The bad boy

He's a bad boy and she kinda a bad girl but hides it would she fall for him to hard and hit the ground or will she go out with one of his mates


2. Kylie's pov

Omg he's so hot ugh but he's a jerk I thought. I was snapped out my thoughts when the teacher said me name "yes miss" I said. "what's the answer " she replied. "um 98.55" I said. "yes actually miss Jenner it is " she said.

End of class

I walked into the lunch hall and got in the line to get my lunch I got a bottle of coke , pizza and a brownie.

I looked around the hall for a seat when Luke shouted me to come and sit at his table so I went over and sat next to a Asian looking boy he was kinda hot. "I'm hi I'm Kyle what your name" I asked the Asian looking boy "um I'm Calum and if your thinking I am not Asian" Calum replied . "Okay" I said .

Through out lunch Luke wouldn't stop looking at me it was kinda creepy but cute he saw that I caught him staring at me and blushed then looked away trying to hide that he was blushing.

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