Saving Wonderland

When Alice leaves Wonderland, Wonderland is sent into peril with not enough memories to keep it alive. Alice, from marigoe road, is sent to help save Wonderland, with the help of some new found friends,
Can they save Wonderland?


5. Truly

There was a sharp intake of breath as Alice's mother tightened the poor girls corset.

"M-mother, I... can't...breath."

"Oh Alice stop acting, I know you don't want this." The old woman sighed, "It's for the best Alice, you know he comes from a wealthy family. He isn't bad looking either."

"But mother, if I marry, I want to marry for-"

"Alice! You are getting married today. That is final!" She screeched. 


Heads turned as the young girl walked up to the gazebo, her dress dragging unwillingly behind her.

"Do you take Alice to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do."

Alice looked desperately at the crowd, searching for something, anything, to distract herself from the marriage that she had no opinion over, and there it was.

A rabbit.

A white rabbit in a waistcoat, holding a pocket watch.

"Alice!" Alice was snapped back into reality with finger clicking in front of her face.

"Do you take me as your lawfully wedded husband?"


She looked at the crowd again, her mother nodded determinedly.

The rabbit tapped his pocket watch.

"I-really need just a minute."

And she fled. 

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