Malia Black

Malia Black is always compared to her mother Bellatrix, they think she's going to turn out evil. Well they are sadly mistaken, but could they turn her into the monster she's trying not to be? What happens when she gets a crush, but not on someone you would expect...
Editing by: @ NightshadeCreepypasa
//Completed May 3rd 2016//


18. Chapter 18

Malia's POV


I sighed and embraced her in another tight hug.

Man poor Cora! I really wish I could tell her why he's acting like this, but I don't think it'll go over to well. What if she hates me because of what Voldemort's doing to Draco?

"You know what will cheer you up?" I said, with a slight smile spreading across my face.

"What?" She asked, wiping away her tears.

"I say we ditch the rest of the day and go to Hogsmeade, my treat." I said, feeling the sack of galleons and sickles in my pocket. 

"Malia I couldn't ask you to do th-"

"Bitch I said so, we're going and I'm paying. Now come on, let's go change out of these robes and into something more comfortable." I replied, grabbing her arm and dragging her up to the castle, trying to avoid mud because her yellow Hufflepuff robes may get muddy. 


Once we both changed and met back up at the crooked witch statue we headed towards the broom cupboards. I grabbed a nimbus 2000 and so did Cora. We then took our brooms out side and headed for Hogsmeade. As soon as we got to Hogsmeade the atmosphere felt warm and inviting, which was just what Cora needs.  We quickly walked into The Three Broomsticks and sat down at a table. I ordered us both a hot butterbeer and waited for it to be served. 

"So, other then the whole Draco being a fucking douche bag, how has life been?" I asked casually.

"It's been okay I guess. Classes suck and I don't really hang out with anyone, because I've been binge watching a muggle show on my laptop." Cora explained. 

"Oh what show?" I asked.

"It's called Pretty Little Liars," she said, smiling.

"Hmm, I've never heard of it. What's it about?" I asked, and with this question her smile got wider.

"It's about four girls, their friend Alison goes missing and they soon find out that she's dead.  Eventually this person called 'A' started to torture the four girls which provoked them into finding out more about A," she explained.

"Wow, that sounds good, I'll have to check it out when I get the chance." I replied, taking a sip of the butterbeer the waitress placed in front of me about a minute ago. Cora also took a sip of hers.

"Mmm, I have missed this so much," she said, taking another sip.

"Same," I said chuckling.

After we finished out butterbeers, we decided to do a little shopping in the boutique next to The Three Broomsticks. 

"How does this look?" I asked, wearing a bright pink short dress. 

"Honestly Malia, that dress looks horrible on you. However I'm happy you put it on, because I suggested it. I knew you'd look terrible, I just wanted to see you wearing it," she replied, laughing 

"Bitch," I said laughing as well. I looked across the store, and saw a long, dark, emerald green, gown across the store. I need to fucking try this shit on!

I speed walked across the store, still in the pink dress and grabbed the gown. I brought it back over to the change rooms and showed Cora.

"Oh my god Mal! You have to try that on it's literally so you!" She practically screamed.

I chuckled and went into the change room. After I changed, I walked out of the change room, and Cora gasped loudly.

"Malia, oh my fucking god you need to buy it! It's so beautiful on you, and it fits you perfectly!" She exclaimed.

"Well, uh, I guess it looks okay," I replied looking at myself in the mirror. I studied the way my pale skin made the green reflect delicately, and the way it made my eyes pop. Cora said something but I was too busy admiring the dress to hear her. 

"Hmm?" I asked, snapping back to reality. 

"I said 'It's better then okay', but someone was too busy blocking me out to hear it," she said, laughing.

"Well, okay, maybe it's great," I smiled.

I changed back into my original outfit, and bought the dress. Cora and I agreed that we should probably head back, because it was almost dinner time, and we were starving, so we mounted our brooms and rode back. When we got back, we put our brooms in the broom cupboard and then we slipped into the dining hall. While we were walking into the dining hall, Cora literally bumped into Draco, neither of them were paying any attention. 

"Watch yourself, you filthy mud-blood," he snapped.

Cora went quiet and I could see the tears in her eyes. I didn't know what to say or do, I want to scream at him and rip his throat out. But I also want to comfort her and call him a fuck boy. So, naturally, I did a combination of the both of them. I slapped him across the face hard, while grabbing Cora's arm and calling him a fuck boy. I also decided to pull her to the Hufflepuff table, where I decided to sit with her and eat supper. 

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