Saving Wonderland

When Alice leaves Wonderland, Wonderland is sent into peril with not enough memories to keep it alive. Alice, from marigoe road, is sent to help save Wonderland, with the help of some new found friends,
Can they save Wonderland?


3. Chapter 3

Three years later...

The dining table looked bent and contorted out of shape, the wispy mist like burning smoke, grey clouds loomed over the table.

The guests sat at the table, all dressed in black. A coffin lay at one end, enclosed in an orange silk, the hatters hat perched on the top.

The dormouse read the hatters will solemnly.

"To the march hare I leave my best tea set. To the dormouse I leave the pocket watch." He continues,

"And to my son, Albert. I leave my hat, in hope that you'll take good care of wonderland for me."

The funeral was a devastating affair, there were many memories and few tears.

Albert rested his feet, sat with his back against a twisted yellow willow tree. He lay the hat on his lap, twirling the orange ribbon around his finger. He gazed up at the cloudy sky in hope, 

"I'm not sure I know what I need to do, dad." He murmured. "I don't know what to expect," He sighs, making his hair cover his eyes, "This isn't the worse to come. Something even worse is about to happen, and i'm not sure that I can stop it. Not without your help." He lowered his gaze to the ground, "I'm gonna miss you dad."

And with his head in his hands, he cried tears that he'd been keeping back for a long time.



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