just stood there.

"Ron" I said quietly. He stopped walking and turned around, I jogged to him and threw my arms around him embracing him in a swift hug. He wrapped his arms around me and mumbled

"Goodnight Malia"

I blushed lightly in the dark and mumbled

"Goodnight Ron" 


I woke up at my usual time, what an odd dream I had. I don't even think I like Ronald like that.. strange. I shook off that weird dream and started to dress for school, but the dream still lingered in the back of my mind. 

Author's note:
So yes she dreamed about Ron. 






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