Happy Never After

When Elizabeth was younger she knew she was different from everyone else in her school but she didn't know how different until one day she does something that she will never forget.


1. Chapter one

My names El. It's short for Elizabeth. I was 14 years of age. I say 'I was'. That's because I'm kind of dead. So this is basically my story leading up to my death. Oh and by the way, Don't continue reading this if your a bit faint hearted because it gets a bit gruesome during some parts.

It all started when I was born. Well obviously. I was born on the 13th of march 1896 (Even though I died when I was 14, I'm technically 119 years old. Please don't start calling me granny). Anyway, I always knew I wasn't the most normal kid growing up. Even though at school I was the most loved girl I never really felt like I fit in. Now, I'm guessing your wondering what I look like now and before I died. The thing is, I never really changed the way I looked. when you die you don't age so I look exactly like I did before I died just a bit more transparent. So I had long brown hair. I'm not even exaggerating. It was down to my hips. I had thin legs, thin arms and a thin waist and I had a great complexion. Where were we? Oh yes. When I was a baby, I did something terrible to my grandparents. I couldn't remember it until I was 7 years old. I didn't know what I did...I only knew that I had done something bad and that my mum and dad were really upset. When I asked about it they just said "We will tell you in a couple of years, sweetpea." Not going to lie but I wish I had never of asked about it. Ever!

So My 11th birthday came around and I had a massive party. All my friends from school were there and so was all my family. All of them apart from my two grandmas and two granddads. I went up to my parents and asked them were they were and they said they didn't know but they started to cry again. I just let I go thinking that they were upset because they didn't know where they were and I wanted to play with my friends. The party was one of the best ones I had ever had. There was a massive bouncy castle and there was so much food that I had 4 helpings of everything. I thought nothing could make me mad or upset. Then, when everyone had left, My parents came into my room and sat down on my bed. I was colouring with some new pens I had but I left them on the floor were I was and climbed onto my bed like I was climbing a mountain.

"Darling there's something we need to tell you. Can you remember when you were 7 and you asked what you did that was so bad when you were a baby? Well, I...we think your old enough to know the truth about what happened."......I can't even say it....it's so hard to think about let alone talk about but I suppose you need to know everything...

"On your first birthday, We had a birthday dinner for you. Both your grandmas and granddads came. And....Well.....When you were blowing out the candles, you touched them before you blew them out. You were fine for a few hours but before your grandparents left you.......you somehow threw fire out of your hands. I don't even know how it was or is possible but you....you did it. when you shot the....thing....from your hands, you caught the wall and the house set on fire and because your grandparents were quite old, they couldn't get out in time before the house collapsed on it's self." I was so so shocked. They had basically just told me that I had murdered my grandparents. At first I thought they were joking. How could anyone possibly throw fire from there hands but then I saw the devastated look in their eyes. I knew they wouldn't joke about this. I started crying and my dad picked me up and cuddled me. How could they still love me after what I did to their parents! Because of me they didn't have anyone to cuddle them when they were crying. I hated myself.

For the next few months I was relentless to getting out of bed. My parents would drag me out trying to make me laugh but then they would see my red face from when I was crying all night. My dad would usually tickle me trying to cheer me up but I stayed as still as a statue. He would say to me "Get up you little rascal," and because he had pulled me out of bed I laid on my bedroom floor with no intentions to move. Every day my dad did this hoping and praying that that was going to be the day I finally decided to get up or move just the tiniest bit. But it didn't happen. It had been 8 months before I moved. One morning my dad didn't come into my room.I heard him stop outside my bedroom door then walk across the landing and down the stairs. I tried to shout to him "Daddy. Daddy." But nothing came out. I tried to get out of bed but I couldn't move. I was trying so bad to move just a finger but it wasn't happening. Then I don't know what happened. I think I put so much force onto one side that I rolled out of bed. I banged on my bedroom floor making an enormous bang. I heard my mum and dad rush up the stairs and into my bedroom. They looked so happy that I was finally out of bed. My dad picked me up after watching my face and I think he knew that I couldn't speak or move. he laid me on the sofa and sat by my feet tickling them. All of a sudden I laughed and was trying to kick him away from me. We was all so relived.

Even though I didn't want to go to be that night (just in case it happened again) I went to bed anyway. I had an amazing dream that night. I was dreaming that I was being carried in a little basket about 3x the size of me and carrying that basket was a giant owl. He was the most graceful creature I had ever seen. It was soaring through the clouds and was ducking under trees and over houses and around lamp posts. I hung over the edge of basket and I could see clear blue water with the reflection of the moon gleaming through it like a massive giant diamond. I never wanted to wake up. Then the owl landed me into the biggest castle I had ever seen. It seemed like it was on fire. I was unsure of whether to go in at first but then I realised that it was a dream. I walked in and I was walking on fire. A man that was wearing all black led me into a room with a fiery bed in it. he told me to lay down and go to sleep and I did. Just as I fell asleep in my dream, someone shook me in real life. Without opening my eyes I said "I'm getting up dad." When I opened my eyes about half a minute later, it wasn't my dad standing over me but it was the man wearing all black out of my dream. Then he said "It wasn't a dream my dear. You did get brought here by a giant owl and you are in a castle made of fire and I own you know."

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