Fell in his arms

Hey I'am Rebecca Williams and I moved from Edinburgh because I jaut wanted to get away from life down there but I don't come alone I come with my three best friends Mina Cammie and Sinnead and e all fall in love the four super cute boys xxxxxx������


4. about tour ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

Three weeks later

Luke's pov

We'll me and michael are back to friends and we got a YouTube channel together and in a few weeks were going on tour oh we're not going alone calum hood and Ashton irwin is in the band too but I don't know what to tell shads because the tour is six months and I'am going to miss her so so so bad

Michael's pov

Omg luke we're going on your in a few weeks but the only problem is I haven't told Mina and I'am scaird of what she's gonna say I hold him tell me what she asked confused well me and the boys are going on tour in a few weeks and we want to hi but don't want to leve you guys hear

Minas pov

I was in the kitchen and I herd luke and michael talking about something and then I herd don't tell Mina and then I went though and this happend don't tell me what I said we'll me and the boys are going on tour in a few weeks and we want to go but don't want to leve you guys here he said disappointed and said but after the girls came in and the boys left with out saying a word so I told the girls we all were up set about it but we're letting them go

Few weeks later

Calum's pov

We'll today we are going on your with one direction and we are existed to go but up set because I don't want to leave becca we have been together with feels like years but it only been a month or so anyway we were going and I ran over to her and she said I love you so much don't forget that please cal and then I kissed her and said I won't and I love you so much took don't let no one hurt you I won't baby she said then I smiles and went back to the boys and then we were away LETS GO 5 SOS we all shouted

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