Trust and believe

(SEQAUL TO NEVER KNEW I NEEDED!!!!!!!Read Never knew I needed First to understand better) It has been about a year and a half since Savannah and justin have seen each other. So where are they now. Well Justin is back with Selena and acts like nothing had happen. Savannah is single and is working on new music. Savannah isn't in her gang but she still keeps in touch. Well Justin and Savannah are going to meet again. How will Savannah take it? How will Justin take it? Will there feelings come back or are there feelings for each other gone for good? Find out and read Tust and believe


2. "For the love of a daughter...."

                         Savannah's POV

 I was in bed crying my eyes out. How could he do this to me? After everything we have been through. After everything he put me through. I heard a knock on my door. "Go away!" I yelled. My door opened and in came Scooter. "I said go away." I said angry. 
 "I'm sorry but Luke does work for me and what I say goes. I tried to look for another tour but there wasnt anything." He said. I cried even more. "Well I want my own tour." I said getting up to splash water on my face. "I'm sorry Savannah." he said. I heard my door open and close. He must have left.

 I can't believe I actually almost gave in to Justin. I still love him but I don't think we can be together again. I stared at myself in the mirror for a good few minutes then walked out the bathroom. I went to the closet and picked out a lose shirt that went to my thigh and went to bed. I cried even more and fell asleep.

    **************Next Day****************

  Selena is coming today because she's now on break. I been avoiding Justin this morning. I knew Justin would be looking at me and trying to get to me but I'm only here so I can get known and start my carrer. We are now in a car to go to the airport t get Selena. I didn't want to come but Luke dragged me. 

 At least I dont have to get out the car and the love birds will be in a seprate car then me so as soon as Justin is in the airport I can leave. "Savannah...."Justin whispered almost not even audible. "What?" I said at the same tone he did. "I'm sorry for kissing you at the concert last night I dont...." " It's fine don't worry about it." I interupted.

 We arrived at the airport and Selena was already out to wait for the car. She came to our car and it opened and she came in. Oh hell to the fucking no. I got out and went to the other car that was behind us and got in. Like hell I spending a minute with that skank. My car drove off and went back to the hotel. 

 I got out and went to my room so I could just chill out and forget everything. As I sat on the couch my door opened and in came Scooter. Can I just sit on my couch and relax for at least 5 minutes instead of 5 seconds? "Savannah, Why did you get out of the car? You were supposed to ride with selena and Justin." He said a little anger in his tone. 

 "I can deal with Justin a little bit but WITH THAT SKANK I"M NOT FUCKING HAVING IT!!!!!!" I yelled completely ticked off. "With you riding with them would have given you more plublicity. I don't know what your problem is but you need to fix it." He said angry. 

 "Well find another way because I don't want to have plublicity from that skank." I yelled pacing back and forth tugging at my hair. "Does this have to do with them being together? Your still not over that?" He scoffed "Savannah Justin got over that the following day he left. You should've too." He said calmly. 

 "You don't get it Scooter. I loved him. Maybe even now I don't know. I'm confused a-and fustrated and I dont know what to do any more." I said still pacing but letting go of my hair. This is so damn hard. "Well move on. You have to give yourself the saticfaction that you are over him and you don't care anymore." Scooter said.

 He walked over and hugged me before he left my room. I feel so alone. My phone was ringing to as long as you love me. That's Justin's ring tone. I went to the phone and answered it. "Hello?" "Hey it's Selena. Ca...." I hang up. I don't want to talk to that bitch. I put my phone in my pocket and grabbed my keys and went to the studio. 

 I need time to think and give myself a break. Once I got there I put my phone on silent so I dont have to be disturbed. I walked in and and I felt a wave of releif run off of me. I put my phone on the tabel and grabbed a pad and pencil. I love song writing. After I sat done I went on writing.

         Justin's POV

I wonder why Savannah left the car? I thought she was gonna leave with us. Well what ever. I texted here hours ago and I still haden't got a reply.  I thought she was supposed to ride with us. Whatever. I went to the studio to make some songs. Oh yea you might be thinking where Selena is? 

 She is with another guy cheating on me. We broke up again. I'm not surprised. Well anyways, I went to the studio to find Savannah. She had a pad and pen and was sitting at the piano. She starte playing a song she must've wrote because I never heard of this before.


 "Four years old my back to the door.

All I could hear was the family war.

Your selfish hands always expecting more
Am I your child or just a charity ward

You have a hollowed out heart

But it's heavy in your chest
I try so hard to fight it
But it's hopeless, Hopeless
You're hopeless


Oh, father,
Please, father
I'd love to leave you alone
But I can't let you go
Oh, father Please, father
Put the bottle down
For the love of a daughter



It's been five years Since we've spoken last,
And you can't take back
What we never had
Oh, I can be manipulated
Only so many times
Before even I love you
Starts to sound like a lie


You have a hollowed out heart
But it's heavy in your chest
I try so hard to fight it
But it's hopeless,
Hopeless, You're hopeless


Oh father, please father,

I'd love to leave you alone 

but I can't let you go

Oh father, oh father,

put the bottle down 

For the love of a daughter


Dont' you remember I'm your baby girl?

How could you push me out of your world,

Lied to your flesh and your blood,

Put your hands on the ones you swore you loved? 

Don't you remember that I'm you baby girl?

How could you throw me right out of your world?

So young when the pain had begun

Now forever afraid of being loved 


Oh father, please father

I'd love to leave you alone

But I can't let you go

Oh father, please father,


Oh father, Please father 

Put down the bottle down

For the love of a daughter......


For the love of a daughter."(Full song by demi lovato)

She sung so beautifully. I was shocked she even made that. She turned around and had a gun in her hand. Wtf!! I thought she was done with that life. She finally realized it was me, sighed, and put her gun away. "Don't sneak up on me like that. Tha's how somebody get shot." she replied pissed.

 "I thought you were done with the game." I said with concern. "I am. But people still come after me." She said full sincerity. It was dead silent for a few minutes until she spoke up. "How much did you here?" she said her arms crossed. "What do you mean?" "I mean did you hear me singing?" she said her voice raising a bit. 

 "Yea I did." I said looking away because I don't know what she'll do. Like you can't blame me. She pulled out a gun on me because I entered the room. "Well you weren't supposed to here it." she whispered. I looked at her and saw a tear role down her face. She wiped it away and tried to move pass me but I didn't let her.

 "Move." Her voice cracked a little. "No. Why wasn't I supposed to hear your song?" I asked now holding her. I didn't notice she put her arms around me until I felt a squeeze around my waist. 

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