A travelers story

The story is about the the 15 year old James and the friends he meets on his journeys. James carries a big burden and a big hate, which eventually will lead him and his friends to a battle whit the strongest of demons.


3. Chapter 2

The fear James had the day before about Charlotte waking up screaming because she didn’t know where she was, and because he were the only one in the room with her, proved pointless, actually James almost screamed when he woke up. Charlotte had crept over to his bed in the early morning waiting for him to wake up. What had woken him up though was the face that she were playing with the tip of his tail. As James tiredly opened his eyes he knew for the first time ever that you can die of fright. Charlottes face were right in front of his. As James realized that, it was just Charlotte he allowed himself to sigh, “Don’t ever do that agin Charlotte. You almost scared me dead.” Charlotte looked surprised for a second before looking ashamed and turned her head away to avoid eye contact. Her eyes were still visible and as always drew James in. James had only once seen an Emerald but he grew tired of it quickly. However, those eyes were something James would forever stare into if he got the chance. “I was wondering if you wanted to get some breakfast,” Charlotte said quietly. James just nodded and they went down to get some breakfast.

One of the travelers James often talked to when he were at Sleeping Foxes came over to them. “So big brave adventurer, did you get to know her?” at first, James was confused. That tone of the word Know were weird though. Then he got it. “Really man? Really? It’s my first night with a girl and you think I’m the type to do that to someone I hardly know anything off?” James just asked the traveler. The man laughed and went back to his table. Charlotte looked at James with confused eyes. “Know her? That?” she asked. An awkward silence were in between them. After a long thoughtful moment James answered, “Doing the act of love” Charlotte looked as to be grinding some facts in her head, before realizing what it was and then went completely red in her face. For some reason James just thought she looked cuter that way. I need to find something to do otherwise I might end up doing that and that to her. James thought. “Well if you’re done we might as well get something to do. So why don’t we go to the nearest town and see if they need something done?” Charlotte weren’t sure at first but after a short while she agreed that would be the best. The actual closest town were about a mile to the west, but for a traveler that was hardly a walk. What they would call the nearest town would be whatever town closest to ten miles away from the town they were currently in. From here it would probably be the town of Haelgri a town often attacked by monsters because of the near nest. A monster nest is a small cave or similar were a lot of monsters hold together. With a single look at Charlotte to make sure she knew what he meant he walked out of Sleeping Foxes for the last time that year.


“Say Charlotte where are you from? I mean I haven’t talked about my own past yet, but we might as well get to know each other,” James said as they were walking. It truly were more fun in parties, but only because he finally could talk to someone, but Charlotte being so shy didn’t really talk much other than asking for their water. “I’m not so sure I’d like to” Charlotte said so lightly that it almost weren’t hearable. “Well since this is getting boring I might as well tell you about me then, perhaps that would make you more sure around me” the ladder were mumbled but still true.

“I’m from a small farmer family, you can’t see it on me, but I used to carry the hay stacks around for my dad. I were always filled with scratches and whatnot because of the hay sliced me. Still dad kept praising me, and mom kept encouraging me. It were a life filled with joy. Then one day my dad’s past came to hunt us. My dad had in his younger days worked as an assistant to the sorcerer know as Akata. At that time, Akata weren’t more than a free minded wizard. When Akata then one day began practicing darker magic’s my dad called the authorities. Akata never forgave dad. So a day when I were 8 he found our little cabin. He sliced the throat of my parents, burned our fields and set out house aflame. I never forgave him. For now what I need is strength to kill Akata, if I can’t find that strength then I might as well drop dead.” Everything James had said were said with such honesty that no one would dare ask him about anything. But Charlotte weren’t going to ask him about what he had just said. Instead she took her own weapon, a medium length narrow sword know as a rapier, out and sliced wildly into a nearby tree trunk. She kept slicing at the wood until she couldn’t move her arms anymore. Rage burned in her eyes, almost making them sparkle with a slight reddish touch. “Charlotte?” James asked. “Sorry, it’s just Akata did something similar to me. He killed my parents right in front of me. Led me suffer the experience of losing on first hand and almost killed me. Em saved me. Since that day, the name Akata just makes a torrent of rage flow inside me. I just want to slice the nearest living organism up and kill everything in my view.” Charlottes story were also sincere. “Well I guess that makes us sit in the same boat.” James said rather awkwardly. Suddenly James made a small jump, and began spinning around as if chasing his tail. At first Charlotte weren’t sure what he was doing, but then she saw the tiny stream of smoke following a dark brown tail, Are James tail aflame? Charlotte thought. She looked behind him. Truly enough a small campfire still slightly smoking were behind James. James’ tail had hit the fire and accidently caught fire. With no nearby rivers or anything like that Charlotte took what water she could find and threw it at James. She missed his tail and James got water in his eyes. A second of being unbalanced and that was it. James laid on the ground with his tail, luckily, under him. The fire had gone out, but that left a mark on James pride. A big-burned mark. Worried Charlotte quietly said, “Remember to apply cold water to burnt area.” A small grin came from James as he saw the irony of having a burned tail and a burn mark on his pride, combined with that sentence of worry. Charlotte couldn’t see the irony though.

