A travelers story

The story is about the the 15 year old James and the friends he meets on his journeys. James carries a big burden and a big hate, which eventually will lead him and his friends to a battle whit the strongest of demons.


14. Chapter 12 B (1st person James)

I had never welcomed the demon inside me. I had wanted to get rid of it however, no matter how hard I tried it stayed where it was. For the first time now I welcomed it’s presence. I could feel the ancient anger the demon had towards Lawrence and thus also Akata. The hate of mine were the same or bigger than the demons and for a second I lost myself in the welcoming feeling of demonic power. I will show you something James. The demon said. Something so you understand why I chose you to be my powers vessel. Something to show you my own hatred towards the men in front of you. My only condition is that you kill Lawrence. That is my only condition. I welcomed the vision as if it were the only thing left for me with meaning in this world.

I stood in a giant rocky plane. Only thing running around were small monster like things that died a few seconds after they were made. In front of me was Lawrence behind me was Prominence. “Why did you summon me to this cold place Lawrence?” Prominence asked. “I wanted to create the perfect world. However, I can only make the land. I can’t make live in any forms and what I make die because they lack energy. I need your help brother. I need you power of creation.” Lawrence said in a bidding manor. “You know the conditions Lawrence. I need something living to make something living. I droplet of blood or a piece of skin should be enough to make a cell that will eventually become thousands of life forms. But are you going to refuse paying for it? The pay is only the materials and a place to be.” Prominence said. Lawrence looked at Prominence with disgust clearly not happy with the situation. “I will not give you my own. Can’t you take from the creatures?” Lawrence replied. Prominence took a single look at the small creatures before replying. “No I cannot. I need something that’s able to survive. And I can’t use myself for my magic you know that. Do you demand I use the blood of a dead demon to make you something? It would only die in months.” Lawrence looked at Prominence with contempt. He clearly wanted the creatures but not the way. “Fine.” He then replied and cut a small hole in his hand with his nails. A single droplet of blood came from the hole and landed on the ground. The area lit up and it quickly became clear that Prominence had made small bugs or something like it. “This is what I can give you. Add an eternal energy source and they shall multiply. For now I will watch over them and guide them towards life.” Prominence said and disappeared into thin air.

A new scene appeared in front of me. This time it was a giant red dragon. The dragon spoke without moving its mouth and in the end I recognized the voice. It was the voice of the dragon of the northern mountains. “Lawrence why did you call for me? My species is dying and I am the last of it. Why do you disturb me?” the dragon said more and more angry. “I simply need your help. Creator of flame.” Lawrence answered. “And what makes you think that I will help you?” the dragon asked emotionless. “You are hunted and both of us know it. I could offer you a place to die in peace.” Lawrence said. “And for what price?” the dragon asked. “An eternal flame sending life energy to this world. That’s the only thing I ask for.” Lawrence said with a huge smile on his face. “I will think it over.” The dragon said before disappearing.

“You tricked me Prominence. You piece of shit.” Lawrence yelled. Prominence stood right beside me and watched with an emotionless face. “How? I told you to add a power source and clearly, you did. But what about the energy? Too much of the good is bad you know.” Prominence said. “And not all the life is dead. I gave you the life. It’s up to you to make good use of it.” Prominence said before disappearing.

I saw numerous years with either night or day before finally the night and day cycle could be good for all life. However, the creatures still died when they reached a certain size. Lawrence were furious. “Prominence what is the meaning of this?” Lawrence asked. Prominence appeared in thin air besides me. “They need something to get energy from. They aren’t like us. That’s what you wished for. Creatures you could be a god for. Now God go and make the creatures happy. Make them able to eat.” Prominence said and disappeared.

