The Hobnoblers

The Hobnoblers are like fairies I suppose but with vicious pointy teeth Eran said. Eran Sanders is a savant, she is a blind girl who experiences many strange and wonderful things through her imagination which she writes into braille stories for children. Things people can only imagine in there wildest dreams.


2. Pointy Teeth

In her minds eye Eran could see a vast open space with strange lights dancing about. the lights explained that they were Hobnoblers. There sharp viscous teeth looked like flashes of lightning.



Eran had been blind from birth so she had no idea of anything really. She had felt her own teeth but see could not visualize them within her mind. When she saw things inside her mind it was more like radio waves or strange weather fronts slipping over her head, she could actually feel them coming. Today was a good day for Eran, today was allotment day. This was when she caught the bus to the next stop at the corner of her street and headed into the council allotment scheme. Eran wanted so badly to be a horticulturist because she loved growing plants. She felt an energy from the seeds she plants in the soil to the point that she could actually identify a seed by her senses alone. She had told her mom that she sensed the shape and that was how she recognized them but really, truly she new it was the different energy levels that did it. Being in any garden made her feel good but she particularly liked the allotment because it was designed for blind people. it was a relatively new scheme that was funded by the local council. they had special features like braille labels for the seeds and individual plots for each person. there was only ten people in the allotment group so there was ten individual square plots for them to work on. Eran's plot was number two. it was at the back of the garden area. she kept a radio there and it was turned on for her on a Wednesday and Thursday when she came so she could locate her plot. they were very helpful people there. there was Madge the head gardener who set out the tools for her and there was Daniel who kept them all safe while they worked. She literally lived for gardening, it filled her imagination with stories and help her think properly. She went every Wednesday and Thursday from 10.00am till 1.00pm. there was a great vibe there, everybody was so happy to be a part of it and they always enjoyed a chat with a cup of tea and a biscuit at about dinner time. Today was no different to usual Eran arrived and her radio was on. As she headed for her plot Madge shouted.

'Eran I have put your tools out, its weeding today, o.k.'

'O.k.' Eran shouted as she knelled down to feel for the plants. As soon as she touched the top of a carrot she could feel different sensations that she immediately translated into a new idea for a story she was writing at the moment. this would seem strange to anybody else but to Eran this was a normal day. she sat in the garden feeling and translating her thoughts into stories. the ruff feel of the cabbage made her think of a strong and thin dark featured man who was gruesome in nature and the soft touch of a tomato made her mind wonder to luscious hills covered in fresh smelling grass. It was like heaven to Eran, she did not want to leave the garden but today was special because mom was taking her to a scenery garden for a treat. they were going to have dinner out and then visit the garden. she could not wait. Daniel came around to tell her that it was time to leave, she had asked him to let her now because she had to leave early. she said her goodbyes to everybody and then she was back on the bus home.


Mom met her off the bus and they got into her car together.

'Tell me.' her mother said 'how was gardening to day?'

'It was fun.' Eran said. 'I have an ending for my latest story now thanks to the string beans.'

'I dont know how you do it, really I dont. did you see Mr Parsons today. no he was not there today. I could tell because I normally trip over his tools on the way to my section.'

'That's not very good I will have to have a word with Daniel about it. anyway we shall have a nice dinner before we get into the garden.'

They park up and headed for the restaurant. her mother guided her in and fond her a seat.

'OK you read the menu mom I will tell you what the Hobnoblers like.'

'No I read the menu and you tell me what you like.'She replied.

Eran new her mother did not approve of the Hobnoblers but it did not bother her. well may be it did a bit

'The Hobnoblers are my friends mom. they live all over the place. behind our sofa at home, in the back of the cupboards. I can not control them they are magical creatures.'

'They are out of your mind Eran, and you will be out of yours if you keep thinking them up all the time. why dont you take patches for a walk down to the shop later and get a drink. you used to love sitting in that cafe, what was it called, yes that's it...... penny s place.'

Eran slammed her fists down on the table.

'I am not going there again mother I have told you before the Hobnoblers dont like it.'

'Have you listened to yourself lately Eran these evil spirits called Hobnoblers dont exist stop concentrating on these fragments of your imagination.'

'They are not my imagination, they are real to me.'

'I know that's what worry's me, look Eran your doctor has made an appointment with a psychiatrist for you to have a little chat next week, I did not want to talk about this today but you need to now that it is getting serious, we need to help you find yourself again OK honey, are you with me.'

'If that's what you want mother but he will get the whole truth I wont leave a single thing out. I dont now what I would do without the Hobnoblers I really don't.'

'Just tell him that then anyway that's enough talking lets order our food.'

mom went away and Eran sat feeling stunned, her own mother taking her to a psychiatrist, how could she do this behind her back.

They eat in silence and her mother helped her outside. it was a nice warm day and eran could feel a gentle breeze.

this way her mother said as they went up two steps to enter the garden. her mother held out her hand until she could feel the plants. all the flower beds were at waist high Eran noticed.

'Lavender Eran.' shouted as she put it to her nose to check.

Just the a Hobnobler nibbled at her fingers and she discovered a patch of Forget-Me-Nots, as soon as she touched them a rush of power and strength filled her up and she thought of time lords and time traveling adventures, with magic men and then another wosh and she was transported to a desert island all alone with only a dog for company. the ideas were coming thick and fast and she was putting them into different places in her mind to recall them later.

'This is the herb section.' her mother said as she moved her over to another part of the garden.

Eran felt for the delicate leaves of herb plants, she sniffed in the curry plant and rubbed the mint leaves hard and sniffed. Wow pure bliss. minty fresh dragonflies zoomed past her as she sat alone on the desert island. As she moved closer to the plants the Hobnoblers nibbled her left hand and she felt a person touch her hand with his jacket, the feeling came thick and fast, dark, tall strong build and a defiant pirate who she would call Bill Morton. she had never told her mother were her characters had come from because she did not want to worry her. it was Hobnobler country a nibble then a touch and she had her figures for her books.



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