After around half, a day of walking James and Charlotte arrived at Haelgri. The town was as always filled to the brim with soldiers. Everyone wanted to protect their homes and thus they went to this extreme. There’s more soldiers patrolling than normal, James thought, somethings up. James briefly looked at Charlotte who seemed more amazed by the city itself than the fact of the hundreds of soldiers they saw everywhere. “Charlotte for how long have you been traveling?” Charlotte made a face of embarrassment “Only around a month. I’ve used the last year practicing with the rapier” she said whilst looking down at the ground. Only a year? It took me almost one and a half year to probably use a simple weapon such as the katana. And I’m still learning. She’s more amazing than I first thought. A sudden yell forced James out of his thoughts. “You can’t buy weapons with food. You need it yourself anyways. If I am to get anything good out of any blacksmiths in the area I need to pay them something they can trade for iron, and that’s either a metal, or some already used iron so they can melt it agin. Listen I understand that you are low on money, but if you fetch just a little you can get a weapon. Now get to it,” when James went to check whom it were that yelled it were a weapons merchant. He didn’t have a shop so James thought he were a traveling weapons merchant. In front of the weapons merchant sat a young girl. She were holding a basket of fruit, meat, bread, wine and what not. All of the finest. Yet this weapons merchant wanted nothing to do with it. “Come” James, said to Charlotte. She followed. As the two of them neared the weapons merchant, they could hear the young girl crying. “My farther is against me doing all this. Yet I’m doing this so that my family can be save. I beg of you” tears were flowing from her eyes as she said all this. The girl herself didn’t look like her family had a lot of money but James wouldn’t believe she could get away with so many high class food items. “What’s the problem?” James asked as he got within earshot. The weapons merchant looked at James. The weapons merchant were in the 30’s he had a long flat green hair, silvery eyes and had a weird looking hat on his head, “Ah you would look like a proper traveler young lad. The problem that you ask is this young girl. She want to buy a weapon so she can defend her family’s farm. However, I can’t trade food for weapons which I try to tell her.” The girl in front of him still cried by let out a frail “You heartless man” rouse to her feet and walked away from there. “Say what did she want to buy,” both the weapons merchant and the girl stopped up. Charlotte looked at James like he were a madman. “She just wanted to buy this long dagger” said the weapons merchant and pulled up a dagger around 25 centimeters in length. “Well what if I were to buy it for her?” James asked. The weapons merchant looked confused, but well he couldn’t refuse. A handful of coins changed owner and so did the dagger. The girl who had been watching this whole time ran full heartedly at James. “Thank you, truly thank you. Now that this heartless man didn’t want this basket, would you” she said and made a mischievous smile. “I’d love to. Say you don’t know where I and my companion could find a place to sleep for the night?” James asked whilst pointing at Charlotte. The girl were in thought for a second before telling them of a place called Hollow Meadows. The place were old and even travelers rather slept outside if they had to, but the rooms should be ok. They just had to beware of the innkeeper, an ill looking old man who looked like something out of a spooky story from around the campfire. James and Charlotte might as well check it out, and James thanked the girl for her trouble. However, the girl just responded, “I’m the one thanking, now I can keep my family save,” and ran off.

