A travelers story

The story is about the the 15 year old James and the friends he meets on his journeys. James carries a big burden and a big hate, which eventually will lead him and his friends to a battle whit the strongest of demons.


1. Proglouge

Far out in the wilderness in an area nobody controls, there’s a small cabin. In the cabin lives a small family. It has what a true family needs. A farther working hard on his fields, a caring mother and a strong boy who helps his farther. They have what they need.  A house, food on the table and a warm bed to sleep in at night. But what none could have foreseen was that the fathers dark past would come to haunt them.

A long time ago, the father was an assistant for the magician Akata. Akata was a free-minded magician, almost on the verge of where you could say that he was a dark magician, also called sorcerer. When Akatas magic began going dark the father called the authorities and they captured him. But already back then a demon had helped Akata. His name was Lawrence and he was the current time strongest demon, even today he’s one of the strongest demons.

A day the boy had been out fetching firewood Akata attacked the cabin. Whilst the boy collected firewood Akata slayed the mother and father, burned their fields and sat the cabin aflame. When the boy saw this his eyes got filled with tears. He swore in the place to find whoever did this to his family and would do the same to them as they had done to him. That boy was named James. James Marcus son.

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