Saving Wonderland

When Alice leaves Wonderland, Wonderland is sent into peril with not enough memories to keep it alive. Alice, from marigoe road, is sent to help save Wonderland, with the help of some new found friends,
Can they save Wonderland?


7. Down the rabbit hole

Alice pulled her dress up around her ankles and fled from the gazebo. 

She had to find the rabbit, she felt like it meant something.

"A-ah!" Alice yelled, 

Standing in front of her was a young boy, not much older than herself. He bowed deeply when he saw her, his rabbit ears lowering. 

Wait. Rabbit ears?!

"Alice?" He asked straightening himself again,

"Y-you..have..." She turned silent, glaring at the ears poking out of his pale grey hair,

"I'm part rabbit." He smiled, and held out a large hand, "My names Harold." He said as she took his hand warmly,

"You're Alice."

The girl nodded, "You know me?"

"We've been waiting for you."

"Who? Where?"

"Down the rabbit hole..." Harold said pointing to a large black abyss.

"And you expect me to go down there?" Alice said cautiously getting closer, until eventually she was leaning over the hole.

"You don't have a choice really." The boy said, and before Alice could react.

He pushed her into the rabbit hole.


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