Forced To Marry Harry Styles

Harry Styles is the leader of multiple managements, regarding a large variety of selections. His most famous and most known is Modest Management.
Mr. Styles holds a contest to find his new wife. Meant to be a housewife, to be controlled and give pleasure, Anastasia Crew has no choice but to enter. She lives on the streets, and she's too hungry to say no.
When Anastasia is chosen to be Mr. Styles future wife, she will have to face the vile, but luxurious life of being Anastasia Styles.


3. Chapter 2

"This is your room, Ms Styles." The maid, Synthia, said to me. She bowed, lowering her head and lightly grabbing her black dress. I stayed silent, torn between telling her not to bow, and facing punishment from Harry, or be quiet.

Synthia stared at me, as if she was expecting something from me. "Um, Ms Styles?" She cleared her throat, "this is when you ask me to do something."

I blushed in embarrassment. "Synthia, what do you mea-" She cut me off with a sharp gasp. She clamped her hand over my mouth, searching the large hallway for another person.

"Ms Styles!" She harshly whispered. "How unprofessional! You could get punished for this!" Her eyes went wide with worry. I just stared at her in confusion, afraid to talk.

"Calling a maid by her name is unprofessional. You shall address me as Maid Synthia, and likewise for other maids." She murmured, eyes flicking down the hallway.

"Yes, Maid Synthia. I'm sorry." I shifted uncomfortably. "Please don't tell Harry, not on my first day here." I begged, a little too desperately. Synthia gave me a knowing look.

"I know, dear. My lips are sealed." She made a motion of zipping her lips. I smiled gratefully at her, relieved I had at least one friend at this damn place.

"What I meant before," She regained her practised smile, shielded her real one from me. "Is you are supposed to ask me to pick out clothes, make a bath, clean your room, fluff your pillows, anything of the sort." She leaned in, "it's mandatory, Ms Styles."

I nodded slowly, thinking hard. "I..." I trailed off, suddenly tired. "I could really use a hot bath after today." She smiled and bowed.

"Right away, Miss." She hurried into the room, into the connected bathroom. I stepped into my new room, not sure what to expect. I gaped at the room that laid before me.

The walls were a soft, fluffy light blue, like someone had glued a carpet onto them. The carpet matched, and I marbled at how wonderful it felt under my feet. A crisp dresser, white as a pearl, was decorated with blue crystals in crusted in the gold handles. A walk in closet was right of the bed, which had a beautiful blue velvet blanket resting on top.

I heard Synthia scuttling around in the bathroom. I couldn't imagine what it looked like, if it was to compare with the amazing bedroom. "Miss, our bath is almost ready." Synthia popped her head out of the door. "You should undress."

"U-Undress?" I asked, horrified at the thought of being naked in front of my maid. My cheeks grew warm. Synthia smiled softly. "There are towels in here, would you like one to cover yourself?" I nodded and she handed me the sifted towel I've ever held.

"Of course," she continued, "I'll have to bathe you, so I'll see you naked anyway. But do whatever makes you more comfortable Miss."

My shoulders sagged. I had to let my maid, that I've known for about one hour, see me completely naked. I sniffed and swallowed back embarrassed tears.

I stripped nervously, suddenly aware of how weird I looked naked. I was too skinny; my bones were almost showing. My cheekbones were too sharp and my nose too big. Not too mention, I hadn't shaved in over five years.

I bit my lip as I heard Synthia shut off the water. I checked myself in the full-body mirror and frowned. Why had Harry chosen me, with all those beautiful, rich girls waiting in line for his hand in marriage?

"Miss?" Synthia's voice cut into my thoughts. I worked around without thinking. Quickly, I covered my chest with my arms and crossed my legs.

"Miss, if Harry wasn't attracted to you, he wouldn't have picked you." She cocked her head, "you're a pretty girl, Anastasia." She grinned as her eyes lit up. "Trust me on this one."

I smiled and found the courage to walk into the bathroom. It was just as I expected. Clean white walls, floor, and tub. The bathtub was humongous, with more than enough room to lay flat and have space to move around. The bath itself was filled with bubbles, and the sweet smell of lavender invaded my nose.

"Bath salts, Miss. It was written on your application you like lavender." I nodded in approval. Lavender was my favourite smell, and flower.

I slowly eased myself into the water, the prickly sensation of the hotness against the skin relieving my sore bones. I sighed in satisfaction. Synthia chuckled behind me. "Long day, Miss?" She joked. I laughed easily, feeling completely at ease with her.

"Shall I wash you hair, Miss?" She asked, reaching for the very expensive-looking shampoo bottle. "Yes, please." I answered, resting my head against the edge of the tub. Synthia placed a towel under my neck to support it and lesson the hardness of the edge. She poured the shampoo onto her palm and rubbed her hands together.

She kneaded her fingers into my hair, massaging my scalp. "Mmmm," I sighed, relaxing into her touch. She ran her fingers through the strands of my hair, making sure to lather every inch. She grabbed for the shower head and positioned my head so neither my head or the towel got wet.

