Fell in his arms

Hey I'am Rebecca Williams and I moved from Edinburgh because I jaut wanted to get away from life down there but I don't come alone I come with my three best friends Mina Cammie and Sinnead and e all fall in love the four super cute boys xxxxxx������


1. the move xx

This is my first book so tell me what u think and if it is good or not and I will post more hope u enjoy this book

Becca's pov

We'll it's half three in the morning and I am leaving to move to Sydney soon with my best friends mina, cammie and Shads I'am just getting Ready as my phone rang I answered hello becca cammie shouted down the phone hello cammie I said quietly to her then grab my bags then go down stairs for some Breakfast

Sinnead's pov

As I get up I get a phone call from becca hi Sinnead she said hello I replay are u excited because I know I am she starts muttering on yeh I say after she stops talking okay I going to go and get some breakfast now bexs I say okay have fun she said bye babes bye Sinnead so I went down stairs and got some toast

Minas pov

I got a phone call from cammie we'll face time she was just getting to so was I though so that's okay we both got breakfast and hit dressed and we'll she was getting her make up on becca phoned me so I answered it and she seems existed to go so was I to get away from all of this so let's get my bags and let's go


Cammies pov

We'll i found becca first then I found mina and Sinnead and we went to security and we were getting on the plain I sat next to becca and mina Sinnead had to sit on her own but it was just for the flight

Sinnead's pov

I found mina first the found becca and cammie then we went to security and now were getting on the plain and cammie sat next to becca and mina so I sat on my own but I am the oldest so I guess that's why

After flight

Cammies pov

Wow astrally is amazing becca were are we going babes I said Sydney she says okay let's get in the cab to Sydney

Becca's pov

Waw okay girls are you's all okay we have school in two days so let's go were are we going cammie asked again after we got in the cab after give minutes Sydney I said with a smile on my face .

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