Saving Wonderland

When Alice leaves Wonderland, Wonderland is sent into peril with not enough memories to keep it alive. Alice, from marigoe road, is sent to help save Wonderland, with the help of some new found friends,
Can they save Wonderland?


2. Madness

The mad hatter sat at one end of a long dining table, the march hare, the dormouse, the Cheshire cat, kittens and the newest addition, Albert sat alongside him.

"More tea anyone?" The hatter asked, "Albert? More tea?"

Albert lifted his head, making his white hair sway in the breeze. His pale pink eyes glistened as he answered,

"No thanks dad."

The hatter smiled, "You know what I say Albert, There's-"

"Always time for tea, dad I know." Albert finished for him.

The hatter smiled again, "Correct answer," He slowly stood up, patted his son on the head and left the table.

The Cheshire cat grinned at Albert, "Is there something wrong, Albert?"

Albert stared faintly into the distance, the trees crooked and colourful, mountains hovering over the land their tops cover by a thin early morning mist.

"I have a strong sense of foreboding."



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