"Anastasia, I don't mean to intrude but," she turned the nozzle to gently spray warm water onto my head, "but how did you end up in such a desperate place?" She asked quietly.

I swallowed, suddenly tense. I felt, after everything she's done for me so far, that I could sugarcoat the real story a bit. "Well," I started, "my mother and I are broke. We've been living on the streets for five years, hungry and cold. I saw the offer to be Harry's wife through a contest, and I... It just wasn't an offer I could refuse." I blinked away tears. "To finally be able to eat a descent meal and sleep in an actual bed; it was too tempting."

"I see." Synthia said sadly. "And your mother?"

"I don't know. She begged me to take the offer; she was crying. After I entered the contest and had to stay at the hotel, she disappeared. I don't know where she is." Tears fell down my cheeks as I held down a sob.

"Oh, Anastasia, I'm so sorry I brought it up. It was out of place, and very unprofessional. Perhaps I should tell Har-"

"No!" I yelled, too loudly. "Synthia, you're the only one I have in this hell. I need you to stay with me." I vent my head to look at her. "Please?"

She smiled. "Of course, Miss." I turned my head back around so she could finish washing. After adding conditioner, and waiting ten minutes for it to settle in, she told me to lift my legs out of the water onto the ledge. I complied and she grabbed a razor from a nearby shelf. I groaned in relief and annoyance. She made it quick, but with careful precision. After, she waxed my arms with a wax kit from seemingly nowhere, and added to it by plucking my eyebrows. Then, she paused. "Miss, it's time to shave your, um, downstairs." She said it with a blank face, careful not to show disgust.

"Synthia." I stared into her eyes, making sure to look serious. "If you promise not to tell Harry, I will be more than happy to do it myself." Surprisingly, she didn't pull a fight and handed me the razor with a thankful look on her face.

After I was done, she told me to get out of the tub. She patted my down with the towel previously under my neck, careful to be quick in certain areas. That didn't stop me from blushing like a madman, though.

She handed me a fresh towel to wrap myself in. The smooth warmth of the towel made me melt like butter. "It's so soft, Synthia!" She had given me a hard stare, reminding me about the rule, but laughed anyway.

I sat on the bed, running my hands over the velvet blanket as Synthia searched my ginormous closet for pyjamas. I peeked in when I could, my eyes landing on the fanciest, most beautiful dresses I'd ever seen. The blurred colours of red and pink and gold made me curious. What would I need such extravagant dresses for?

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, Synthia grabbed something off the rack and walked over to the bed. She laid down a more-than see through purple shirt with flaps wrapping around the bottom, which would show off my stomach. With matching underwear, which was just as see-through, I stared in disbelief.

"He wants me to wear that?" I asked incredibly. "That's basically no fabric at all!" I exclaimed. Synthia laughed.

"Yes, but it is what Master Styles has requested for tonight. It would be most horrible to disobey on the first day, Miss." She said quietly. I sighed, glancing at the outfit, and gave in.

I stripped off my towel and gently slipped on my nightgown. My chest was in full view, and my underwear left nothing to the imagination. I blushed, wringing my hands.

"This is just great." I muttered. Synthia agreed and steered me towards the door.

"Master Styles wished to see you after your bath." She told me, leading me by the hand to the steps and down the stairs. I followed, my heart beating fast. Would he approve?

Synthia found Harry in the living room, sitting relaxed on the leather couch, watching a show about politics. "Master Styles, Miss is done her bath."

I walked in, embarrassed. Synthia bowed and quickly exited the room. I felt completely lost without her. My eyes met Harry's, and he smiled slowly. He pushed himself off the couch with his giant hands, and strutted over to me.

"Mmmmh," he hummed, eyes roaming my body. He set his hand on my stomach, rubbing it with the pads of his fingers. I jumped as his other hand slid onto my butt, squeezing it lightly. I resisted the urge to slap him, knowing it would only end badly. His hands freely roamed around my chest, squeezing and kneading them ever so gently.

My breath stopped as his hand slid over the front of my underwear. He smirked and chuckled as I wiggled out of his hand. "Shy?" He murmured in my ear.

"I'm tired, Harry. Could I please go to bed?" I was so desperate to get out of his touch I was willing to risk punishment.

"Of course, honey. Let's go to bed, hm?"I sucked in air in surprise as he lifted me bridal style into his arms. His hot breath hit my neck as he jogged up the stairs. He carried me to a different bedroom than mine, filled with a blur of black and red colours. I was too tired to look closely.

He set me down on the soft bed, pulling back the covers. He slid in beside me, wrapping his arms around my waist. "Mmmh, goodnight honey. I love you." He planted a tender kiss on my forehead.

I laid in confusion, alarms red at his sudden softness. I closed my eyes, desperate for sleep to overtake me. All I could focus on was Harry's deep breathing in the dark, and his hot chest against mine. I swallowed and let my mind wander. Eventually, I lulled into a deep sleep, counting Harry's breaths.

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