When they finally found the place, it was no wonder even travelers avoided it. The walls were tilted, the roof falling apart, and the windows were open on full wide. All in all this just looked like a haunted house. Charlotte took James hand. Don’t get sweaty now where the only thought running through James’ mind. The last thing he wanted were for Charlotte to remember his hand as sweaty and disgusting. Once they stepped inside it weren’t that bad. The desk were still clean, the inn dining room looked nice and overall it were actually not bad. An old man stepped into the room. But where others descripted him as something out of a horror story this was how he actually looked, the man had little hair left, and what he had were on the sides of he’s head looking a bit like strings of silk instead of hair. His teeth were rotten or fallen out long ago. His eyes were colorless. And his nose were giant. “Oh finally customers. It’s been in forever since last time I had costumers.” The old man said with a metallic voice. Charlotte grabbed James shoulder and tried to hide behind James. “What might the young people like?” The man weren’t that scary. So James just went with what he would had said to anybody else. “We would like a room for two. This girl and me aren’t that used to each other yet so if possible have the beds away from each other. And do you serve breakfast?” The old man almost laughed. “Of course not old traveler, but I can give you a room with that description and that’s in a hurry. Are you going there now or tonight instead?” It were still early and James wanted to check on the city and the current state. Leaving Charlotte alone in a place like this wouldn’t be a nice thing to do, and she seriously seemed as if she wanted to go right now. “We will come back later, write a reservation for a Marcusson.” The old man took his hand to right brow, and then in one fast motion forced it out to around 20 centimeters away for then letting it slowly go back down. “On it pal” he said and left the room. A few seconds later James and Charlotte could hear the creaky stairs as the man went upstairs to prepare the room.

As always James tried to get a conversation-going with Charlotte, but she weren’t interested. Instead, she just admired the town. At some point James saw a guard who seemed to be relaxing outside the local pub. “What’s going on? Why are there so many guards around” James asked. The guard said with a drunk and groggy voice “It’s those dammed monster *hiccup* they have been attacking more and more rapidly,” the man were now swaying on the barrel he sat on “but they are all going down I tell ya. All of em’. The townsfolks are planning a raid on their nest in hope of that ending these stupid attacks” after that the man fell from the barrel and slept like a stone. Charlotte went to help the man, but James just took an arm out “ Leave him be, he’s way too drunk to help now anyways.” Charlotte weren’t happy about it but did as James had told her.

Later that evening James and Charlotte sat in their room, “So they are preparing for a raid huh?” James asked not thinking he’d get an answer back, “Seems like it” Charlotte responded. “Should we join?” she asked. This were the first time Charlotte had so surely said something like this. The job James had back in Yolland were something similar. Kill a monster camp near the city, got gold, job done. This were much harder though, monster nests were places were monsters were in hundreds sometimes even thousands and if all of them didn’t die they would come back stronger. “Do you want to?” James asked. Charlotte nodded. “Then it’s official. This is the first thing we will be doing as a party” Charlotte smiled for the first time near James. For James who already had feelings for her this smile were what melted his heart. No doubt about it. James where in love with Charlotte. “I’m going to change into nightdress would you mind turning around?” Charlotte asked embarrassed. Without saying anything, James turned around making sure not to have the slightest chance of watching her.

James had all he needed in small backs on his sword shed, but had never once thought that night clotting were needed. He always slept with the same cloth he had been wearing or almost naked. However now that wouldn’t be smart. “Charlotte would you mind if I smelled like sweat for a few days?” James asked. “No I wouldn’t” Charlotte responded. “You can look back now,” she added a few seconds later. Her nightdress were plain gray. It were a bit holed and lacked heat. No wonder she might freeze if she were without blanket. “Goodnight James” Charlotte said and went to sleep. “Charlotte?” James asked after a few minutes. “Yeah?” She answered sleepy. “Is it ok if I call you Char? Charlotte is long to say and if we suddenly find our self in a situation, were we have to call each other out Char would be quicker.” A deep suffocating silence followed his question. “It’s ok” Char answered and fell asleep a few seconds later. This meant something James knew. This meant they were friends.


“So absolutely not,” a guard yelled. Charlotte and James had asked a guard if they could join the raid on the monster nest. As a response to the response James unsheathed the katana and cut around the guards right side with no less than the width of a hair in-between the blade and the guard. “You praise yourself lucky I just wanted to show you what you will miss by this” James said and turned to leave. “It’s not because we don’t want your help,” the guard said, “but because we can’t pay all the travelers wanting to help. There are already around 50 parties here all expecting to get paid.” “And how many of those have made an agreement?” James asked. The guard looked confused by the question but still answered quickly, “I’d say around 15 parties. Why?” James sighed. “Every traveler know not to take a job before they have an agreement. Pay them with a few coins a party, and then they are paid. They will get angry but if they don’t have an agreement then it doesn’t matter. They know just as well as me that those agreements are what settles the score.” The guard were taken completely off guard by that information. “So you’re saying that we can have all those we want if they don’t make an agreement?” the guard asked. James just nodded. The guards face lit up by this information. “Go to the captain in the tent over there” he said and pointed at a tent in the middle of a camp just outside the city, “he should be able to give you a proper deal for this information.” The guard then ran off. James looked at Charlotte for a second. She just nodded. Still shy huh, James thought. Well, off they went

