Trust and believe

(SEQAUL TO NEVER KNEW I NEEDED!!!!!!!Read Never knew I needed First to understand better) It has been about a year and a half since Savannah and justin have seen each other. So where are they now. Well Justin is back with Selena and acts like nothing had happen. Savannah is single and is working on new music. Savannah isn't in her gang but she still keeps in touch. Well Justin and Savannah are going to meet again. How will Savannah take it? How will Justin take it? Will there feelings come back or are there feelings for each other gone for good? Find out and read Tust and believe


8. "The license plate was RCT3D9............"

                          Savannah's POV

 After about an hour, I walked out of my bathroom and into my hotel room. I went to my suit case and pulled out this:

 I walked back into the bathroom; washed my face and brushed my teeth and laid on my bed. I heard a knock at my door. "What?" I yelled not really feeling like having to talk to anyone.

 "Savannah let me in." Justin said. "No." I yelled back. "Please Savannah. I'm really worried about you." He said sounding like he was crying a little. I didn't want to but I got up unlocked the door then went under my blanket.

 I then heard the door open then close and felt one side of the bed leaning like someone getting in bed with me. I felt Justin's arms wrap around me and I snuggled up to him laying my head on his chest.

 "I'm sorry Savannah." Justin said. Justin lifted my chin so he could see me. He kissed the top of my head and I just cried. "Sh" Justin said then wiping away my tears. "Justin... Is that what you were trying to tell me?" I asked.

 "Tell you what?" Justin asked. "That my mom died." I answered. "Yes.... I'm sorry." He said holding me tighter. After a few minutes I fell asleep in Justin's arms.


 I woke up to the smell of pancakes. I sat up and stretched. I walked out of my room and I saw my sister. "Samantha?" I said. She turned around and ran to me.

 She jumped into my arms and gave me the biggest hug and I wasn't going to turn this down because I really needed it. I put her down but we didn't stop hugging. "I missed you Savannah." Samantha mumbled in my shoulder.

 "I missed you too." I said with a tear running down my cheek. Some one then cleared their throat and we both looked up. It was my Uncle Matthew. I stopped hugging Samantha and went to my uncle and hugged him.

 After about a few minutes we broke out of our hug. "Hey Samantha. Can you go in the kitchen with Aunt tommy? I have to talk to Savannah real quick." Uncle Matt asked.

 "Yes sir. But I call dibs on getting the most bacon." My sister called for the whole hotel to here. Next thing I here is "No your not" from my aunt. "Lets sit down Savannah." My uncle said and I did as I was told.

 "How did she die?" I asked getting straight to the point. "She was shot in a drive by." He replied. "Do you know who did it?" I asked trying not to cry in front of him. "No but everyone at the force is working on it." He reassured.

 "Do you know what type of car it was?" I asked. "It was a black Pagani Zonda F. The license plate was RCT3D9." He said looking at his note pad. I know what car that belongs too. It's Blake's car.

 I got up and started to pace back and forth. "Why do you know whose car that is?" He asked. "remember my old friend Blake?" I asked. "Yes." My uncle said nonchalantly. "That is his car." I whispered.

 My uncle then had this look of realization. That Bastard. Before my uncle had to respond to me, my uncle Jarrod came through the door. Once he saw me he instantly ran over to me and hugged me.

  After a few minutes of silence my uncle broke the silence. "We're going to get through this ok?" He asked. We were still hugging, but by the shakiness of his voice, he sounded like he was crying.

 I never seen my uncles or anyone in my family cry for that matter. "Ok. Come on let's go eat some food." I said pulling out of the hug and smiled at him. He smiled back and we went into the kitchen.

 The next thing I know I'm being trampled by my two little cousins, Ayden and Charlie. (Once again Charlie is a girl and not a boy. Please no confusion. Thanks.) "Savannah, we missed you." Ayden said. "Yea nah nah." Charlie said.

 Charlie is now 3 and Ayden is now 6. "I missed you guys too." I said giving them a hug. I walked over to my aunt and hugged her. We all sat at the table and started to eat.

 We had eggs, pancakes, waffles, bacon, sausage patties, sausage links, juice, and milk. Yea I hit the jackpot; except the eggs. I hate eggs. After we finished eating I helped my aunt wash the dishes.

 "Hey Savannah, I need to tell you something." My aunt said. Oh god if it is something else bad I think I might as well shoot myself in the head.


 A/N: Hey guys I hope you all love this chapter. Hope it isn't too short. Like comment and favorite and I will talk to you guys soon. Love yall. have a happy school year and Happy reading!!!


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