Forced To Marry Harry Styles

Harry Styles is the leader of multiple managements, regarding a large variety of selections. His most famous and most known is Modest Management.
Mr. Styles holds a contest to find his new wife. Meant to be a housewife, to be controlled and give pleasure, Anastasia Crew has no choice but to enter. She lives on the streets, and she's too hungry to say no.
When Anastasia is chosen to be Mr. Styles future wife, she will have to face the vile, but luxurious life of being Anastasia Styles.


4. Chapter 3

I awoke to a sharp knock on the door. Groggy, I slowly pulled myself out of the deep sleep that had knocked me out the previous night. I reached my arm out, searching for the warm yet unfamiliar body of Harry. I opened my eyes in confusion as my skin hit the cold bedsheets.

I checked the clock, squinting my eyes against the bright sunlight shining through the window. Eight-thirty in the morning. I groaned and thumped back against the bed.

The door to the room gently swung open. "Mrs Styles?" Synthia's soft voice filled the room. I made a noise, signalling I was on the very, very soft bed. Synthia's steps fell across the carpet as she approached the bed.

"Mrs Styles, it is eight thirty. Mr Styles has requested your awakening." She chuckled as I scrunched my nose.

"But it's so early." I complained, stretching my limbs. My heels dug into the feathery mattress. I breathed in deeply and let out a loud rush of air.

"Mrs Styles, today is your first day as Mrs Styles, if not unofficially. It is important that when the Committee of Modest Management comes that you look your best." Synthia slowly coaxed me out of bed, lifting me to my feet.

"Where is he? Harry?" I asked, rubbing my eyes with my fists. The light was still burning my eyes. I heard Synthia moving clothes in my closet, humming to herself.

"He wakes early most days, around six. A very busy man, he is. Especially with Modest coming today." She rambled, eyes flicking through a flurry of colours.

"What is Modest?" I questioned, finally opening my eyes to look at her. "I don't think I've ever really known what they do."

"Modest, yes." Synthia clicked her tongue. "It's not a maid's job to know the details, but I can tell you it's a company, mainly dealing with famous people, important media people, the like and such." She turned to me, smiling. "It's Mr Styles' most prized company."

I nodded, listening intently. I didn't know much about Harry, if anything at all, so I wanted to know as much as possible about him. I bit my lip in thought. If Harry was busy with Modest, would I be seeing him today at all?

"Mrs Styles?" I snapped my head up, meeting Synthia's eyes. I shook my head, shaking my thoughts away.

"Yes?" I asked, blushing embarrassingly. Synthia gave me a knowing look.

"I know it's a lot to take in, Anastasia, but you really mustn't be distracted when meeting Modest. It could really make Mr Styles look bad." She lowered her voice. "And I don't think you would like to see Mr Styles when he is in a sour mood."

"Yes, of course." I swallowed. "I apologize, Synthia." I ducked my head, eyes lowering to the floor. I felt her hand on my arm in a sad squeeze.

"You'll do great, Mrs Styles. I have faith in you." I smiled at her, grateful that I had at least one person I could trust in this new life. "Now," she clapped her hands. "Mr Styles has requested that you be dressed modestly." She winked at me.

I rolled my eyes and grinned. "Funny." Synthia laughed and sashayed back over to the closet. "But, he also asks for something...mhm" she trailed off.

"Sexy enough that it's noticeable but still classy?" I guessed. She nodded and shook her head.

"You know him so well." She jumped back. "Oh dear!" She bustled to the bathroom, casting a worried glance at me. "I've forgotten about your bath!"

"Did he request that to?" I half-snapped. I immediately felt guilty. It wasn't Synthia's fault Harry was running my life. She was just following orders after all.

"It's mandatory that you bathe every day. Expect a bath in the morning, and one before bed." Synthia's voice floated to me from the bathroom. I heard the water run into the giant bathtub.

I sighed and grabbed a towel.