“So that’s a possibility?” the guard captain asked after James had been explaining the situation. James nodded. “It is. Just like I told you, travelers have to be smart enough to see a good deal, but they often end up believing that they can get a lot of loot from nests and thus choices not to sign an agreement. But that’s where I’m smart” James said, “I’ll just demand 50 coins and a valuable item from the nest. What my companion wants is her deal,” James said and made a point towards Charlotte who ever since they stepped into the camp had been trying to hide from view. “I’d just like the money to get a new rapier of same class as this” she said and pulled her rapier out. The guard captain looked the rapier over and finally made a statement. “Very well 150 coins of silver to the girl 50 coins of what to the young boy?” the captain asked. “Gold of course. As a traveler I need to have as few coins with me as possible” James explained “But I let people have the change no matter how much we are talking about.” James added making no face of a liar. The guard looked at him with eyes shining with respect. “Thus it shall be. Now go and make your days’ worth it.” The captain said. However, before anyone had time to react James firmly said, “I don’t want to get deceived. I want it on paper before I go” The captain looked astonished that James had found out of his trick this easily. “I guess I can’t fool you. Thus I must join you,” he said making Charlotte giggle of the use of words.

Now they had what they needed to form a great relationship with each other. A party, a plan of what to do and an agreement stating their future wealth. “Were you talking the truth?” Charlotte suddenly asked James. James looked at her with the eyes of someone being completely honest. “Of course. I don’t want to make a fool of myself, nor the poor captain. I could have said something like I would exchange the coins later, but would have gotten nothing out of it. What I needed were for him to believe what I said, and thus I needed to myself,” James proclaimed. Charlotte looked at James with an inspired look. James face turned red for a second before he turned his head to avoid looking at Charlotte. He didn’t want her to find out he liked her. What if she didn’t want to be together with him anymore after that? “James?” Charlotte asked. “Yes Char?” “Think I could lie next to you tonight?” she asked. James were taken completely off guard by the question. “Like in the same bed?” James asked. Charlotte now also faced the opposite way. “It’s just pretty cold here and I thought perhaps I could feel warmer sleeping next to you” she said. You would feel A LOT hotter sleeping next to me, James though. “Have you been drinking?” James asked rather harshly. “No why?” Charlotte asked. “Well it’s just you always seem so shy when we are together with a lot of people but in the evenings you always seem so confident. Why?” James asked. It were a personal thing to ask a girl or well just anybody, but still he did it. “When we are alone in the evenings a feel a lot safer than I do when we are out with hundreds of people. That’s why. And also who says I’m not shy now?” Charlotte responded. James just shook his head. “Why not. But we aren’t gonna sleep in the same bed right?” James asked. Charlottes face were now a bright red color very similar to her hair color. “Of course not. Just with the beds next to each other.”

The following day James woke up right next to Charlotte. This time he were the one to wake up first, but of course, there were a reason. Charlotte hold James tail rather tightly and her hair had touched his ear for a second. A confusedly alert James woke up just to see that Charlotte were doing all this. For a second he admired her sleeping face. Then she woke up. Both of them were startled and quickly ended up facing the opposite direction of the other. “Did you watch me sleep?” Charlotte asked. “Only for a second” James replied, “but you were holding my tail tightly. Why?” He then asked. Charlottes face turned hot red with embarrassment. “I don’t know” she responded. “I really don’t know” She ended her sentence. Being embarrassed the two of them went on with their own morning routines.


James could smell something rather sour. Sniffing around he couldn’t determent where the smell came from. Tryingly he sniffed his armpit. Bad idea. The smell almost knocked him out and he could really smell how much he needed a bath. “Char I know that you don’t like being alone, but I need to go bath. Could you find something to do by yourself?” James asked Charlotte. She just nodded as they were in public. “Well then see you later” Had James known what Charlotte would have done he would never have let her do it. But he didn’t.

