The bad boy

He's a bad boy and she kinda a bad girl but hides it would she fall for him to hard and hit the ground or will she go out with one of his mates


4. end of the day

Luke's pov

After school I walked home with Michael because he lived next door to me and we went into my house and we played on my Xbox for a bit when my mom came in an said "Michael u better get going Luke and I have to go next door for a meal with our new neighbors"

"See u Luke " Michael said as he walked out of my room and went to his house

"Luke wear something nice as well " my mom shouted

Kylie's pov

Tonight my mom invited our neighbors over for a meal. I was kinda scared and but excited because my mom said they have a kid around my age so I could become friends with him or her.

"Kylie go get ready for tonight and wear something nice" my mom shouted.

And went into my walk in closet and chose a tight black dress that sat just over my bum with red heels. I did my natural make-up but with smokey eye and purple Mac lipstick and curled my hair.b

I walk downstairs hearing people talking so I said hello to them. Every one walked into the kitchen accept from Luke.

He smirked at me"so let's go upstairs" he said.

I just laughed and said "I don't think so fuckboy"

"I'm not a fuckboy I just seem like one" he said an gave me a wink

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