Fell in his arms

Hey I'am Rebecca Williams and I moved from Edinburgh because I jaut wanted to get away from life down there but I don't come alone I come with my three best friends Mina Cammie and Sinnead and e all fall in love the four super cute boys xxxxxx������


5. on tour xx

Mikey's pov

Omg it's so cool and fun luke I said I know we like are gonna rock out there ash said we were back stage and gonna go on and sing she looks so perfect and some covers like teenage dirt bag and we are going on now

After concert

Luke's pov

Omg that was so epic I can't believe we came this far we'll it's not that far but I disint think we would get here on stage we'll thanks go Louie from one direction MICHAEL I shouted YEAH he shouted back are you ready to go I shouted to him yip just coming so he came though earring black skinny jeans and a red white and black flanul

Ashton's pov

Wow I dining know we were that good we shredded it out there I said to calum I have never played a bass guitar before apart from now cal said I was supprized but we are going out with one direction tonight let see how the rest of the six months go

Three months later

Luke's pov

Wow we're going home in three week and we have got lods of fan alredy we are going to Sydney then America then London and then we can go home so we are flying to Sydney tonight

Flight and after

Calum's pov

We'll were back home to play a gig and then we're going to America and London so I am just getting the bass ready and luke and michael are chonning there guitars and Ashton it just I don't know what there doing well it's time to go on stage now

We'll I see becca Sinnead Mina and Cammie in the crowd along with our mums and they look amazed and proud of us.

After show

Michael's pov

We'll I seen Mina and mum so after we were done they were all back stage Mina becca Cammie Sinnead and our mums we hugged them and I went stray to Mina after and hugged her so tight that I didn't want to let go and the boys done the same except calum and becca they hugged the kisses more like snogged ๐Ÿ˜‚

Two months later

Ashton's pov we'll were in London and there's a log of people here were hong home next week and I'am so existed but sad it's came to an end but tonight we are gonna rock there socks out and were gonna be amazing like we have been for the past six months and I really miss Cammie she is my everything the beds been so cold with out her there and I just want to fell her again anyways I need to hi on stage

After show

Luke's pov

We'll we had a smashing six weeks with you Harry I said we've had a hood six weeks too luke hope you enjoyed it and have u aboard again Harry said to me and said goodbye to him and we got on the plain home

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