Fell in his arms

Hey I'am Rebecca Williams and I moved from Edinburgh because I jaut wanted to get away from life down there but I don't come alone I come with my three best friends Mina Cammie and Sinnead and e all fall in love the four super cute boys xxxxxx������


6. end of tour/back home ๐Ÿ’–

Cammies pov

The boys are back today I shouted and woke up the girls and then the door opens and they walked in becca cal shouted and ran and becca done the same how was it then I asked them can we tell you in the morning babe were tyred ash said yeh babe I said and we all went yo bed

In the morning

Becca's pov

Calum are you up I asked shyly yeh babe why you being shy he said we'll there's something I need to say I said almost crying babe what is it don't cry he said so soft and sweetly we'll since your cured is starting I think NO he cut me of and I started crying I will never leave you and see tingly never for get you trying not to cry cal I said yeah bexs he replied you can cry I don't mind I said before kissing him on the Cheek I know you love me Rebecca margarit Williams he laughs while he said it and I look him dead invite eyes and then I laugh okay I know you love me calum Thomas hood and I laugh how did you know my middle name calum asked oh you know just herd your mum shout it a few times ha but you know I love you calum Thomas hood so much and I know you did to I said

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