A travelers story

The story is about the the 15 year old James and the friends he meets on his journeys. James carries a big burden and a big hate, which eventually will lead him and his friends to a battle whit the strongest of demons.


15. Chapter 13

While emerged with Prominence James changed more than he knew of. As Charlotte had seen the color in James’ eye changed from silver to the same red as the other eye. Quickly James took a hold of his tachi and pointed it straight at Akata. Akata looked shocked by something before revealing his trump card. He himself had a sword imbued with a powerstone. However, the stone seemed cold and dead. “Only those with creational powers may use the powers of us. But not you Lawrence. It was wrong of you to even try.” Prominence said with James’s mouth. The voice sounded like a combination of both voices and were strong. “I see. You’re back from the dead, Prominence.” Lawrence said and glided over to Akata. “Sorry for this Akata.” Lawrence said and stabbed Akata in the back. James were surprised but not Prominence. “You were nothing but a doll to me Akata. How easy it was to break you mind and will. Just too bad you had to fight it back at some point.” He said and pulled out the knife. “Akata tried to say something but as he hit the ground his eyes turned withe. What happened? James asked. Lawrence used Akata as a tool. What Lawrence seek is power. Everyone that wants power or has power intrigues him. Therefore, when Akata wanted the power to help his nephew he intrigued Lawrence. Prominence answered. For now, honor the deal. Your own revenge is set now let me get mine. Prominence said and took a further hold of James’s body. James couldn’t do anything in his own body now. Lawrence took Akata’s sword and forcefully removed the powerstone. He then threw it out of the room. “Go get it Prominence. Go get the power you’ve searched for so long.” Lawrence said and charged in on James. With unhuman speed, James blocked the strike and swung his own blade, hurting Lawrence in the process. Lawrence’s wound healed quickly and even though James knew demons were strong he had never foreseen that his own body could be as strong as a demons. Lawrence kept attacking and at some point hurt James. The wound healed quickly with the help of Prominence and the fight kept on. However, James could feel the fatigue it took to block attacks. After all, it was his body not Prominence’s. Prominence if you keep this up I will collapse. James said. Then let me resurrect using your blood young boy. Prominence said and kept blocking. At some point James took the control of the body back. I will take care of the dodging from here on Prominence. James said and instead of blocking the attacks, he evaded them. Whenever Lawrence got close, enough to be cut James cut him. It’s not going to work. Demons don’t bleed unless they intend to bleed so this way of weakening him aren’t going to work. Prominence said. If it aren’t working then I will release you back into the world on one condition. James replied. That being? Prominence asked. You don’t destroy it. James said and kept going.

In the end, it proved futile to evade and cut. Charlotte, Emily and Charles had died long ago from the bleeding but the blood still ran fresh from their wounds. Prominence what do you require to be reborn? James eventually asked. A droplet of blood. Prominence said. James evaded one last attack and then cut a small wound in his finger. A single droplet of blood formed from the wound and in the end, it fell from his body. Thanks boy. James heard Prominence say. In an explosion like speed, the droplet of blood transformed. It got larger and larger, grew solid material and veins, soon it took shape after a man. Then it all came together and in front of James stood Prominence. “Thanks for this boy. Now sleep,” he said and made a small movement with his hands. James instantly fell asleep.

