A travelers story

The story is about the the 15 year old James and the friends he meets on his journeys. James carries a big burden and a big hate, which eventually will lead him and his friends to a battle whit the strongest of demons.


12. Chapter 11

“Are you sure on this?” Charles asked as they got down the mountainside. Never had any nor will any see James that angry ever again. “He killed my parents, Charlottes and Emily’s families. He took away our peaceful lives and made us suffer that pain. I don’t care if I am a child. If I can’t even try to take revenge after my own years with suffering, Charlottes and Emily’s too, then I might as well get hit by a magic spell and die. Charles this is where you must choose. Go back to your old life or come with us.” James said and ran down to the girls who didn’t wait for the boys. Charles stood still before turning around with tears in his eyes. “I will never forget you guys,” he yelled crying. James, Charlotte and Emily heard this but knew that it was inevitable. “Well at least now we won’t be bothered by him anymore,” Emily said hiding away a hurt feeling. Actually she liked Charles but still couldn’t forgive him for what he had done when she were younger. She couldn’t forget the cries of the men, women and children he killed. Furthermore, he confused her. He were annoying and tried to do weird things to her all the time yet he made her feel so weird. Why was this? Did she love him? Was that why she almost cried now? Or was it simply just the pain of knowing she didn’t mean as much to him as Charlotte meant to James. Not for the first time she wanted to go with Charles leaving Charles and Charlotte behind. However, she had to do this otherwise; she could never see anybody in the eyes again. She wouldn’t be remembered as a coward who fled in the last second. No more fleeing. No more.

The closer to the castle they got the more impressing it became. It were clear that the castle were made using magic, as no human would ever be able to make such finely detailed class. It almost looked as if the pattern were alive. It took hours to reach the castle but when they finally did, they hesitated for a second. How would they ever fight their way through demons? If it were just monsters, they could be handled but if demons they might die. “Girls whatever happen it’s been a pleasure meeting you. Charlotte if this succeeds I won’t be thinking about silly things as the future. Emily if we survive I hope you find a man you could fall in love with. You’re like a smaller sister to me and I’d help you if you wanted.

Charles stopped running after a few seconds. Split between his feelings of Emily, his friendship with James and Charlotte and his own life. He knew what would happen. He knew they would assume he were too easy to fight and die just like his own parents might have done. But what if they died. Would he never see the beautiful body of Emily? Or her smile, or her hair or, or, or. Charles sat down with his head between his knees. He then did something he never once would have done before he met James. He followed his heart. “You didn’t get rid of me,” he said to himself and ran towards the castle. “Be it my uncle or anybody else. No one shall kill my friends,” he said and practically slid down the mountainside.

The courtyard were empty except a few crows that quickly disappeared once they entered the castle grounds. Not a sound could be heard and the castle looked darker than before. Was this even real? The small group moved into the castle and quickly the black doors shut behind them by themselves. In front of them were a long corridor. It were too long to be meant for anything but the main hall yet it looked too setup. “Stay behind me,” James said and led on.


Charles didn’t have much time to run on. He knew he were far behind his friends. As long as I reach to save them, he thought and kept running. In a shed hidden behind his back, he pulled a weapon out. It were similar to James tachi and had something in it. Charles quickly pulled the small stone out of the sword and threw the sword on the ground. The stone were as blue as the morning sky and as dark as the deepest ocean. Clearly, it were a powerstone. The energy it emitted was a witness of the millennia it had spent underwater and the color showed it just as well. I hope it’s not too late, Charles thought and further enhanced the speed of his running.

As the three of them walked down the corridor, they could hear multiple voices. “Akata my friend why don’t we just kill the intruder? He has already been in here long enough.” The one who spoke had a smooth voice and a distinctive S sound. It sounded like a snake hissing. “A demon,” James said quietly. “It might be my nephew. He did promise he’d be back around now.” A voice probably belonging to Akata said. The voice was rough, deep and sounded like an old man speaking. “Akata he promised to be back two years ago. I don’t think he’s going to come back,” the first voice said. The sound of a sword being unshed could be heard before it could be heard being shed again. “Don’t you talk bad about my family Lawrence. I won’t allow it.” Akata said. James, Charlotte and Emily almost reached the end of the corridor. At the end was a big door. Behind there was Akata and his demon. I hope we didn’t rush too much. James thought before he began opening the door.

Charles had reached the castle by now. As he had ran he noticed that the castle slowly moved and sped up at some point so he had to run extra fast to get to it. Don’t let it be too late. Charles thought and ran with newfound powers. As he reached the main entrance, he had difficulties opening it but in the end, he succeeded. Please be alive.

As James opened the door to the hall Lawrence and Akata was in he saw a sight he would never forget. The entire hall was made out of different colored jewels and shined like a small sun. It almost looked as if taken out of a fairy tale. Two young men stood in the other end of the hall. One on the ground the other levitated slightly above ground. However, James noticed a third person sitting a bit to the left of the two others. The third man looked handsome. He had a smooth face and clear cheekbones. His eyes shined and his figure multiplied the handsomeness of him. Even Charlotte and Emily had to agree that he was handsome. “Well see Akata,” the man floating said, “it isn’t your nephew. It’s intruders.” Lawrence said. Lawrence had long wavy black hair, deep red eyes and wore the finest black clothes. He looked more like a prince from some far away land than a demon. Akata had a slim body, pale skin and deep red eyes, his hair were black and his teeth looked sharp, furthermore he were dressed as a king. “I see. Akuman if you’d please.” Akata said.

Charles could hear the voice of Lawrence clearly. “Well see Akata it isn’t your nephew. It’s intruders.” He were almost at the door when he heard Akata say, “I see. Akuman if you’d please.” Charles ran with more speed than he ever had.

The third man rose to his feet, nodded a single time and then ran over towards the group with such a speed that James hardly reached to draw his katana. Then he saw something. “Charles!?” he asked surprised.

Just as Akuman began, running Charles took Emily’s arm and changed places with her. At the same time, he pushed Charlotte out of the way. Akuman didn’t have time to stop his swing and cut Charles down the back. Soon he fell to the ground and heard James surprised question “Charles!?”

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