Trust and believe

(SEQAUL TO NEVER KNEW I NEEDED!!!!!!!Read Never knew I needed First to understand better) It has been about a year and a half since Savannah and justin have seen each other. So where are they now. Well Justin is back with Selena and acts like nothing had happen. Savannah is single and is working on new music. Savannah isn't in her gang but she still keeps in touch. Well Justin and Savannah are going to meet again. How will Savannah take it? How will Justin take it? Will there feelings come back or are there feelings for each other gone for good? Find out and read Tust and believe


10. "Ok. I'm 100% annoyed now......."


            Savannah's POV

 "Well I think I know how to make you feel better." He said with a smile walking closer to me. I stood up wrapping my arms around Justin's neck. His hands were on the small of my back.

 Next thing I know me and Justin are on my bed making out. The door knob turned and we stopped. Justin got on his phone and I grabbed my lyrics journal and acted like I was writing lyrics.

 My cousins, sister, and Scooter came through the door. Charlie smiled bent down to jump up and down. I picked her up and hugged her. Then Ayden, Samantha, and Scooter jumped on my bed.

 "Savannah can we go on tour with you?" My cousins and my sister asked. "Well you two need to ask your mom and dad then ask Scooter. Samantha you need to ask who ever your living with now then ask Scooter." I said making sure that they got the point.

 "We did and they said it was ok but someone would have to watch us when your working. We also asked Scooter and he said it was ok as long as it was ok with you." Ayden said. I looked at Scooter and shook my head smiling.

 "What about you Samantha?" I asked. " Aunt tommy said I could go as long as I was with you." She said. "Next thing we got to beg Justin." I said playfully pointing to him. Ayden, Charlie, and Samantha pulled a puppy face.

 Oh come on, you cant say no to those so cute faces. He pulled his thinking face. "Hmmm" he stroked his chin playful. "I guess you guys can." He said. They all jumped on justin saying thank you and hugging him.

 Me and scooter were on the floor laughing. Then the kids and scooter left and I was still chuckling. I got up and sat on the bed.


 It has been a week since my family came. We are now in Dublin, Ireland. My cousins and my sister is with me in the studio and they just can't stop wanting to play with the equipment especially Charlie.

 "Charlie, come on we got to go." I said holding her hand and walking out of the building. Me, my sister, my cousins, Justin and Scooter just got in the car and we're just jamming out to every song that came on the radio. 

 "Now I haven't heard of this girl named Savannah. But she is on tour with my man JB and this is her new single Dreams are real" The radio person said and Im ecstatic. (I wrote my own song called Dreams are real Im not copying my girl Tinashe)

 Everyone got excited and I just was so surprised. Charlie was doing her little dance joined by Ayden and Samantha. I laughed and danced with them. Justin and Scooter were just talking with each other privately.

 Why are they so secretive? Ok. I'm 100% annoyed now. I did my best to not show it but like come on. Who wouldn't want to know? And especially since that we never hid anything from each other.

 I guess there are secrets are going to be kept from everyone. We got to the stadium for rehearsals. We got out of the car and went inside. I was trying to contain my annoyance when I felt big strong arms go around my waist.

 I smiled and turned my head slightly. I saw Justin looking at me with the biggest smile on his face. I always melt when I see him smile. I looked at my cousins and sister to see where they were going.

 Justin was burying his nose into my neck. I turned around and looked him in his eyes and I saw he was leaning in to kiss me. I leaned in as well. When our lips collided I felt those sparks I had since we first kissed. 

 I pulled away and went to mic and sound. Justin followed me and went to get hooked up. I got hooked up and was ready to go.

 My sister and cousins were in the front row with special ear muffs so their ears won't get damaged but still hear the concert. I was singing my new single and was having fun with the dancing. Rehearsals are always fun.

 I was finished with what I had to do and Justin went on stage to do what he does best. I got unhooked and went to my dressing room.

 Oh and something I forgot to mention was that I'm looking for my moms killer as well as being on this tour. Justin thinks that he is the only one with secrets. Ha. I went back to work and then I heard a knock at the door.

 I quickly hid my stuff and opened the door. Oh hell no. "Hi Savannah" Selena said. I slammed my door and almost went ape shit. 

 I controlled myself and refrained the erge to destroy everything. It was 5 and the concert started at 8. I decide to go to hair and makeup. I left my dressing room and it looks like Justin and Selena are flirting with each other.

 I passed them and got to hair and make-up.

     This is my outfit:




           My hair:

            an my make-up:

 I feel good. I looked at the time and it was almost time for the show. Justin and Selena came through the door. Ok well they are the least of my problems. I walked pass them and it didn't even seem like he cared.

 Whatever. I went to go check on the little people to see Pattie playing with the little ones. This is so cute. Charlie turned and saw me. "Wow Savannah. You look beautiful." Charlie said.

 When she said that everyone looked at me. "You really do look beautiful Savannah." Pattie said. "Well thank you." I then heard Scooter call my name. "What? We are so talking about this." I said getting on the little stage that lifted me up.

 "Bye guys. See you after the show." I said waving. "Bye" they said at the same time. When I reached him I saw Selena and Justin right next to him.

 "Hey. I wanted to tell you that Selena is going to be on tour with us." He said hurriedly. He was also slightly pushing me to the stage where the over voice was saying my name. I was so pissed but I couldn't let that get in my way.

 "Life sometimes feels like a sacrifice. Going off just to find advice. Down the road, it feels like a dream." I sang with all my heart. When I sing or do music, I am just taken away and it feels like it is just me and the music.


    A/N: Hey guys. I'm so sorry I haven't updated in like forever but I have been going through so much and I had to take a brake. But I'm back and ready. I love every single one of you all and again I am really sorry. like favorite and comment and I will update soon. love yall Happy reading!!!


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