After humans(5sos and 1D Au)

The human race is over and a new species are here and their like nothing that has been seen before. They have the appearance of a human being,but their completely different. These species are called Homo Nosferatu Vampiris(Vampire),Werewolf,Fairy,Witch,Mermaid,Kania(Someone who able to control the 4 elements,and shapeshifters. These creatures have been walking on Earth for 50 Million years now. Each of these species hate each other they never go near each other ever each specie has their own turf you could say dividing the continents into territories. North America is ruled by Vampires.Europe is ruled by Werewolfs,South America is ruled by Fairies,the oceans in South America are owned by the Mermaid/Merman, Africa is ruled by the Witches(Which their not happy about),Asia is ruled by the Kania, Australia is ruled by Shapeshifters,and the rest of the world is where unknown species lie.
One year a girl name Aria comes from one of the places where unknown species lie (Antarctica)


1. Chapter 1

This book is written also on wattpad by my main account.


I swim in the waters of Antarctica every morning at 12:00pm since that's the time where the sun's shining the most in Antarctica. My mother told me to be careful everytime I go out because someone might see me and take me away from her. She told me that's what happened to my dad when I was 2 which I don't remember. My mom says I'm special just like my father which always upset her cause I look so much like him. I can't help it though I always thought I looked like my mom. 

I lied down on the ice and the coldness didn't affect me since I have vampire genes in my system making me immune to the coldness since I'm already am. My hot pink tail is halfway in the cold water as I enjoy the little bit of sunlight to warm my pale skin up. I still find it strange that I'm so many things instead of one is what the doctor told my mother and father. They said since my mom and father are what we call hybrids is I would have their hybrid genes in me so I'm a vampire,werewolf,fairy,mermaid,kania,and shapeshifter all in one. Which is very rare that's why were here so no one would try to take me away while I learned how to control it. 

I transformed into my vampire form which is just red eyes and my fangs extended. I used my super speed to run home which soon I got there in less than 2 minutes. I opened the front door to the little shack we call home. 

"Hi mom" I smiled at her and kissed her cheek.

"Hi sweetheart"  

"Is dinner ready?" I walked over to the kitchen table.

"Almost"She smiled softly.

"Good cause I'm starving" 

Since we live in one of the coldest places in the world we had to find a way to grow food which was hard for my mother to find food or grow since she's a mermaid,vampire,and fairy she's not a warlock  like my father so sometimes we would go a whole day without anything to eat. That was until I turned 13 and my powers from my witch genes came so then I could cast a spell which grew food in these conditions. 

I stared at my hands since their was nothing else to do in the antarctic besides practice my spells witch and fairy which I don't really want to do the only thing here is food,books,and spells. We don't even have a tv,cellphone,or laptop. 

As my mind started drift off to the world beyond this ice land that I call home. I read in a book that there are places in the world were people like me out there and I always asked my mom why weren't we there with them,but my mom always told me it's because 'I was special'. 

"Dinner's ready and it's your favorite Aria." She smiled at me.

I jump up and grab a plate and piled my plate with Salad,a baked potato, and spaghetti and meatballs. I sat back down across from mom at the dinner table and started eating.I practically shoved the food down my throat. 

"Aria calm down" My mother laughed.

I swallowed before speaking up "I'm so hungry"I moaned.

"I could tell" 

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