The Hobnoblers

The Hobnoblers are like fairies I suppose but with vicious pointy teeth Eran said. Eran Sanders is a savant, she is a blind girl who experiences many strange and wonderful things through her imagination which she writes into braille stories for children. Things people can only imagine in there wildest dreams.


1. Introduction

The hobnoblers were gently nibbling her fingers again as she rolled over in her bed, not now she mumbled half asleep. they continued to nibble more feverishly now.

OK, OK she shouted as she sat up in bed and tried to locate her braille computer.

give me a minute she said as she knocked over her glass of water and then put her hand onto the computer.

'You OK honey.' came her mothers voice

'Fine mom.' she shouted back as she got to work on her new story

'Yes.......that's it, right. Yes I now what you mean.......never, really..................keep going, she tapped quickly on the keys as the Hibnoblers were very fast at this time of night. Eran new this from experience. She had been writing stories this way for about two years now. she first experienced the affects of the Hobnoblers when she was about three. she was out in the garden with her mother when she pricked her finger on a rose thorn, because she was blind the sensation was over powering and she shouted Hobnoblers mommy. Her mother rushed her inside to get a plaster for her finger but Eran was more interested in the feeling she was getting. she did not register it as pain it was more like an explosion of ideas and feelings in the head, body and soul. Ever since then the ideas for stories were fed to her imagination from her sense of touch which was manipulated by what she liked to call the Hobnoblers.

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