Trust and believe

(SEQAUL TO NEVER KNEW I NEEDED!!!!!!!Read Never knew I needed First to understand better) It has been about a year and a half since Savannah and justin have seen each other. So where are they now. Well Justin is back with Selena and acts like nothing had happen. Savannah is single and is working on new music. Savannah isn't in her gang but she still keeps in touch. Well Justin and Savannah are going to meet again. How will Savannah take it? How will Justin take it? Will there feelings come back or are there feelings for each other gone for good? Find out and read Tust and believe


3. "Savannah why did you do that...."

                 Savannah's POV

 When Justin wrapped his arms around me I could feel the love I still have for him again. But then I could feel the pain again. I don't know why but I wanted to kiss him but I can't. I pulled out of the hug and looked at him. I now felt angry and betrayed. "Because you didn't need to here it." I answered a little pissed. 

 "Savannah...I don't need this right now. I'm already pissed about Selena cheating on me." He yelled. "What?!?!" I said even more mad. I know that I am angry at Justin but I still love him and no one treats my man like that. I escaped Justin but then before I could open the door that lead to the parking lot, Justin grabbed me and put me up against a wall.

 "Where are you going?" he asked really rudely. "Where else? I'm going to kill that bitch for hurting you."I said with venom in every word. Hey you can't blame me. Once I'm fuming, nothing can get me off unless it is what I'm going after for. "You don't need to do that?" Justin said holding me tight. I sqirmed but he surprisingly got a hell of a lot stronger.

 "Let go of me before I kill you instead of her." I said angerly. "Why do you care if I get hurt? I thought you didn't care." he said a little annoyed. "Let go of me Justin. NOW!!" I said about to explode. "Tell me why then."he said, an annoyed smirk on his face. I suddenly went into survival mode and the next thing I know I'm out of Justin's grip and he is on the wall like I was.

 "Because... No dumb bitch is going to hurt my man without getting hurt themselves." I said angry and left the studio in my car. I went to the hotell we were all staying at and I was trying to find Selena. With luck I did. she was making out with this guy. I went up to them and pulled the guy off of Selena and I went off on that bitch.

 "Savannah stop." The guy said. I froze. I got off of selena because she was on the ground. I turned around to see Julian standing there. "Julian...." I said a little surprised. I went up to him and slapped the shit out of him. I then went back to Selena and going off on her again.

 "How could *punch* you go *punch* around Justin's back *punch* and cheat *punch* and with *punch* my brother *punch*" I said while kicking her ass. I got up and started to kick her until I was pulled off. "Let go of me." I fought back against the wo people pulling me back. 

 "Savannah chill the fuck out."Julian said. I then stopped and got out of Julians and Justin's grip. "You.." I said pointing at Julian. I grabbed his ear and pulled him to an emty room. I threw him in there and slamed the door and locked it. "Savannah you know I hate that." He said holding his ear. 

 "Why?" I asked. "What do you mean?"(lol) he asked. "Why are you with that bitch that hurt our family?" I said having more venom in each word I said. "She didn't hurt us."He said. "How do you think mom and Samantha was in the hospital, how do you think the kids and aunt elizabeth were kidnapped? I didn't help raise you to be with sluts like her and I know for a damn fact I tought you better to not help a girl cheat on her man." I said with a tear sliding down my face.

 He looked surprised. He has never seen me cry and I can't believe myself of crying infront of him. I had to always be tough infront of himand my sister. If I were to have cried I would have went into another room. "Savannah..."Julian said surprise in his voice. 

 "You know...... since you're with her you now apart of the game. I thought I tought you better to not follow the path I did. Julian now people are going after your ass and I'm gonna have to protect you." I said crying even more at the tought of seeing my brother dead. I already lost one I'm not losing this one. I walked to the other side of the room.

 "Go into the other room Julian." I said. He was still shocked. "I'm not leaving." he said. "I said go Julian." I said with gritted teeth. "No Savannah." he said turning me to face him and hug me. I tried to get out of it but he he kept holding tighter. "Julian You need to go now. You now can't be in here." I said tears still going down my face.

 "Savannah I know you want to look strong in front of me and still look like it to prove some point that I have no idea about but you have to understand, no matter what, you will always have me and Samantha........and still be the strongest person we have ever met. it's ok to cry. It shows that your human in everyway and I respect that." He said then kissed my hair.

 "I know we had it hard but still, you being my big sister I try to be like you." He said smiling. I looked at him. "Really?" I asked. "Yes really. Ever since I was born you were there and took care of me. When Samantha was born you did the same thing and we both really don't know what you did to help but we appreciate it." He saidand kissed my forehead.

 I hugged him tight wrapping my arms around his neck. He hugged back. "Julian you know what I did was out of hurt but once I saw you on Selena I went off. You know I go mama mode once something is wrong. I just dont want you to end up like Jerome." I said pulling out of the hug. I wiped my eyes.

 "Look I know you dont need me to mommy you anymore but I don't want you with Selena but that your choice. But I want you to know I will worry about you if you want to be with her; but I will always support ou no matter what." I said hugging him for dear life. "Savannah... I cant breathe." Julian said. Once he said that I let go.

 We both laughed and we went out of the room. I saw that Selena was getting checked out by a doctor or whatever but I didn't really care. Justin came up to me and hugged me. I hugged back. Julian went to check on Selena so it was just me and Justin. "Savannah why did you do that?" Justin question looking me in the eyes

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