"So, Miss Synthia, what does Harry require that I wear today?" I sighed, sitting down on the bed. My hair dripped down my back as I cuddled into the plush towel.

"I think I have found the perfect outfit. Modest, yet sexy." She answered, pulling out a bag from the back of the endless tunnel that is my closet. She set it on my bed, gently as not to wrinkle it, and opened the zipper.

The dress was a sexy red, fiery and fashionable, but with the leg-fitting bottom reaching the middle thighs with a neck tie and two straps connecting in the bag. Shoulderless sleeves were on both sides.

"I'm failing to see the modest side on this." I commented, fingering the soft fabric. Synthia smiled.

"Trust me, Mrs Styles, this is very modest for Mr Styles taste." Synthia handed me a box, which was containing my shoes. I sighed and stripped off my towel, asking myself how I was going to survive this day.


Modest was a large group, that much I knew, but I wasn't expecting to see a whole dining room full of well-suited men and expressionless women overflowing into the kitchen. Snacks and drinks, mostly alcohol, were set on wooden tables with a thin price of table cloth, a checkered black, covering the top.

I swallowed as I tried my hardest not to fall flat on my face. I'd walked in heels before, but after years of wearing nothing but the skin on my feet, I sure wasn't use to them. I concentrated hard, determined not to embarrass Harry. Lord knows what'd he do to me if I did.

"Heel toe, heel toe," I muttered, smiling and waving at the men and women as I passed by. I tugged at the hem of my dress. This was less than modest, I would think. I tried not to blink as I felt the men's eyes on me.

Desperately, I searched for the familiar sight of Harry's neat mop of curls. Finally, my eyes landed on him, talking to a stern-looking woman in a navy dress. I made my way over, putting on my best grin. I tried to make my face friendly, yet professional. I wasn't sure I was doing a good job.

Harry turned, following the woman's gaze, and grinned. "Anastasia." He whispered. His voice was husky and deep, as if it was scratching his throat. His eyes raked my body, seemingly approving. He pulled me into his chest, wrapping a long arm around my torso.

"Kayla, this is Anastasia, my soon-to-be-wife." He winked at me. "Though I already consider her a wife to me." Kayla had a fake smile on her face as she nodded.

She held out her hand. "Kayla, CEO of Modest Management." I shook her hand, willing myself not shake in my nervousness. She stared at me, as if waiting for me to break down crying. Harry seemed to notice the tension and cleared his throat. I let my hand fall.

"Well, Kayla, I'm afraid I must go socialize with the others, but I will meet with you to discuss the new tours later on tonight." He nodded his goodbye and gently tugged my arm to follow him.

He held me close, hand rubbing my back. I leaned into his touch, confused as to why I wasn't cowering in fear from this strange man. My stomach still felt ill whenever I was with him, but I didn't feel the need to cry anymore. So I guess that was good.

"Anastasia." His throaty whisper focused me back into reality. His hot, Monty breath hit my ear. I shivered. "Are you nervous?"

"A little." I admitted, making sure to keep my voice low. I avoided his eyes, not sure if he'd be angry. I instead felt a squeeze on my shoulder, soft but firm.

"You'll do fine, my dear. We'll cuddle tonight to lessen your worry, yes love?" He bent down and nibbled on my ear lobe, fingers lightly digging into my collar. I bit my lip, a string of fear inning through me.

"Don't expect anything more." I warned. Suddenly, a sharp pain hit my shoulder, making me gasp. Harry had pinched me, hard.

"Don't forget your place. I made the rules clear." His voice had a sharp edge, but I could hear s little sense of understanding underneath it. His fingers smoothed over the left over redness. "But don't worry, love, not tonight."

I suddenly felt my tears come back. I had quickly forgotten how mean this man was, and what my future was. I resisted my tears, worried it would mess up my makeup. I knew I would have to face Harry if I was less than perfect for his Modest buddies.

I nodded, ignoring Harry's smile, and followed him reluctantly into the mass of people.

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