James asked around for the location of the local river. At first people played stupid but he at last found someone willing to help him. When he arrived at the river he looked at his own reflection as he used to before a bath. His chestnut colored hair were more dirty brown, his eyes still shined with the same old red and silver colors,his clothes were smelling and a clear line of sweat had formed under his arms. He looked down of himself and saw that his pants were holy, and dirty. Good thing I’m being paid otherwise this wouldn’t go that well, he thought before then undressing and jumping in. His tail got soaked in seconds and being too heavy to lift he just let it float in the river. He swam around; fooled around and played just like a little child, but it weren’t often he got the luxury of bathing so this were how he usually acted when he finally had the chance. After a few hours, he got up. Used his clothes to dry himselg, before drying them in the grass near the river. A quick way to wash them as the mud at riverbanks usually only left small spots possible to hide with a watery finger. When James were happy with the result, he dressed agin and walked back to town.

In town, he had problems finding Charlotte. Haelgri was a rather big city measuring vice, but it weren’t that highly populated. “Charlotte!” he kept yelling without getting an answer. When he then finally found her he couldn’t believe what she were doing. Firstly she were speaking with a weapons merchant, secondly she weren’t paying when she left and thirdly she sold her old rapier for a mere few silvers. What were she thinking?  “Charlotte?!” James yelled angry. “What are you doing?” he asked when she got within earshot. “I’m selling my old weapon for a new one.” She said. “And why don’t you pay him?” James then added. “I’m gonna pay him once the raid is over. 150 silvers is the deal.” James almost face palmed. She had just made such a discussion without getting any papers on it, only having the man’s words as adjustments for how good a weapon it was and her sense of logic were confusing him. “Give me that,” James said and walked over to the weapons merchant. When he got close, enough to recognize the man he saw it were the weapons merchant from yesterday. “Here to do business on another’s purchase agin?” the man asked. “Yes it would seem that way. Listen mister-?” James asked polity for the man’s name whilst asking the man a question. “Charlie. My name is Charlie” the man said, “Listen Mister Charlie my companion just made a purchase of 150 silvers for this rapier. True?” James started. “Well not yet, she owns me those 150 silvers. And if I’m not getting them within a week I will raise the funding.” Charlie proclaimed having fell directly into James trap. “We’d like that on paper please,” he said smirking. Charlie looked confused for a second before realizing the horrible trap he had fallen into. “I see. You got me in a trap young traveler. What’s your name? You will be the witness to this business making.” James introduced himself and Charlotte. “I see, James and Charlotte. Well then shall we get going with this?” Charlie asked already finding his pen and papers.

