Malia Black

Malia Black is always compared to her mother Bellatrix, they think she's going to turn out evil. Well they are sadly mistaken, but could they turn her into the monster she's trying not to be? What happens when she gets a crush, but not on someone you would expect...
Editing by: @ NightshadeCreepypasa
//Completed May 3rd 2016//


12. Chapter 12

Malia's POV


I heard a loud crack of thunder and looked up just in time for it to start pouring rain on us. I let out a combination of a sigh and growl to express my sadness and frustration with the world. I was mad, and sad, and confused, and I'm actually kind of hungry, it is around lunch time after all. I turned to head back towards the school then he grabbed my wrist and pulled me back gently with a shaky hand. Looking at him like this brought tears to my eyes, I had to hide them by staring at the ground as I spoke;

"Don't fucking touch me" I tried to say boldly, but failed as my words broke on the word "Touch."

I started walking quickly away from him, leaving him in the pouring rain by the lake. I walked quickly because he couldn't see me upset, I just cant let this happen...

Once I was far enough away from him I let the tears flow silently down my cheeks, blending in with the rain. I continued to trudge towards the school, not caring about how I was soaked and how there was mud on my robes from walking in the rain and such.

It was when I got to the court yard that I had to put on a false smile to my best friend, my other half; Cora.

Lately her and I haven't been speaking as much as we used too, and I'm not sure why.. but I really hope its not because of fucking Draco.

"Hey Malia, your soaked come on!" She said waving me towards the sheltered area. I slowly walked towards her, seeing as I was already soaked as fuck.

"So I was talking to Draco and I think he- whats wrong?" She asked quickly 

"Nothing" I replied

"Bullshit Malia" She pried

"No nothing is wrong I better get to lunch" I mumbled speed walking away.

"Malia I think your a little out of it, its almost dinner time!" She called after me, weird. I checked my phone to see that it was in fact transfiguration class right now, well almost the end of it. 

Since there was only about forty minutes of class left, I just headed to the library to avoid people.

While I was there I was looking at a book about Hogwarts and I turned around and some guy with dark brown hair completely bumped into me, making us both stumble back.

I grunted and picked up my books, at the same time he did, as I was looking up from picking up my book I made eye contact with a pair of blue eyes. 

He looked away and then did a double take, he had pure terror on his face. 

"Watch where your going next time" I mumbled turning away from the terrified guy.

"Uh sorry" He replied as he left his book on the floor and scurried away out of the place. God what an asshole, I picked up his book and read the title, it was some kind of herbolgy book or some shit. Curious, I took the book and followed the guy out. I finally found him one corridor away still freaked out of his mind.

"Yo you forgot your book" I said handing it to him

"T-Thanks" He said nervously 

"Why are you so scared?" I asked 

"Because your mom tortured my parents until they lost thier minds.." He trailed.



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