Again, I saw Lawrence talk to a demon. This one however were covered in plants and green and looked more like a woman. “Natura I need your help. Could you use you creational power to make plants for these creatures?” Lawrence asked the woman. Natura replied “For what reason. All you want is a source of food or your creatures. But what when they have eaten it. What about the plants? What I need is a fair trade. Allow me to make more than just dining plants and make this land fertile and I will consider giving you plants.” The woman said and walked off. Lawrence was furious.

This time the world looked like my own. The fair stretched plains and trees. The small roads and flowers were all the same. Lawrence stood in joy for this world. In the distance mountains formed and I realized this were my world. Not some other world but my very own. I had just seen millennia’s and the creation of the world. How could Lawrence still look so young? Even demons gets older. Right? The small bugs and other creatures had now evolved into something more. Foxes, wolfs, bugs, chickens and birds and all the other animals I know and love. “Prominence you’ve done well. How can I ever thank you?” Lawrence said and looked at something behind me. Prominence stood with a satisfied smile on his face. “I know I have Lawrence it were you who couldn’t see it.” He said and walked over towards Lawrence. “But this world is so boring. Nothing moves but the animals. And what about the animals. They only eat and mate. What shall keep them down?” Prominence asked. “I will if I need.” Lawrence responded and killed a single individual. “And what about the animals. These don’t pray to a god nor a demon. You wanted stupid creatures and these surely is. I made what you wanted. What about the rest? Mr. God?” Prominence asked. Lawrence almost emitted heat. That was how furious he was. “Make another wish for the life and it will make one last change. One last chance is all you’ll ever get to become a god.” Prominence said and stepped right through me.

Humans had now formed. Lawrence laughed. Prominence laid on the ground behind me. Natura stood beside me. Grain flew above my head and his colors were somehow different. “Why did you summon us?” Prominence asked at last. Lawrence turned around and revealed a face of madness. “Thanks to you guys I’ve made a world where I can call myself king. Thanks to you I no longer need your bodies.” Lawrence said and took forth a sword. In less than a second Natura was nothing but a wave of energy concentrating in a small seed. The seed fell to the ground and made a giant tree. Grain got pushed over to the mountains where snowstorms raged. He would never be able to leave them again. Prominence were the only one Lawrence didn’t need at all. “So what should I do with you Prominence?” Lawrence asked. Just before Lawrence pierced Prominence’s heart, Prominence made a small stone and threw it away. Quickly two others followed. Then Lawrence stood in shock. A small stone with a yellow color emerged from his body. In a few seconds, the four power stones were created and flew towards four locations. “You bastard!!!” Lawrence screamed and killed Prominence.


Back in my own head, I couldn’t sense time anymore. Prominence emerged as a thought. He didn’t look like he did millennia ago. “I have a score to settle with Lawrence. He forced the three creator demons to make him a paradise they all four could live in but killed us all. Grain had made a promise with me. I were to make him a new mate and save his species. In return, I would be granted part of his creator power. What I need now is revenge nothing else. Lawrence killed three of the four creator demons and didn’t even realize that only those with the power of creation can wield those stones. Akuman is the creator of power. Now let part of me free. Let out your rage and hatred towards Akata and free him from Lawrence. Make him mortal.” Prominence said.

The ancient hatred Prominence felt towards the demon Lawrence and my own rage towards his current “owner” crossed. They were the same. Death, revenge and hate were the three fundamental parts of my body now. Part of Prominence escaped the realm of the dead and entered my body. The changes didn’t mean much. My nails got longer and sharper and in the end looked more like claws than nails. My tail felt hot before I sensed multiple. Nine to be exact. My ears changed shape and color and my hair grew just a little. Then my body felt hot. The latter were a combination of the rage both Prominence and I felt. The air around us began changing and it almost looked like it were aflame. My strength enhanced and my reflexed too. “Akata be careful. That boy is not normal.” Lawrence said and laid down in a throne in the back of the room. On two plans, we yelled. My own and the one Prominence belonged. “Lawrence!” was what Prominence yelled and I yelled “Akata!” then the fight began.

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