After humans(5sos and 1D Au)

The human race is over and a new species are here and their like nothing that has been seen before. They have the appearance of a human being,but their completely different. These species are called Homo Nosferatu Vampiris(Vampire),Werewolf,Fairy,Witch,Mermaid,Kania(Someone who able to control the 4 elements,and shapeshifters. These creatures have been walking on Earth for 50 Million years now. Each of these species hate each other they never go near each other ever each specie has their own turf you could say dividing the continents into territories. North America is ruled by Vampires.Europe is ruled by Werewolfs,South America is ruled by Fairies,the oceans in South America are owned by the Mermaid/Merman, Africa is ruled by the Witches(Which their not happy about),Asia is ruled by the Kania, Australia is ruled by Shapeshifters,and the rest of the world is where unknown species lie.
One year a girl name Aria comes from one of the places where unknown species lie (Antarctica)


5. Chapter 5

(Picture above is Elena)


She backed away slowly a shocked and scared expression on her face. Niall and I walked closer to her my eyes shining a dark red. I never had the taste of blood which was making it harder for us to resist her smell. 

I licked my bottom lip and smirked showing off my fangs to her. The human girl immediately started running up the stairs. My inhuman speed was no match compared to hers. I slammed her petite body against the wall and put my head into her neck and took a whiff of her. 

Her blood smelled O positive a rare blood type which would be amazing for my first taste of blood. I licked on the skin where I wanted to sink my fangs in. 

"Please don't hurt me!" The girl cried and started moving underneath me.

'Let's eat her already.' Niall groaned

'I don't know if we should do it Niall' I replied back.

Trying to fight the urge to suck her dry I watched her back away slowly. I heard myself growl seeing her back away. Niall was pushing me trying to kill her blood is the only thing on his mind.

"Run!" I yelled at the girl and watched her run up the stairs. 

I tried pushing back Niall as much as I can, but soon I gave up. My eyes turned a deep shade of red and fangs grew from my gums. Using my inhuman speed I ran up the stairs I inhaled the smell of pumping fresh blood. I saw her at the top of the stairs running. 

I ran up to her in less than 10 seconds I busted through the door to see her struggling to open her apartment door. I ran up to her and grabbed her by the back of her neck and slammed her back into the wall. 

I stared into her brown eyes that held a scared and pleading in them. I ignored them and in one swift move sank my teeth into her. She let out a loud scream I covered her mouth with my hand. She bit my hand I rolled my eyes at her. 

The more I drank I knew she would die I watched her face as I drank from her. The color of her face was turning pale. Her eyes were wide open and her grip on my shirt tighten. My eyes shot open and I pushed her off of me. She fell to the ground with a loud thump. I could hear her heart beat, but it was faint. I digged my fangs into my wrist and pulled away and held my wrist to her face. She stared at it and then at me before speaking.

"I don't want it." She said weakly.

"My blood will you save you." I replied and guilt filled my chest.

She shook her head again and pushed my arm away.

"I'm fine." 

"For fuck's sake" I grabbed the back of her head and forced my blood in her mouth. 

She groaned and tried to back away from me but I pushed her head down more. Eventually I let go of her and she started to drink willingly. 

"Good girl drink up." I said.

I soon pulled my arm away from her and helped her off the ground. The color returned to her face, but the terrified expression was still the same. 

"I'm so sorry." I said quickly.

The girl continued to stare at me so I continued.

"I don't know what happened to me it was my first time tasting blood." I said and the girl looked at me confused.

"How is that possible for a vampire to live if they never had blood." The girl raised an eyebrow at me.

"I guess I'm special." I lied I'm extremely special.

She remained quiet.

"What's your name?" I asked.


"Nice to meet you Elena." I smiled.

"Yeah nice...."

Elena opened the door to her apartment and went in. She was about to close the door on me before my foot stopped her.

"Aren't you gonna invite me in?" 


"Why not?" I pouted.

"Because you almost killed me you stupid vampire!" She screamed.

I growled at her and a glare fell onto my face.

She just insulted us I'm gonna kill her Niall said 

"I wouldn't use that tone with me I could have killed you, but my vampire side took mercy on you. Don't make him regret it." I stated.

"Him? what are you talking about."

"Invite me in and I'll tell you what happened." 

Elena looked worried for a minute.

"Come in." I smiled and walked in.

Her apartment was not too, but not too small, it was just right. The living room walls were painted a simple white and had pictures hanging. The floor was made of dark brown wood and was spotless. The furniture was a simple black and white with occasional pops of color.

"Take a seat." Elena said ad pointed to the couch.

I obliged and sat down she sat a few feet away from me. We stared at each other for a few minutes before she broke the silence.

"Explain everything." She stated and crossed her arms while I sighed.

"Well it all started when I was taken away from my home...."


I finished explaining my story and waited for Elena's response. She just sat down on the couch next to me processed what happen.

"So you're telling me that Lord Harold of the vampires and Alpha Zayn Malik leader of werewolfs are looking for you?" She asked and I nodded.

"But why?" 

"I don't know to be honest I can understand why Zayn wants me I'm his mate, but Harry? I don't even know him." I lied.

 I know exactly why Harry wants me it's because I'm the rare hybrid and whoever controls the power of me can control anyone. 

' At least we know you're not a complete idiot 'Mal said.

'Shut up.' I replied.

"What are we gonna do?" Elena asked.

"We? you want to help me?" I asked.

"Yeah I'm a human I need a boss as vampire to protect me." She stated.

'Hear that guys boss ass.....can you tell her I'm sorry...for drinking her blood and stuff.' Niall said.

"Niall said he's sorry for drinking your blood." 

"Niall?" She questioned.

"My vampire side his name is name Niall."

"Oh well I guess it's fine then." She smiled.






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