“Didn’t you learn anything from what I told the guards yesterday?” James asked. He had been scolding Charlotte a bit since he fixed her mistake, but now that they were alone in the room, he had no reason not to give it his all. “You have to get stuff like this on papers; otherwise people like him will fool you. You could have gotten to him with 150 silvers but then still needing money because he cheated you and demands more in the end. Next time you get an agreement of pay on paper or deal with the money you have now and not what you will have in the future,” James told Charlotte. “But he were so nice” Charlotte just said. It were clear she had trusted Charlie with this but that weren’t how James wanted her to see it. “The first rule of a traveler is not manners, friendship, relationships or anything like that, but to only trust the people closest to you. If you ever fail to realize this you might end up in a huge jam.” James said rather coldly. Charlotte nodded and showed she understood what he meant. A long silence followed before Charlotte asked. “Could you perhaps show me the way to the river tomorrow? I haven’t had a chance to either bath or get washed for almost a month now.” James were baffled. A month? The last time he had bathed besides today were around 3-4 months ago and usually there were longer between him bathing. “I suppose I could.” James said and looked over towards Charlotte who he had been facing the opposite direction of for a rather long time. She were smiling a genuinely happy smile, witch James just couldn’t resist. “Can I sleep next to you agin today?” Charlotte asked. With James icecap melted by her smile he just said “Yes of course” in such a smooth voice he even surprised himself. Charlotte began giggling as if realizing James were in love with her. But her responds washed away that possibility “You sound funny like that. Turn around again so I can change,” James not knowing whether to be happy or not just turned around redheaded. James suddenly remembered he still had some wine with him. “Charlotte I’m not gonna look towards you but I’m gonna go over and get something from my bags,” he proclaimed before rising, making sure he were facing the wall all the time. He found his shed, the katana still laid as it had done when he left it there. The blade slightly outside the shed showing anybody stupid enough to walk in that he were confident in that he could beat them even if sleepy. However, something weird were showing. Was that a crack in the katana? James explored the weird thing and truly enough it were a crack in the bottom of the blade, just before the guard. Dammit, now I don’t only have to use money on clothes but also a new katana. I can’t risk this breaking. But I don’t like doing business with that Charlie guy. Perhaps I should wait for my salary and then ask him if he has anything similar to this. If he says he has but its lower quality then a world of pain awaits him. James thought. Then his heart stopped for a second. Charlotte didn’t look his way, but in the reflection on the blade her naked body were showing, A bit too noisy James laid down the katana. Charlotte looked over at him, but decided not to ask about what the problem were. James quickly found the thinned wine he had left and walked over to his bed, still facing the wall. As he opened the bottle, a sweat scent spread in the room. This weren’t wine. This were alcoholic but it were an alcohol made of water mixed with sweet leaves. It were more like an alcoholic tea then a wine. Well down it went. It tasted good. Suddenly Charlotte sat next to him. He got so startled he almost dropped the flask. “Mind if I got some?” Charlotte asked. James’ mind were a bit cloudy. This weren’t thinned or anything. He had hardly gotten any and already he were like this. A few days ago, she had drunk a whole flask of thinned wine. This weren’t anything like that. This were so much stronger that a half glass would knock her out. “I’m not that sure that’s a good idea Char. This is rather hard alcohol and you don’t handle your liquor that well.” James responded with what little logic he still had left. “I don’t want us to end up doing something stupid because we’re drunk,” James mumbled so low that Charlotte couldn’t hear what he said. “Pretty please” Charlotte still asked, looking at James with eyes sparkling like gems of the finest quality. Her eyes now looked so much brighter, cuter and even more expensive than yesterday, and the way she looked at him with that asking shy look just melted his heart. How could he ever say no, “Well let go then.” He said. Charlottes face lit up and she drank a few mouthfuls before going whimsy. James didn’t really know what happened after the next drink he had of the liquor himself, but something clearly did happened.¨


When James woke up his head hurt. How much did he get to drink last night? A bottle laid on floor in the edge of his point of view. They had either emptied the bottle by themselves or knocked it over. However, by the pain James thought the first one were the more proper to assume. Oh, my head, James thought rubbing right above his left eye. Something were tickling his tail. Not a wall but something else. As he turned around to see what it were he didn’t have words to in any way describe the shock he had. Right next to him, in his bed, laid Charlotte lightly tickling his tail in her sleep. The shock almost made him fall out of the bed. What happened last night? Did anything happen? I surely hope not. As he made an attempt to wake up Charlotte began opening her eyes. As she saw how she laid, she almost hit her head on the wall. “Don’t worry, I had the same reaction” James said looking rather embarrassed. “Listen I don’t know what happened last night-““Nothing happened” Charlotte interrupted him. James looked baffled. “How can you be so sure?” “I remember what happens when I’m drunk; meaning that if something happened I would leave this instant.” She sounded so sure of this that James didn’t even bother asking her any further. What day was it? As James thought about it more hardly, which he rather quickly realized he should stop with, he remembered something about there being three days between the writing of the Raid agreement and the day of the raid. Pulling himself together, he found the papers in a small bag on his shed. Bla, bla, bla, bla something about rights, death, incitation etc. Oh here it were: On this day Wednesday in the second week of the third month, this agreement is made, in three days’ time the parts shall fight the monsters in the nest near Haelgri. If any part should be unable to show up, none would profit, bla, bla, bla again. “Charlotte what day is it today?” James asked. “It’s Friday, why?” “Just had to make sure,” James responded. So there had been going two days since the writing of the agreement, or contract as some called it, and today. Or rather today were the second day. “What do you say to just stay here and sleep this stupid hangover out?” James asked. Charlotte were already on the way to her own bed. “I’m in.” She said and as soon as her head touched her pillow, she fell asleep. James himself too.

It were not late afternoon, but early evening. Both James and Charlotte were fresher now, not saying that they were completely fresh though. “So what way is the river?” Charlotte asked. “I’ll walk you there, it’s too much for a hungover head to handle” James answered and just led the way. Charlotte weren’t sure she trusted him, but still followed.

With no reason to watch over Charlotte, James took a nap in the shadow of some trees and bushes nearby. Only when Charlotte woke him up a few hours later, when it had already began going dark, James woke up. They walked together back to the inn. After James had been giving Charlotte a proper learning of how to dry her clothes.

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