Trust and believe

(SEQAUL TO NEVER KNEW I NEEDED!!!!!!!Read Never knew I needed First to understand better) It has been about a year and a half since Savannah and justin have seen each other. So where are they now. Well Justin is back with Selena and acts like nothing had happen. Savannah is single and is working on new music. Savannah isn't in her gang but she still keeps in touch. Well Justin and Savannah are going to meet again. How will Savannah take it? How will Justin take it? Will there feelings come back or are there feelings for each other gone for good? Find out and read Tust and believe


4. "Somebody to love...."

                             Savannah's POV

 It's been 2 1/2 weaks later since I hurt Selena. She is now ok but she won't be on the tour. Me and Justin aren't together. But he keeps giving me these signals that he wants me to be his again; but the keyword is again. I don't think I can keep getting my heart broken. 

 We are currently now in California. Yay I get to see my mom and sister. I miss them so much. we get a break from all the current drama for about a week. Me and Justin just got off the plane and heading to our hotel. Justin is actually sitting far away from me now. 

 He usually sits really close to me. I looked out the window the whole ride listening to music. It was kinda awkward but aye Im not going to force it. About 10 minutes later we were there. I got out and tried to get my bags but I was stopped. I looked up to see Justin holding my arm. 

 "Let me get that." he said with a small smile. "You don't have to." I said returning the favor. "But I want to." he said picking up my suit case and then grabbed his. Well ok. We got our hotel keys from Scooter than went to our rooms. Hold on me and Justin have the same room. 

 I went up to scooter to confront him about this. "Um..Scooter me and Justin have the same room number." I said kinda confused. "Yea I know." he said and tried to walk away but I pulled him back. "Why do we have the same room?" I asked "Because thier big rooms so to save money I set 2 people to each room." he explained.

 "But why is Justin and I sharing a room?" I asked. "Because I know you still love him and he does to. You two need to get along anyway because your going to be on this tour for a while." he said and walked away. This time I didn't even bother to stop him. 

I walked to the elevator and so did Justin with our bags. It was silent the whole time. Well kinda because Justin was trying to calm down because of his claustrophobia. I held his hand and he started to clam down. He had his eyes closed still until the bing that meant the doors opened. Justin wasnt hesitant to get off.

 I followed after. He opened our door and I took my bags into my room and unpacked my clothes. Then I started to remember me holding Justin's hand. It felt like the old times. I don't know why but I started to sing.

 "Never knew what I was missing, But I knew when we start kissing... I found....... Loveeee...!!! Never knew what I was missing ,But until we started kissing, I found...... you....!"(this verse is part of the song "Love" by keyshia cole) I heard clapping which scared the living shit out of me. I turned to see Justin looking at me with a smirk.

 "That was beautiful." he said. "Thanks." i said. "You need anything?" I asked. He started to walk up to me then hugged me. I hugged back. We stayed like this for what seemed like forever but was only a few minutes. He pulled away and looked me in the eyes. "Savannah can we start over please?" he asked.

 "I don't really know. Let me think ok?" I asked. I saw the disappointment in his eyes he just left. What did I just do? Ugh I hate my life. Whatever now it is already said and done. What now pisses me off is that me and justin have to sing togetther tonight. 

 *********That night*********

 I wore this for my first perfromances: 

 I was goig to do something to surprise Justin. I was going to perfrom one of his songs he wasnt going to sing. I don't know why I picked the song but it is one of my favorite songs. I walked out and the crowd cheered. "Hey guys how yall doing tonight?" I said all hype. They screamed and I smiled.

 "Well thats good. You know and I know it is 2015 but how about we bring it back to 2010. Man I really need somebody to love." After that the crowd went wild and the song of somebody to love come on. "Oh oh for you I'd write a symphony! I'd tell the violens it's time to sink or swim March and play for ya." I kept singing and the more I sang the more my love for Justin grew. Justin looked like this:

 I finished the song and said I would see them later. I ran back stage and I got good jobs from everyone but Justin. Well I knida expected it. Well maybehe will be able to talk later. 


 It was time for me and Justin to go on and I changed into this:

 We were doing Beauty and a Beat. Justin is already out there singing. I'm getting ready for me to walk out there like a boss. It was almost to my part were I had to rap so I walk out there and the crowd went wild. We did our thing and the concert ended. Justin went to everyone but me.

 I went up to him and said good job. he just nodded and went to his dressing room. This is some BS. I remembered the peice of paper that I had brought. It was of us, Jazmyn, Jaxon, Samantha, Charlie and Ayden. It said ' No matter where we are everything will be alright'. I grabbed it from my dressing room.

 I was going to tell Justin that I still want to give us another chance. I went to Justin and I forgot to knock. clothes were every where and I saw Justin gabe something with Selena on top of him. I dropped the picture and ran to the tour bus. I went to my room and cried.I didn't care about my make up.

 I didnt care about anything at this point. It is my dumb ass fault I didn't say yes to him in time. Well there is a lot going on and I had a lot to think about. 

                    Justin's POV

Me and Selena started to put our clothes on. "Im so sorry Selena." I apologized. "It is fine. We can do it another time." She smirked and kissed me one last time. I sat on the couch and didn't know what to do. I saw a piece of paper on the floor that Savannah dropped.

 I went and picked it up and saw the picture. It was before all this shit happened. When me and Savannah were together. I tried to find her. I looked everywhere and had no luck. Until I thought of the tour bus. I went there and I was right. The door was closed.

 I could hear crying on the other side of the door. Damn it. I knock on it. "Go away!" I heard Savannah's voice crack. "Savannah it's me let me in please?" I begged. All I could here is silence. All of a sudden the door swings open and I am slapped. I look up at Savannah and see mascara stains on her cheeks.

 I get up and look at her. I get slapped again and I look at her again. "What?" she yelled. "First of all are you done slapping me, and second of all we need to talk." I said in a matter-a-factly tone. She went into her room and layed in bed. Her back towards me.

 I go up behind her and spoon her. She tenses up but then realizes it was just me. I pull her closer to me so she now on me.  "Why did you go to my room?"" Well it's to late now. why don't you leave and go fuck Selena like nothing ever happened before." She said and got up.

 I sat up and was shaking my head. I looked at the picture she dropped. One second it is in my hands; the next it was gone. I look in front of me to see Savannah's back to me putting the picture in her suit case. All of a sudden she started packing. 

"Savannah what are you doing?" "i cant take this anymore I'm done." She said while still packing. I stopped her with one swift move by grabbing her waist and pinning her to the bed. I put her hands above her head. "Justin let me go!" Savannah demanded while wiggling under me. 

 I moaned because when she was wiggling she was hitting my dick which felt good. "Stop wiggling." I said but she ignored me. I put her other wrist in my other hand and grabbed her waist. "Justin your starting to hurt me." She said in a little shriek.

 "Then stop wiggling cuz you are hitting my dick and I will literally fuck you right now." I said putting my other hand on her wrist. She did it again but stopped when I looked her in the eyes with lust all over them. "Answer my question." I said staring at her.

 "I was going to tell you how I felt..... That's why I sang Somebody to love tonight. I thought you would have caught on to that one." I let out a breath. I let her go and left .

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