The Outsider

When Dorian leaves his house after a tragic event, things begin to change around him, fiction turns to reality and the world as he knows it is changed forever.


1. Dorian

"It wasn't my fault, I didn't mean the guy any harm, but I have to leave now." I begin to run out of the apartment without another word.

"Dorian, come back!" My mother shouts from the doorway but I just keep walking with nothing but my jeans, boots, my black hoodie and my backpack.

I leave the apartment building and start walking to the nearest bus stop. It's raining heavily and all I can hear is thunder and the general sounds of city streets. "I have to get out of this city." I think to myself. All I can think about was that stupid decision I made, I had killed a man and for a forged ration chip, I threw my life away for a fake. I keep walking accompanied only by the sounds of cars and homeless sick people. I’m just trying to find a place to stay that isn't infested with rats or people that would want to kill me. I remember about a stash of tools and other things that were my fathers, and I start to jog my way there, I remember it was inside an old warehouse in an air vent. I'm nearly at the warehouse when two shadows of big men stop right in front of me.

"Fancy seeing you here Dorian, I was wondering, where's that ration chip you said you were gonna give us FIVE WEEKS AGO!" One of the figures yelled.

"Yeah, about that ration chip... I got it from a guy yesterday, right, turned out it had a very small problem," I said, "it's just a tad bit of a forgery, but before you try to kill me just remember that I'm good for my word because I got it, it was just a fake."

Right then, the man on the right, Boris, took a swing at me. Just as the punch misses, I turn around and start to run in the opposite direction, but I can hear them running behind me. I turn through a corner and start to run faster. It is only then that I notice that all that is ahead of me is a brick wall with only a few pipes and windows on it.

"Nowhere to run now sonny." said the other man, Tony.

They start to move slowly towards me, so I begin to climb up the pipes on the wall behind me. The men begin to run and try to grab me off the wall but I'm much too fast for them, I get about half way up the wall and notice there's nothing left to climb onto. I look around and all I can see are the men and a windowsill on the wall to my right. I think to myself that if I climb down I’ll get a real beating or I'd get killed but if I went for the windowsill I could make it or the same result would happen, so I decide to go for the jump. I throw myself towards the windowsill; the feeling of floating across nothing was amazing. I make the jump but I nearly slip when I grab the brickwork on the windowsill.

"Try to catch me now!" I yell down towards the two men and I continue to climb to the roof and up to safety.

London, 2028, the world's really gone to shit, you'd think that the human race would keep moving forward with technology, but now it's more like what you see and read about when studying Victorian times, everything always so dim and there's a constant cloud of smoke or fog above you and it always smells like a sewer, but there is still a look of beauty in the dim yellow glow of all the buildings squashed together.

I remember about the stash and figure it'd be faster to get there by rooftop as long as I don't get seen. I love this feeling running down roofs and jumping the small gaps between buildings. I'm lucky I have my father’s old leather boots that have been worn in, my sneakers would just keep slipping if I did this. I eventually make my way to the warehouse where my father’s stash is and shimmy down a pipe to get to ground level. I get to the wood panels which are hiding the stash and break them off so I can get into the large opening. Inside, I find a small backpack and a readymade bedroll. I open the bag to find a curved black knife and also a small crossbow and bolts. It's late and I'm getting really tired so I decide to sleep on the bedroll, but first I block the entrance so no one finds me

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