Fell in his arms

Hey I'am Rebecca Williams and I moved from Edinburgh because I jaut wanted to get away from life down there but I don't come alone I come with my three best friends Mina Cammie and Sinnead and e all fall in love the four super cute boys xxxxxx������


3. dates xx

Sinnead pov

We'll I woke up this morning felling happy because luke is coming over becca is going out with calum Mina and mikey are going out and I think Cammie is going out with some boy names ashton so it will just a me and luke which is grate we the boys are here calum,michael and luke but no Ashton two minutes later he came running up the path I said bye to the girls and said hi to Lucas he came in and say on the couch we sat there and wonders what to do but luke said he had a guitar and said why don't we go to your house and go do a YouTube video you can play guitar and I can wach you i said but he asked me to sing but I said no so he Taught me to play guitar nested

Becca's pov

We'll are you ready to play guitar babe calum said yeh I replied let's do it so is kerns how to play guitar and we done a YouTube video to put on Calum's channel after that it was dinner time he took me to this restront and we are he said something after that but don't know what

Calum's pov

We'll I asked her if she was ready to play guitar she said yeh so we spent hours letting her know the cords and stuff after that we done a YouTube video for my channel she has an amazing vice and aft else that it was dinner time I took her to a restront and we ate she's so amazing I'am so glad she's mine

Next day xx

Sinnead's pov

I got up to my door going this morning I got up and went to the door it was ash what are u doing hear I asked he looked upset/angry we'll it's about luke shads he said what I shouted don't pannik okay okay I said like ever to know luke was in a fight lazy night and is in hospital after he said that I broke down into tears he have me a hug and I asked can We see him go and get changed and we can so I got changed and go in Ashton's car on our way to the hospital so when we got there he was on the third floor when we got yo his room he was waching TV and eating a bool of something hey luke I said oh hi baby luke what happend to you tell me and tell me the truth please oh em yeh okay babe he sitterd

Luke's pov

We'll thanks michael I'am now in hospital yeah I know michael clifford I thought you were friends we'll same but since saminas came into his life he has been acting wears well anyway I got up last night and it was about half twelve and I went to see if mikey was still up which he was I shouted on him like normal but when he came to the window he was not happy he was sad but happy I asked if he was oaky he said no fuck off I replied with calm down I only asked after that two minutes later he was out at his feint pourch like half battering me but I made it Worce by em we'll punching him back we'll right I'm because becca also seen the fight because she came out and seperated us she got hurt by michael a lot and me a wee bit but we both said sorry to her and she took me to the hospital and got me checked in and stuff and when ash and you got here she smiled and left because she was happy to see me happy I spook to shads and then she slapped me gentley and laughed then the one person that I thought would come and see me came to see me luke michael shouted like almost crying michael I said confused but happy to see him but scaird to see him he said he was very very sorry he was so angry and he finding know what came over him i so so so so sorry m8 he said okay thanks that unicspextedley happend and I for give u m8

Becca's pov

I was sleeping till I herd someone fighting out grunt at michael a pourch so I want out and found luke and michael fighting so I tryed to brake it up evenchaley after two minuets of trying they stopped I got hurt but who caird I took luke and put him at my car I went back to mikey and asked him what happend and he told me I asked if it was all over Mina and he said kinda but not all so I went okay and went back to my house to get my car keys and went to my car helped luke in and drove to the hospital because likely canny walk and has a burst lip and a black eye.

We checked him in and and we got sent to the third floor so I had to stay with him and I text ash to tell him were we were because I thought he would be better to text him than shads because she would have Brock down in tears

Michael's pov

We'll this is not fair I love Mina but I like because so pissed of because I canny hurt mina we'll just as I was bunching fuck out of my walls and stuff in my room luke turns up oh grate what the fuck do u want I said oh calm down man I herd him say then got up and went down stair and got to my feint pourch luke just looked in fear and I started punching fuck out of him then like minuets later becca came out and tryed to seperate us she got hurt when I realised u was hitting her I backed of and started to cry but she looked and took luke to her car she is never gonna like me now I beet she likes luke no he goes out with Sinnead and after that she was standing in front of me asking me to get up loud almost crying well saying it I got up and she hugged me are u okay what happend she panicked I'am okay I was angry and luke made me more angry I replied is it about Mina she asked no we'll some of it not all though I said she hugged me again and kissed my cheap and walked to luke and probably drove to the hospital I felt really bad for hitting luke and her of corce I started crying buckets then went back into my house and up to my room because it was getting cold and it was like two in the morning

Ashton's pov

I was sleeping and then my phone went off how can that be I asked my self

Becca: hey ash me and luke are in the hospital because luke got basket hurt love bexs xx:)

Oh shit I Dias

Me: em okay what don't do tell Sinnead then ashy xxx ๐Ÿ’–

Becca: you don't tell her nothing ash becca ๐Ÿ’–

Me: okay bexs ash ๐Ÿ’– xx

We'll now luke is in hospital and bexs is with him what will Sinnead think and cal oh we'll I'am going back to sleep and telling Sinnead in the morning because I think she needs to know what's going on and she might freak out and cry mostly cry probably cry let's see what happends in the morning now I am going back to sleep this time

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