The tensions build up between Prominence and Lawrence. “Since when can a demon come back from the dead?” Lawrence asked. “Since when did we get demoted from gods?” Prominence gave again. “You will regret the day you took your anger out on me Prominence. You will regret making a fool of me and you will regret taking my powers,” Lawrence screamed. Even before Lawrence began attacking, Prominence took James sword and held it above his head. A deep light shined from the guard and in the cold hands of Charles. Less than a second later all four powerstones sat in the four holes in the guard. “My brother and sister made a wish with me. That you’d see your end after what you did. We are creators, we create worlds and this is the first all four of us is together about making. Did you really think we could forgive your betrayal?” Prominence asked. “Of course not. But you are the only one left alive, Prominence” Lawrence said. “In form yes. In power not quite. Grain is still alive in the mountains and Natura sleeps in the ground. Don’t you think I could gather info? For us to resurrect, we need to touch our own power and I sure did. I touched life. Natura need to touch her stone and Grain needs to touch some flames. You need to shut up and die already.” Prominence said and launched forward faster than Lawrence could react. The tachi cut straight through Lawrence and left a bloody wound on him. “What is that magic?” Lawrence asked and spit a bit of blood out before raising to his feet. “You are fighting with five creator elements. Life, Nature, Heat, Earth and Strength. Akuman was another creator. He was the creator of strength. How do you feel knowing that you send the strongest creature in the world to his demise?” Prominence replied. “I won’t forgive you for this brother.” Lawrence said and spit on the ground. “If I were to beg for your forgiveness I would be dead already,” Prominence responded and launched forward again. But Prominence missed. Lawrence laughed a mad laugher and turned around to face his brother. “You were wrong about something Prominence. My power is not earth. It’s time and space.” He said and charged forwards. Prominence reached to reflect the strike in the last moment before he had to reflect another one. Lawrence used his power against Prominence and there were nothing he could do about it. Prominence gave up on reflecting the strikes and instead searched to dodge them just as James had done. But Prominence couldn’t sense the blade fast enough and eventually had to reflect again.

The battle continued this way for a long time. At some point James awoke and looked towards Prominence. Prominence had difficulties controlling the battle and Lawrence kept on attacking. How could Prominence move so slowly? James thought when he looked towards the fight. Then he realized that Lawrence had made this world and everything within it. James slowly rose to his feet and took up the nearest weapon. Funnily enough, it were Charlotte’s rapier. The once fine blade now looked bent, misshaped, and would hardly do anything in battle. I have to at least try. James thought and threw the rapier. Slowly it made its way towards Lawrence and ended up hitting him in the back. Lawrence lost all focus and almost screamed in pain. “You,” he said and looked towards James who could hardly stand. The short distraction was all Prominence needed to end Lawrence. In less than a second the tachi went through the stomach of Lawrence and it were colored in red. “You lost Brother.” Prominence said and pulled the tachi out of Lawrence. Lawrence fell to the ground and quickly a pool of blood quickly formed on the floor. “Without me this world would die.” Lawrence said and smiled. “You won for now but what about in 10 years’ time when the world don’t have the energy to go on anymore?” he said and laughed. Prominence pulled the yellow stone out of the tachi and took it in front of Lawrence. Quickly Lawrence tried to grab it. “Yes that is a big part of your energy. This could keep this world alive for more than Millennia and to that time, the rest of us would have made everything dead. You lost completely brother. This world could never survive without you and you couldn’t hold on forever without this stone. I promised that I wouldn’t destroy this world. And I won’t. You yourself did.” Prominence said and stabbed the tachi into Lawrence’s head. In less than a second, the demon had turned into dust and gently flew across the sky.

Dizzy with anger, sadness and indescribable emptiness James fell to the ground. The tears started running and James cried like he hadn’t done for a long time. Prominence slowly walked towards James. “Boy I could grant you power or eternity for your courage. But I don’t feel like that would help you. Tell me what you want.” He said and looked over James. James slowly sat up against the wall. “What I want is to get my friends back. I could never go on without them.” James said and still cried. Prominence nodded and slowly pushed James on the forehead.


When James woke up again the only thing, he could remember were the death of Akata. To his surprise, he were in a soft bed and his every bone hurt more than anything he had ever know. Slowly he got out of the bed and noticed something odd. In the tachi all four powerstone were inlaid. How had that happened? The second James walked out of the door he stepped into a giant room. Three heads instantly turned towards him, and the second he saw the faces he were ready to cry. James didn’t quite know why but that was how he felt. The first to embrace James were Charlotte who hold him so tight into her that he could feel his ribs hurt. Charlotte silently began crying and James did his best to calm her down. It were firstly when he kissed her forehead that she calmed down just a little. Still teary-eyed Charlotte looked up at James. For the first time James dared to do something with Charlotte and kissed her. For a second she almost fought back in surprise but quickly accepted it. “Before you forget us I’ll tell you we’re here” Charles said and hit James’s shoulder. James finished kissing and hit Charles back. Emily came over and James hugged her tight. “I thought I had lost you guys.” James said. “A second more and we might have died. But thanks to some stranger we’re safe.” Charles said and made a friendly gesture towards a figure in the far end of the room. The figure was Prominence. James walked over to Prominence and took forth his hand. “Thanks for saving me and my friends. I don’t know if I can ever thank you enough,” he said. Prominence took James’s hand and shook it. “It’s what you wanted boy. Don’t take it lightly,” he said and disappeared. For a second all in the room looked in surprise. However, a few seconds later they all forgot about him disappearing. When James looked back towards the rest something else had happened. James eyes were the same color. The same glistening silver color.

