After humans(5sos and 1D Au)

The human race is over and a new species are here and their like nothing that has been seen before. They have the appearance of a human being,but their completely different. These species are called Homo Nosferatu Vampiris(Vampire),Werewolf,Fairy,Witch,Mermaid,Kania(Someone who able to control the 4 elements,and shapeshifters. These creatures have been walking on Earth for 50 Million years now. Each of these species hate each other they never go near each other ever each specie has their own turf you could say dividing the continents into territories. North America is ruled by Vampires.Europe is ruled by Werewolfs,South America is ruled by Fairies,the oceans in South America are owned by the Mermaid/Merman, Africa is ruled by the Witches(Which their not happy about),Asia is ruled by the Kania, Australia is ruled by Shapeshifters,and the rest of the world is where unknown species lie.
One year a girl name Aria comes from one of the places where unknown species lie (Antarctica)


3. Chapter 3


"Should we wake her?" A voice questioned.

"No you idiot do you want Lord Harry to kick our ass?" Another said which were both female. 

"But Lord sent us up here to retrieve her." The first voice said.

I opened my eyes and all I could see is red I got up to what I assume was a bed and made me way to the door to leave when the voices stopped me.

"Um my queen Lord Harry sent us here to help you get dressed and then meet him downstairs for dinner." A girl with long wavy brown hair, electric blue eyes, and a pale skin tone said.

I inhaled the air to smell her sent which smelt like raspberries, strawberries, and chocolate. A weird mixture I know. 

'Mate mate mate' My wolf Eva repeated in my head and I felt my heart swell up. 

I ran out of the room and followed the magnificent smell before anyone could stop me. I used my vampire speed and I checked every door until I stopped at a large double door. I pushed the door open and scanned the room with my red and golden eyes until they stopped on a boy. The boy looked about early 20s, a sharp jawline that could cut, chocolate brown eyes, jet black hair, and tan skin. He's very attractive and sexy as fuck, but before I can approach him a hand gripped my arm. 

I looked up and saw the same guy that I saw before I was drugged and he goes by the name of Harry, Lord Harry. I gulped loudly when my eyes met his his once green eyes turned red when he saw me barge into his meeting with my mate and a few other people. My eyes went from red and gold to my original blue in an instant. 

"Darling you're not suppose to be here." Harry gritted his teeth.


"You what?" He spat. 

"I smelt something amazing and followed it here." I muttered.

"Of course your part mutt." He rolled his eyes at me and that's when Eva snapped. 

I growled at him at my eyes turned fully golden and I grabbed him by the neck and shoved him into the wall still having a tight grip on his neck. Harry's eyes turned red again at he tried to take my hands off his neck, but my strength is no match compared to him.

"What the fuck did you just say!" Eva growled out taking control over my body. 

Before Harry could reply guards came in and pulled me off of their leader. They started to take me out of the room violently and I looked at my mate with pleading eyes, but his face stayed emotionless and Eva whimpered in pain before leaving my mind completely. 


I tossed and turn on the bed as I inhaled the air and smelled raspberries, strawberries, and chocolate. I shot up from the bed and came face to face with my mate and I smiled at him knowing that I found my mate, but soon glared at him remembering what happened earlier today. It was silent for a few moments before he spoke up. 

"What's your name?"He asked and his voice made me melt right then and their. It was so deep yet a little high pitched and he had a hot accent, which is a bonus.

"Why should I tell you." I spat and glared at him.

'What are you doing do you want him to reject us?' Eva growled.

'Yeah I kinda do' I replied.

'Me too I'm not gay.' Niall said.

'Same bro' Ben said.

'Well I'm not a lesbian >.<' I  said and made a face which by the look of my mates face confused him. 

(A/N No disrespect to gays lesbians or Bisexuals)

"Aria." I sighed. 

"What a pretty name for my beautiful mate." He replied and sat down on the bed in lightning speed.

I didn't reply, but I blushed a deep shade of red.

"I'm Zayn Alpha of werewolfs." Once the words left his mouth my eyes widen. 

I'm mated to the strongest werewolf in the world and here he is on vampire territory speaking to me and just by being around Harry for almost 2 days I could tell he won't be happy about me speaking to him. 

"What are you doing here this isn't even your territory." 

"This isn't your's either your suppose to be on werewolf territory with me and the rest of my pack." Zayn smiled.

"No I'm not I'm suppose to be home with my mom in Antarctica." As soon as I said those words Zayn shot up and stared at me.

"What?" I said confused.

"Your the reason why I'm here your the world's most powerful hybrid." Zayn said and shock.

'Oh great does everyone know this now..." I said to Eva, Niall, Kitty, Ben, Mal, Bianca, and Kylie.

'Of course everyone knows this you're powerful." Zayn said.

"Did you just read my mind?" I glared at him.

"It's the mate bound." Zayn replied.

"Mate or not I don't even love you so leave I'm going to find my way out of this and go home to my mom." I said to him and layed back down trying to fall asleep again.

"Think again, little mate...." Zayn said and left the room

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