The bad boy

He's a bad boy and she kinda a bad girl but hides it would she fall for him to hard and hit the ground or will she go out with one of his mates


1. Kylie's pov

I was moving to Australia today ugh I can't believe it I couldn't even say good bye to my friends because my parents made us go on an early flight.

On the way to the airport I was wondering why we had to move to Australia because my parents hadn't told me why.

*skip to on the airplane*

I got on the airplane and sat in my first class seat put my earphone in listening to fire and gold and within minuets I'd fell asleep.

I woke up to someone shaking me "Kylie wake up we're here" my mom said .

We got of the plane, got out luggage and found a cab that took us to our new house it was huge I grabbed my stuff and ran into the house looking for my room.

I finally found my room it was amazing I have pastel blue and purple walls a queen sized bed a walk in wardrobe and a brand new mac book computer. "Thank you mom and dad for the new laptop" I shouted down the stairs.

I ran down the stairs put my shoes on and went out the door to look round the neighbor hood. It was so posh some of the house were even bigger than mine. I got bored and decided to walk back home.

The next day

Buzz* buzz* buzz* my alarm went of to tell me to get up it was my first day of school today I was really nervous but excited at the same time.

I got out of bed took a quick shower dried my hair and straightened it. I hide my clothes out a batman crop top and white skinny jeans. I put my make-up on.

I walked down stairs into the kitchen grabbed and apple "dad can you drop me of to school because I don't know how to get there" i said "of course honey but only for the first week" he said.

He dropped me of at school and left I went to the office got my schedule and locker combination I put all the books I don't need in my locker and closed it.

When I turned round there was a really cute boy by me staring at me " um hello what you staring at" I said " you what else would I be staring at" he replied. " um okay what your name" I asked. "Luke. Luke hemmings what's yours cutie" he replied "Kylie and I'm not a cutie bye" I said.

I walked of and tried to find my classroom I had math first. I finally found my classroom and walked in just as the bell went. " um hi I'm the new girl Kylie um where shall I sit" I asked the teacher "I'm mrs Hayley and you can sit next to mr hemmings" she replied.

Shit I mumbled. Why do I have o sit next to him yeah he is fucking gorgeous and everything but he is a total jerk.

Lukes pov

She's really gorgeous I could help but keep staring at her when she walked over to our desk. " what you looking at" she spat at me "well you of course" I said smirking at her.

Through the lesson I couldn't stop looking at her she's to beautiful she kept giving me the evils and saying "stop looking at me twat head."

"A bit harsh to say that" I said putting my hand on her thighs. She smacked my hand of I really hurt.

"Ouch that hurt" I said pouting. She looked at me and laughed "well your fault for being a pain in the ass okay now don't talk to me" she said. God she is so beautiful I just gotta have her.

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