Journey to every land

A sibling squabble, and a wish upon a star, is how it all begins.
In order to get her brother back from the shadow that took him, Julie Wight will do whatever she must to find him.
The thing is, most stories follow the heroes, and she is most definitely not a hero in her brother's book, and the fairy tale world was brought to life by his wish.
Since he views her as a villain, so do all the other fairy tale beings.
So what does a villain do?
Temporarily allies themselves with other villains of course!


1. Prologue: (Not) Just a Fairy tale

 "Thomas, I'm telling you, no matter how high you jump you're not getting anywhere. They're all just fairy tales! They aren't real!" Julie couldn't stop herself from frustratingly shouting at her younger brother Thomas.

"Well, I still believe! No matter what you or anyone else says. I wish I could just go to never land and live with the lost boys! They always believe, they get to stay kids forever, and that's better than being a stinky old girl like you!" Thomas defiantly shouts back to his sister.

"If you're truly such a believer, then go wish that stupid little kid wish of your's on a 'shooting star', I don't want you here anyway!" Julie shrieks at him and stomps to the door of their shared room.

She slams the door shut and begins to head off downstairs to complain to her parents how idiotic it is that she doesn't have her own room.

If only she would have listened to him on her way out the door.

The moment when he was no longer playing pretend, the very moment that a fairy tale became very real.

The exact moment when the wish he made on the shooting star he found came true. 

Thomas had tried to tell her to come meet the shadow person, but the door was already fully closed.

When the door reopened minutes later with Julie and her parents, they didn't expect to find the window open, and Thomas no longer in front of it.

Her parents go hysterical and rush back down the stairs to see if he's outside or hiding somewhere. 

Julie, however, rushes to the window and peers out.

She catches the glimpse of a shadow swish through the night, and what she believed to be the distant figure of her brother, fluttering in the air, flying.

Maybe just maybe, Julie realizes, it's not just a fairy tale after all. 

If she would have listened to him, if she just let him believe, her annoying younger brother would still be here.

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