After humans(5sos and 1D Au)

The human race is over and a new species are here and their like nothing that has been seen before. They have the appearance of a human being,but their completely different. These species are called Homo Nosferatu Vampiris(Vampire),Werewolf,Fairy,Witch,Mermaid,Kania(Someone who able to control the 4 elements,and shapeshifters. These creatures have been walking on Earth for 50 Million years now. Each of these species hate each other they never go near each other ever each specie has their own turf you could say dividing the continents into territories. North America is ruled by Vampires.Europe is ruled by Werewolfs,South America is ruled by Fairies,the oceans in South America are owned by the Mermaid/Merman, Africa is ruled by the Witches(Which their not happy about),Asia is ruled by the Kania, Australia is ruled by Shapeshifters,and the rest of the world is where unknown species lie.
One year a girl name Aria comes from one of the places where unknown species lie (Antarctica)


4. Chapter 4


I felt strong arms wrap around my fragile body and a wave of pleasure consumed me making me relax in the person's chest. 

'Mate' I heard Eva moan in my head.

My eyes flew open to be met with black ones. Zayn was holding me while walking out of my room.

"What are you doing?!?" I demanded and tried to get out of his arms.

He put his hand over my mouth and whispered softly into my ear.

"Stop moving and shut up." He said using his alpha voice which was such a turn on by the way.

Eva moaned in my head hearing his voice and I shut up immediately. I looked straight ahead and saw we we're walking to the front door when all of a sudden sirens went off. Zayn's eyes went from brown to a bright gold and inhuman speed he burst opened the door and ran into a car. I was sitting on Zayn's lap while a guy with red hair was driving really fast. 

"Hurry up Michael." Zayn growled and his grip on my waist tightened. 

I whimpered slightly and Zayn's eyes soften and his grip on my waist loosened. He put his head in the crook of my neck and kissed the skin softly. A low moan escaped my lips and I groaned slightly stupid mate bond. Zayn smirked and bit down on my neck and my eyes widen and pushed him away. My eyes turned black in rage while I growled at him. 

"Your not marking me!" I growled and ignored the fact that Eva was whimpering. 

In the corner of my eye I saw Michael giving me a sympathetic smile. I looked back at Zayn glared at him with that stupid smirk on his face. I backed up so my back was pressed against the door. My hand held on the handle and I smirked at Zayn. 

"Bye mate" I said and winked at him.

I pulled the handle and the door opened and I fell back onto the street. I transformed into my wolf and stared at the car as it drove ahead. Eva whimpered and howled into the night sky. 

'Stop it Eva he wouldn't treat us right anyway'  I said to her.

'You don't know that Aria.' Eva said and then left my mind. 

I saw the car stop and a huge midnight black wolf came from the car. The wolf's yellow eyes wandered the area until it met my black ones. He growled and came charging towards me. I turned around and ran in the street as fast as my paws could take me. I turned the corner and Zayn's wolf was right behind me and he looked pissed that I ran away from him.

'Stop Aria please.' Eva pleaded.

'No' I told her.

Eva stopped running and Zayn's wolf stopped running once he saw that I stopped.

'What the fuck Eva' I screamed in my head.

She ignored me and I watched as the wolf approached us. I stared into his eyes which held rage and relief in them. He was right in front of us we just stared at each other against my will. Suddenly he pounced on us and held us down. He started to lick us all over our body and started humping us. I tried to move put he wouldn't let us. Eva was purring and licking Zayn's wolf back. 

'Niall help please?' I groaned. 

'Ew you think I'm enjoying this I'm straight' 

'Then transform bitch' 

'Nah if Eva get's laid she might not be so uptight' 

I glared at the wolf and used my hind legs and pushed his off us. Eva whimpered while he growled at us. I shifted back into human form and watch as Zayn's wolf watched my naked body with lust. 

"Fuck" I muttered to myself and remembered I don't have any clothes. 

I looked up and saw a clothing line above me. I reached up and grabbed the clothes. I put on an oversized shirt that was like a dress on me. No panties, no bra, not even pants. I groaned and transformed into a vampire. Zayn's wolf snarled at me and moved towards me. He started to run to me and I pushed him into the wall with my inhuman strength. 

The wolf whimpered and before it could attack me again I used my speed and ran away from him. I looked back to see that his wolf wasn't behind me, but I heard a howl and ran into an apartment building. I looked up to see a girl with long brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin, and a scared expression on her face. I took a whiff of the air and smelt blood and my red eyes stared at the girl hungrily and I heard Niall moan at the smell . (The girl looks like Nina Dobev)

She's Human...

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