Malia Black

Malia Black is always compared to her mother Bellatrix, they think she's going to turn out evil. Well they are sadly mistaken, but could they turn her into the monster she's trying not to be? What happens when she gets a crush, but not on someone you would expect...
Editing by: @ NightshadeCreepypasa
//Completed May 3rd 2016//


4. Chapter 4

Malia's POV


The next morning I woke up feeling strange, I must just be hungry. I got dressed into my robes and started for the Great hall, on my way down there I bumped into Draco in the common room. We walked towards the great hall chatting politely, when I decided to bring up Cora. 

"So you and Cora huh?" I said elbowing him playfully 

"What about me and Cora? Were just friends" He said avoiding my glare

"Bullshit your "Just friends" " I said bunny ear quoting "Just friends." Draco smiled and looked at his feet as he walked

"She's not that bad I guess" He admitted as we got to the great hall, we sat down and started eating breakfast then headed to class. 

Ronald was already sitting there pouring over that same book he was reading yesterday, nerd. I sat next to him and did a double check that there were no spelling errors on my paper then handed it to Snape when class began. 

About half way through class I got a text from Cora, I keep my phone always on silent while at Hogwarts, because I don't want to be bombarded with questions about it. The text from Cora read:
"Mal! Meet me in the girls lavatory on the first floor in two minutes? I have something important to tell u"

I quickly responded with an "Okay" and raised my hand. I asked to use the wash-room and Snape glumly let me go. I sped through the corridors up to the first floor and found Cora there smiling like an idiot. 

"What are you smiling about?" I asked sitting cross legged on the floor

"Draco asked me to hang out with him after classes. Were going to The Three Broomsticks!" She exclaimed excitedly. I feel a relationship coming on...

"Okay.. You couldn't have just texted me that?" I asked bored

"Well your lack of excitement saddens me" She replied fake pouting 

"I'm happy for you, I'm just lazy and you made me walk all the way here which is so far away" I complained smiling. After saying goodbye to Cora I headed down to the dungeon, hoping I wasn't gone too long. I scooted in next to Ronald and he looked at me like I was crazy.

"Malia you were gone for 12 minutes, your lucky Snape didn't say anything" He whispered out of the corner of his mouth

"Shit really? Dammit I had some time to make some nachos in that time, I should've done that instead" I laughed quietly

"I'm serious Malia its not goo-"

"Ronald you can't tell me what too do" I said cutting him off

"It's Ron." He said annoyed.

"Whatever Ron" I mumbled brushing him off


Ron's POV


She's so reckless, I swear she's gonna get in big trouble one of these days. She is literally so lucky Snape didn't notice that she was gone, I guess you could thank Neville for that though, considering he made a big mess with his potion. I sighed as I found Harry and Hermione at lunch. 

"Can we go out to the courtyard for lunch? Its a beautiful day outside!" Hermione said smiling 

"That sounds like a brilliant idea" Harry agreed. I nodded and we walked towards the courtyard. We all sat down ans started discussing the days going on's, and suddenly a girl dressed in a black tank top and black ripped skinny jeans was sitting across the courtyard with her friend. It was Malia and Cora. Cora was in her robes, Malia however was dressed like a muggle or something.. God she's so reckless... I sometimes worry about her because she's gonna end up in a lot of trouble by not following the rules, but this is also coming from m-

"Ron!" Harry exclaimed snapping his fingers, pulling me out of my thoughts 

"Oh uh yeah, sorry I was thinking what were we talking about again?" I said still a little dazed. 

"I said that maybe we should go to the library tonight?" Harry repeated

"Yeah uh sure" I agreed?

"Ron are you okay?" Hermione asked 

"Yeah I'm just tired..." I trailed 

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