Forced To Marry Harry Styles

Harry Styles is the leader of multiple managements, regarding a large variety of selections. His most famous and most known is Modest Management.
Mr. Styles holds a contest to find his new wife. Meant to be a housewife, to be controlled and give pleasure, Anastasia Crew has no choice but to enter. She lives on the streets, and she's too hungry to say no.
When Anastasia is chosen to be Mr. Styles future wife, she will have to face the vile, but luxurious life of being Anastasia Styles.


1. Prologue

"Who do you think they'll pick?" Ann whispered to me, so quietly I almost didn't hear it.

"I don't know." I muttered. My voice was shaky, and my body felt like it was melting into a pool onto the cool ground. My bare feet were frozen against the cement, and my dress, which was torn and dirty, whisked in the cold air. My hair flew in my face, which I was sure made me look ten thousand times uglier.

I need this job. I need to get this, or I'll starve to death! I can't live in these streets anymore. Even... Even if I have to give my life away to Him, I just couldn't bare the gnawing hunger in my stomach anymore.

The leader of Modest Management walked up to the microphone. He cleared his throat and starting reading from the paper in his hand.

"As you may know, you have all been hand-picked by Modest Management, most of you picked from the streets, to live a better life. You have been given tests of agility, intelligence, and," He cleared his throat once more. "Private lessons regarding the bedroom. At the request of Mr. Styles, you all remain virgins. Know that, If picked, you will have to give everything to Mr. Styles, including virginity. You will be made to be a housewife, to cook and clean and... Relieve him when needed." The man eyes the crowd of girls in front of him.

"After much consideration, Mr. Styles as chosen his future wife. He is quite proud to announce the lucky woman." The man backed away.

We all gasped as Harry Styles stepped into the small stage. He wore a fitted suit, with polished shoes and a glowering smirk on his handsome face.

"Girls." His voice was like honey, slowly dropping into your ears. It was so calm and relaxing. "All of you are very beautiful, smart woman. But, as you know," his emerald eyes flicked around the room. "I need the prettiest, most intelligent woman to service me. And, I do feel she should be up here with me right now."

He looked up into the ground, his eyes hidden behind his long lashes.

"Please, give a round of applause to my new future wife, Anastasia Crew."

I felt my mouth open in shock as my name was called. Ann gave me an excited smile and pushed towards the stage.

Still in shock, I stumble to his side. He glances at me, a grin playing at his lips.

"Welcome to your new life."

He licks his lips.


~~~~Forced To Marry Harry Styles 💋💋💋

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