It didn’t take long for the word to spread that James had killed Akata and saved his friends from death in the process. They met Sullivan who were finally together with his own woman. Seeing the two of those together were somewhat weird though. The woman were small and slim with no visible muscles and comparing her to Sullivan’s massive size were like comparing a stick to a tree. However, the two of them were happy together and nobody questioned it. On the way back to Yolland to the Sleeping Foxes inn James and the group got overwhelmed with gifts from everywhere. There weren’t any city there didn’t have quarrels with him and in the end they all gave some of their treasures to the group. Quickly the four of them made a fortune and back at Sleeping Foxes inn, the group got overwhelmed with cheerful voices. Many travelers had wished to see the “kids” that had killed that demon to Akata. Now that they finally had the chance, they overwhelmed James with questions about it.

First, when Em asked the other travelers to leave them alone the group could relax for the first time in more than a year. All had grown in both person and body and they didn’t look like kids at all. They never had in the first place. To celebrate the “return of the heroes” Em gave free rounds of alcohol to the whole gang until far out in the night. At some point, most of the travelers had fallen to the alcohol or hardly reacted to anything. Only James and Charlotte were still at their senses. Em too of course. Em sat down in front of James as Charlotte sat next to him. “Say James who’s the two new ones?” she asked him. James finished what little he had in a mug and answered, “The girl is Emily she’s a bit younger than us but still a perfect fighter. Akata killed her parents and she lived her whole life in the woods. The man is Charles. He used to be a thief and murder but when it really made a difference, he helped us out. Emily is like a brother to me and Charles like a brother.” Em looked at Charles and Emily with a searching look before asking, “Do you perhaps know if they are in a relationship?” James looked at Em surprised before responding, “I’m not sure but I think they are closer to each other than we know. Perhaps they even love each other both ways. All I can clearly say is that Charles have a thing for Emily and Emily seems to hide her feelings. Why?” Em’s face grew red and she quickly hid it. “It’s nothing you should be concerned of. More beer?” she asked and avoided the question. “Could it perhaps be that you find him attractive?” Charlotte asked. Em almost dropped the jug “O-of course not silly you.” She said and looked more confused than any of them had ever seen her. “Em I’ve known you since we were kids I can sense you like him,” Charlotte said with a smile on her face. “And I can sense you want James to do more than just kiss you,” Em said. It took a second before James understood what she meant but when he did, he spit the light beer out. Charlotte shook her head and hands with an embarrassed look on her face. “Just kidding.” Em said and left the two of them alone.

The next day James finally asked what he had thought about for a long time. “Charles what was your relationship with Akata?” Charles looked pained for a second “He was my uncle. When I were a boy, he used to show me his magic and I wished I could use it too. Then he summoned Lawrence and became a completely new person. I wish that he had never summoned that demon so he could be together with me in my happiest and saddest times yet.” James nodded “I had guessed you were in family with him,” James replied and moved over to him, “but you are not your uncle. You are like a brother to me. For all in the world don’t do something stupid like your uncle. Don’t follow his footsteps.” James said and left Charles sit back. “Of course I won’t” Charles said as James exited the room.


For years to come the group would travel. They made legends for themselves and nobody would ever contest them in a fight. In the end they used all the fortune they had gathered from killing Akata to make a small house were they all four lived happily once they retired. James could never have asked for more. Good friends, a beautiful wife and wonderful kids. What more could a man want?

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