A travelers story

The story is about the the 15 year old James and the friends he meets on his journeys. James carries a big burden and a big hate, which eventually will lead him and his friends to a battle whit the strongest of demons.


13. Chapter 12 A (first person Charlotte)

I felt somebody pushing me before I slipped. As I regained my balance and looked over towards the others, I saw Charles. The demon Akuman had cut through his armor and made a nasty looking scar down his back. For a second he looked at Akata in regret however, Akata didn’t seem bothered by Akuman killing Charles. Akuman readied to slash Emily who sat on her knees besides Charles and shook him. Since when did he mean so much to her? Just as Akuman began, swinging James blocked the swing. For a second Akuman looked surprised. However, the demon kept attacking and soon James began trembling for each hit. Akuman didn’t seem as if bothered by James and James were almost at his limit. James fought to protect Emily and me. The least I could do was to help him. I took my rapier and jumped towards the demon. He had his back to me and didn’t notice me coming. However, James saw it and his eyes widened in fear. Just as Akuman began turning his head, I stabbed him through it. A small smirk became visible on Akuman’s lips and I knew I had done something I shouldn’t. Just as my feet hit the ground, Akuman exploded in a heat wave. I tried to stand against it but the sheer force were too much. I flew across the room. While I flew through the air, I saw Akata swear before he said something else. Then he disappeared. He then reappeared next to Emily with a long bad looking dagger. Faster than I thought possible he stabbed her in the stomach. Blood flowed from the wound and Emily fell to the side. Akata said the same thing as soon as I hit the wall. A fraction of a second after I hit the wall I felt the cold steel against my bare flesh. Not only had the hard hit on the wall blown all air out of me but the afterwards stab make me gauge up blood. A smile wide and insane smile spread across Akata’s face. I had seen that smile once before. It were the same smile as when he killed my parents. I wanted to scream but the pain and blood wouldn’t allow it. James had somehow managed to stand still during the explosion of Akuman and watched in anger at what happened.

Then he changed. James changed. In a long second feeling like an eternity, I saw James change. He started looking normal but then his nails grew in length and sharpness until they were claws fitting for a fox or wolf. His ears began changing shape just a little and the colors grew redder. His tail looked bushier and its beautiful dirty brown color disappeared as if afraid of its owner, before the tail turned into a crimson red, it then multiplied untill there where nine tails and not just one. James eyes were filled with hatred towards the man he saw. The look on his face alone send shivers down my spine. Akata then took his blade out of my stomach. I fell to the floor numb. Blood flooded out of the wound and I quickly after lost conciseness.

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