Saving Wonderland

When Alice leaves Wonderland, Wonderland is sent into peril with not enough memories to keep it alive. Alice, from marigoe road, is sent to help save Wonderland, with the help of some new found friends,
Can they save Wonderland?


1. Till death do us part

"Goodbye, Mr hatter, white rabbit, March hare, Cheshire cat and Mr dormouse." Said Alice, "I hope to see you again soon."

"Again!" Alice laughed, 

"Not tonight, my dear. It's late." Alice's mother smiled and kissed young Alice on the head. "Goodnight, Alice."

Alice's mother tucked Alice into bed and turned off the sweet yellow light.

"Mother," Said Alice.

"Yes, Alice?"

"Do you think i'll ever go to wonderland?"

Alice's mother laughed, 

"I'm sure you will."



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