After humans(5sos and 1D Au)

The human race is over and a new species are here and their like nothing that has been seen before. They have the appearance of a human being,but their completely different. These species are called Homo Nosferatu Vampiris(Vampire),Werewolf,Fairy,Witch,Mermaid,Kania(Someone who able to control the 4 elements,and shapeshifters. These creatures have been walking on Earth for 50 Million years now. Each of these species hate each other they never go near each other ever each specie has their own turf you could say dividing the continents into territories. North America is ruled by Vampires.Europe is ruled by Werewolfs,South America is ruled by Fairies,the oceans in South America are owned by the Mermaid/Merman, Africa is ruled by the Witches(Which their not happy about),Asia is ruled by the Kania, Australia is ruled by Shapeshifters,and the rest of the world is where unknown species lie.
One year a girl name Aria comes from one of the places where unknown species lie (Antarctica)


6. Chapter 6


I silently listened to Elena's heart beat as she slept in the other room. Her heart rate was faster than normal which makes me think she's having a nightmare or something. I felt bad for her so I used a spell to calm her down. Her heart beat became steady which means she's sleeping peacefully.

I snuggled into the blanket on the tiny couch. I closed my eyes trying to sleep, but I was still on high alert. My mate along with Lord Harry were still out there looking for me and they had a good chance of tracking me down. With an unusual scent like mine I stick out like sore thumb. I tossed and turn thinking of ideas on how to get back home, but nothing came up.

Eventually morning came and Elena came stumbling out her room. Her eyes landed on me and she screamed. 

"Vampire get out get out leave!" She screamed and backed away. 

I rolled my eyes at her clearly she doesn't remember last night with how much blood she lost. I got up and walked closer to her while trying to remind her. 

"Elena remember me? Aria from last night?" I continued and moved closer to her.

She continue to back away from in the corner of my eye I saw her reach down to get something from the dresser. I looked at her hand and then back at her. I continued walking trying to her while using trying to cast a spell to help her remember. As fast as lightning she pulled out a wooden stake. She aimed it at my heart so fast it would've killed me if I didn't have fast reflexes. 

I moved in lightning speed and spelled her to remember. Elena stopped moving and looked at me closely for a few minutes before realizing.

"Oh my god Aria I'm so sorry I don't know what came over me." Elena said. 

"It's probably the lost of blood that made you forget." I stated and pushed the stake away from us with my shoe.

Elena went to the kitchen and I followed her. She began taking out a box of cereal and milk. 

"Do you want some?" She asked and made her breakfast.

"Actually do you have any blood....?" I asked her.  

'Not again with the blood it's so gross I don't want that in our body.'  Kitty said

 'Kitty you dumbass there's already blood in our body.' Mal said. 

'True, but I don't want to drink it.' Kitty replied.

'Same.' Bianca and Ben stated.

' Why not? blood is amazing.' Niall stated. 

'Of course you think it is you're a vampire.' Mal said.

'Would you all shut up you weren't complaining when I was having some last night.' I stated.

'That's because Niall blocked us all out before we could stop you.' Kitty said.

'Hey where's Eva and Kylie?' I asked.

'I'm here.' I heard Kylie say quietly.

'Eva isn't speaking she's depressed.' Kitty said.

'Why?' I questioned.

'Because she can't be with her mate.' Ben said. 

'Our mate is trying to kill us along with everyone else she needs to get over it.' I stated.

'I can't shift if I can't be with my mate I will die and you wouldn't be a werewolf anymore he's my other half our other half. No matter what you do we'll always crave his touch, his love, is affection, and his power. After all he is the Alpha of all the werewolves....he's the Alpha king. ' Eva growled in my head. 

"Aria are you okay? you kinda died on me." Elena laughed.

I looked at Elena trying to get Eva's words out of my head. 

"Oh sorry what did you say?" I asked.

"I said I don't have any blood, but I think you can survive off cereal for now." 

I nodded and she gave me a bowl and we ate silently. After we were done eating we sat down in the living room and turned the tv to see a red alert. A vampire was on the reporting live from Vampire castle(Original name I know). We turned the volume up and listened to him speak.

"Breaking news my fellow vampires seems like we have a war on our hands with the werewolves." He said while smirking to the camera his fangs sparkling. 

"Also interesting topic I have right here apparently there is a rare hybrid running loose in our land. Lord Harold says whoever turn her in will be awarded. Clues to help are said that she has pale skin, dark hair, and eyes brown eyes that change color. She also has an unusual scent and her blood will make your mouth water. The girl you're looking for is named Aria."The reporter said and in the background you could see people at the castle running back and forth trying to prepare for the war that's about to come. 

Elena looked over at me with wide eyes. She shut the tv off and began pacing back and forth nervously.

"Why didn't you tell me you were a hybrid a rare one in fact. Everyone's looking for you and if they find you it mean they'll find me and I'll die-" 

"Elena calm down they're not gonna find me and even if they did they won't be to control me I'm too powerful." I stated. 

"We just need to get out of here it's too dangerous." She stated.

"Where are we gonna go through after that broadcast everyone in the whole world will be looking for me." 

"I have a friend her name's Aqua she's a mermaid and lives in the waters of South America. If we can get you there she can help you get back home or at least keep you in hiding until everything blows over." Elena stated.

"How do you....?"

"No time to explain." She went to her room and threw me something to wear.

Elena gave me a tight black dress and black heels. I tried to question her but she silenced me. I went to the bathroom and changed out of the terrible nightgown from the castle. I put the clothes on and left the bathroom. 

When I came back I saw that Elena had changed into a tight red dress that was similar to mine but styled differently. She wore black heels as well.

"Can you please tell me why we're wearing these outfits?" I questioned.

"So we can fit in with the vampires." 

"They wear such revealing clothes?" 

"Of course."

I sighed and Elena got her keys and phone before we left her tiny apartment. I let Niall take his vampire form so I blend in. Which was basically red eyes and shiny, pointy fangs. I put a spell on Elena so she would have the appearance and scent of a vampire. We walked down the stairs and we looked at each other before opening the door to the evil that awaits us..... 



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